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Trick ‘r Treat 2 coming soon?!—- House Of Tortured Souls

Trick ‘r Treat 2 coming soon?!—- House Of Tortured Souls

It has been more than 12 years since Michael Dougherty’s 2007 horror anthology Trick ‘r Treat has been released and fans have still been curious as to if a sequel will ever be in the works. 

A sequel has been talked about and in the works since 2013 and there is even an IMDB page set up for it, however according to ScreenGeek and Michael Dougherty it will not happen anytime soon unless the stars align right.

While this anthology was brilliantly put together well, Dougherty did make note that it might be better to just leave this movie alone. He quotes: 

At the same time, I think there’s something to be said about not sequelizing it,” the filmmaker pointed out. “In a business that is obsessed with franchising and spinoffs and prequels and sequels, maybe there’s something to be said about just leaving it alone.”

So for now, it does not look like there is any new news that a sequel is happening. If any sudden changes, we will have the full update here. 

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HELLABRATION DELUXE! Thirty-One Days of SHOCKTOBER: Day Twenty-One – 10/21/18

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Vying for the title of “The Perfect Halloween movie,” the ascent of TRICK ‘R’ TREAT to top the lists of many horror fans, as their new favorite anthology ever (which Yours Cruelly completely agrees with) is yet another tale of one of those “Little Films That Could…And Did!”

Writer/director MICHAEL DOUGHERTY had one hell of an ally helping him get his movie made: his former boss, BRYAN SINGER, who agreed to produce it through his company, Bad Hat Harry Films. When Warner’s had no idea how to market it, they dumped it into theaters and then onto DVD, thinking it would sink without a trace. They were gravely mistaken. Word-of-mouth is a powerful form of communication among movie fans, and that’s how the scoop on TRICK ‘R’ TREAT went out. Soon the DVD began to develop a loyal following, which is how a sequel finally came to be greenlighted.

But enough backstory. The reason why anyone is talking about this great little gem of a holiday shocker is the story, and the wonderfully dark way in which it’s told.  It’s an anthology piece, but unlike most anthologies that have stand-alone stories all linked together by a single theme, like HOLIDAYS, for example, this one hearkens back more to a classic story collection like DEAD OF NIGHT, ASYLUM or TALES FROM THE CRYPT, typically in which a group of people are all held in a place where their stories unfold, one-by-one, and they all get terrifyingly closer to knowing why they’re there, and what their fates will be.

A young couple, Henry and Emma (TAHMOH PENIKETT and LESLIE BIBB) are returning from a party, in costume. While he enjoys everything about All Hallows’ Eve, she’s more of a Halloween “Grinch.” (In a story where such “Grinches” never fare well, as you’ll soon see).  As they return home, neither one of them knows that they’re being watched.  Or who is watching them…

In spite of his warnings to the contrary, Emma snuffs out the lit Jack O’Lantern in their yard before midnight…something you aren’t supposed to do. Henry, who’s already gone into the house, doesn’t realize that his girlfriend is about to pay the ultimate price for her holiday transgression. But when he comes back out, he discovers that she definitely has…in the most gruesome way possible.  And this is just the opening sequence!

Zombie ghosts, vampires, werewolves,  serial killers and “Sam” (QUINN LORD) – the cutest-yet-most-terrifying demonic presence ever to grace a movie screen all await you, in interlocking stories that follow the townsfolk as they celebrate Halloween…each in his or her own way. And the ‘monsters’ and these people, as well as the horrific secrets they have in common, are all revealed in a manner unlike many anthologies had attempted to carry through on, but the ones that followed TREAT got a clue from Dougherty’s deft storytelling skills pretty quickly, (example: the brilliantly hellish anthology, SOUTHBOUND.)  Murder, betrayal, revenge, retribution…all neatly tied up in a bag not unlike the one that little “Sam” has been known to carry…with blood dripping from the bottom!

The storytelling alone would be good enough for it to warrant the growing following it’s gotten since its release to DVD, but the cast being augmented by the talents of ANNA PAQUIN (before TRUE BLOOD), DYLAN BAKER and BRIAN COX certainly doesn’t hurt, (though the fates some characters suffer most certainly do!)

You could always do worse than this for a night of treat-laden terror! And fans have long been stoked about the news about that sequel, due out very soon!


Evillynn’s Top 5 Halloween Scares

Evillynn’s Top 5 Halloween Scares

Film has the uncanny ability to conjure about some rather magical and deep emotions. The sole essence behind these memorable films is a great story told by remarkable narrators, especially when one removes all the smoke and mirrors. We all have our very own top five favorite films that reawaken our love for the fall season so without any further ado, here are mine.

1. Trick ‘r Treat (2007)

EvilLynn - top 5 - Trick ;r Treat (2007) / Fair use doctrine.

How can one not love a horror anthology that has the ability to embrace such expert knowledge behind the Halloween lore? It does such a fantastic job of interlocking these horror shorts together to create a rare Halloween treat at the very end. This one is indeed a fun watch and guaranteed to rekindle the love for this wonderful holiday!

2. Trick or Treat (1986)

This fun and rather cheesy slasher does a magnificent job of blending together the worlds of rock and horror, completing it with guest cameos by Gene Simmons, Alice Cooper, and Ozzy Osbourne. The premise of this story is about a Satanic horror rock-star who dies mysteriously in a hotel fire. His biggest fan, a teen outcast named Eddie, scores a rare demo and unwittingly ends up bringing the musician back from the dead. All hell literally breaks loose when the demon musician wrecks bloody havoc upon the high school’s Halloween dance, and Eddie is forced to make the ultimate sacrifice. I absolutely adore these over-the-top films that were made in this era, and this one doesn’t disappoint. A rare gem indeed.

EvilLynn-2017-Top5-Trick or Treat (1986)-615x615

3. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (1949)

EvilLynn-2017-Top5-The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (1949)-615x615 / Fair use doctrine.

Yes, the old Disney short. This one is more about nostalgia than the actual film. Growing up, Halloween didn’t truly start for me until my family made our annual trek down to the Headless Horseman at Conner Prairie. This historic park hosted several different mini-events such as painting pumpkins, ghost stories that were told by interactive storytellers around a huge bonfire, and many other delightful Fall activities. The main event consisted of a haunted hayride where they would reenact the famous chase scene of the Horseman. Whilst waiting in the long line, one could entertain themselves by watching this flick play on repeat via the outside projector. I truly believe that this festival is what started my obsession with this holiday and all things horror. This film, especially the last 10 minutes, has a deliciously wicked way of invoking my Halloween spirit that lies within.

4. Return to Oz (1985)

This horror film directly made for children is very loosely based on the second and third books of the Oz Series, written by L. Frank Baum. Return to Oz is during the Fall at the end of the 19th century, and this adaptation introduces some very twisted characters, such as the Wheelers, an evil princess who has 31 different interchangeable heads, and a gnome king who thoroughly enjoys turning all living creatures into stone. This may not be the traditional film that many would place in this category; however, I watched this film at a very impressionable young age. In fact, this film is one of the first of many that terrified me with delight and, therefore, ended up paving my way into the glorious world of horror.

EvilLynn-2017-Top5-Return to Oz (1985)-615x615 / Fair use doctrine.

5. Something Wicked This Way Comes (1983)

EvilLynn-2017-Top5-Something Wicked This Way Comes (1983)-615x615/ Fair use doctrine.

This is Ray Bradbury’s marvelous tale of a dark carnival that sets up shop in a very small, stale mid-western town in the middle of the night. The owner, Mr. Dark, has some rather cynical attractions where the riders get much more than they bargained for. The two main characters are rather skeptical and elusive to these newcomers, seeing how most carnivals end up leaving before Labor Day. This film just screams Fall every step of the way, and it is a rather enjoyable and spooky enchantment that one can enjoy with the whole family.

And there you have it, folks, these are my absolute favorite flicks that are centered around the Autumn season. Some of these may be considered a bit “childlike” and that is quite okay if you agree with this sentiment. After all, doesn’t the love of Halloween originate from the mystical world of childhood imagination?

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Top Five Films to Watch in October (Part 5)

Top Five Films to Watch in October (Part 5)

Part of the House of Tortured Souls
Staff Pick October 2016

By Stephanie Roisland

May I start by saying that this idea and the person behind it (my husband John Roisland) fucking suck. This is way harder than anticipated. I enjoy greatly far too many films and could go on for days about my passion for them. So this gave me a headache and made my anxiety rise while trying to select my top five. I thought about posting the titles based off of my roots and what brought me to love horror - films such as Attack of the killer Tomatoes, The Hills Have Eyes, Halloween, Swamp Thing , and so on. I decided to post my go to movies, the ones I could watch over and over no matter the day. I hope you enjoy demons.

Feast l (2005), Feast ll (2008), and Feast lll (2009)

Fair use doctrine.I know this is kind of a cheat but if you watch one you go straight to the rest. Director John Gulager hit a home run with these beauties. If it was good enough for Jason Mewes, Henry Rollins, Carl Anthony, and Clu Gulager to sign on then you know it is a homerun. Made in 2005, 2008, and 2009, these fantastic B comedy horror films are about patrons of a bar and a local small town that must fight these horrible monsters, eating human flesh and multiplying like rabbits. So if you love sexy suicide girls, hungry monsters, and using a midget wrestlers' Spanish grandmother as monster bait, these movies are totally for you.

The Devils Rejects (2005)


Fair use doctrine.I absolutely love the twisted joy this film brings out in the characters. Rob Zombie hit a home run here with me. This family of demented murderers’ home was attacked by the police, headed by Sheriff Wydell (William Forsythe). You almost feel pity for these murderous, depraved folks as their family is shot down and separated. You soon learn that this group of deranged killers is strong and proud of their slaughtering ways and love to see others suffer. In the end, this is a Police vs. Murderers showdown that forever makes epic history in my mind. Free Bird will never be the same!


Fair use doctrine.

This beautifully directed film by Xavier Gens is set in Paris. A young girl, is trying to get away after she pulls a heist with her ex. Pregnant, scared, and blocked by the police from crossing the border, they find refuge at a small, quaint inn. Little do they know, they should have just took their chances with the cops. As her friends get murdered and start to be used for dinner, she realizes there is no way out. It is a good thing this cult family’s father becomes smitten with her beauty and her baby. She refused to be a breeding, human flesh eating, cult wife and must take them all out in order to survive. Stripped of her hair, the father of her child, her dignity and her emotional virginity, she finds the strength to take them all out in a (rain) of blood and gun fire but what she leaves behind could haunt her forever.

Martyrs (2008)

Fair use doctrine.In this emotionally stunning masterpiece by Pascal Laugier, presented by Richard Grandpierre, this foreign film blows your previous idea of horror right out the damn window. In this chilling tale, an anonymous group uses disposable people to achieve the ever seeking emotional state of a matyr. Never before had a woman let go, giving up all fight to the cause, until now. Two young friends, Hell-bent on finding revenge for the misdoings done to one of them as a child, find themselves in terror of no end. One is killed and the other is chosen to become the one - the one to tell, the one to see, the one to give up all hope in order to know what is on the other side. When you let go of hope, endure all pain beyond all other, give yourself to the end, a martyr you will be. Bloody brilliant and an unforgettable journey.

Trick 'r Treat (2007)

Fair use doctrine.

Any day of the week, I could watch this amazing movie. This exquisite little masterpiece by writer/director Michael Dougherty, sucks in the whole family. The trick’r’treating little demon in a cute burlap mask is just one of the four interwoven tales set on Halloween night. Werewolves, murderers, and tricksters, oh my. There’s a child's story of a bus murder come to life but the good girl becomes the bad girl and wins in the end. The bus driver, now an old man, becomes victim of the demon who wants candy, the heart of Halloween if you will. Another story tells of how the local principal, a mass murderer, passing on his wicked ways to his son becomes prey. And the tale of a beautiful girl who is becoming a woman and is making her first time a time to remember and a time he will wish he could forget. The film brings actors Anna Paquin, Dylan Baker, Brian Cox and so many more to life in this Halloween must have.
Fair use doctrine.

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MOVIE REVIEW: Hellions (2015)

MOVIE REVIEW: Hellions (2015)

By John Roisland


So what do you do on 4th of July when its shitty weather out and even the local fireworks have been postponed? You watch a horror film! Today's choice from the never ending line-up of endless shit on Netflix is Hellions.

The basis of Hellions is that a young teen who just found out she's pregnant must survive Halloween night alone. Okay, doesn't sound too bad, kind of cliche (survive until morning), nevertheless, I'll give it a go.

From the get go, I felt that this one isn't going win any Oscars, yet something about Hellions just kind of dragged me in. Our young maiden Dora Vogel, played by Chloe Rose... (Wait. First off, I've got to say this: every damn time I heard someone say or start repeating her character's name in the film, all I could think about is that loud bitch DORA the EXPLORER.....FUCK!!!) Anyhow, Dora finds out she's knocked up, goes home, and waits and waits and waits for her boyfriend to pick her up for a Halloween party. 'Cause going out to a party is what you're supposed to do when you find out you're prego! Soon a knock on the door brings what appear to be children in, yes, kind of creepy costumes, screaming, "Trick or treat!" When their bags are opened to fill with candy, Dora's old man's head is in the bottom of one.


From this point on I'm expecting a typical but possibly cool Halloween home invasion flick. What I ended up with is a cross between Michael Doughetry's Trick r Treat and a heavily dosed acid version of Rob Zombie's The of Lords of Salem.... sorta.

From this point until about the last three minutes of the film, it's entirely shot in this soft pinkish-purple hue. And it's nauseating as hell! The film unfortunately fell flat where I personally think it could have been great!

To me a good Halloween-based film is always a good thing, and this one really had something different. There was no axe- or butcher knife-weilding escaped mental patient on the loose, slashing and hacking at teen girls - not that that is a bad thing - but this was somewhat original. Our little demons asking for candy were actually some kind of Halloween spirits that were there trying to take the unborn child to sacrifice.

The film was released in 2015, directed by Bruce McDonald who also brought us Pontypool (loved that one!) and co-stars Robert Patrick (Terminator 2: Judgement Day) as a local police officer. (My guess is he owed for a favor and got stuck doing this role.)

Sorry guys, but this isn't one for the personal library.


Keep It Evil.

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MOVIE REVIEW: Krampus (2015)

MOVIE REVIEW: Krampus (2015)

Krampus: Stomping Through the Snow

By Amy Mead 

Krampus Poster


Directed by Michael Dougherty

Starring Adam Scott, Toni Collette, David Koechner, Emjay Anthony, Conchata Ferrell and Allison Tolman

KRAMPUS is a horror comedy film which focuses on  The Engel Family and their Christmas celebration at their suburban home with family members from out of town. Right from beginning, there is a sense that no one is particularly thrilled about this yuletide gathering. The two families are from two different worlds. with the Engels being well to do and the rest of the family being loud, gun-toting jerks who do nothing but bully and complain. There seems to be no excitement, only apprehension. Everyone seems to be on edge and filled with dread instead of cheer. No one seems to have much holiday spirit except for young Max (and his beloved grandmother "Omi"), who is desperately trying to hold on to their old family Christmas traditions, including his belief in Santa. He wants to keep Christmas as it has always been.

After the arrival of Max's Aunt Linda and her family, things quickly begin to go south. Max's cousins steal Max's letter to Santa and read it at the dinner table, mocking and embarrassing him in front of everyone, thus making him cry. He flees from the room but not before tearfully screaming  that he hates everyone and hates Christmas. In the safety of his room, he angrily rips up the letter to Santa and quickly throws it out the window, in essence saying goodbye to Christmas as he has always known it to be and eschewing any traditions. Almost immediately, a massive, freak blizzard hits and predictably, the entire neighborhood loses power. Now forced to coexist together in one room without heat, electricity, phones or internet access, the family quickly reaches a peak in its dysfunction. 

The next day, An ominous looking snowman has strangely appeared in their front yard as if by magic and a mysterious bag of gifts has been left at the front door. The family brings it inside not knowing that Max has unwittingly unleashed the fury of Krampus by turning his back on Christmas. And by the end of the night, things quickly go from bad to worse, particularly when Max's sister Beth ventures out into the blizzard to visit her boyfriend down the street and never returns.

When the family does not heed Omi's tale of Krampus (and what happened to her on Christmas so many years before) allies must quickly be made amongst the feuding family members when it becomes apparent that they need to stick together if they are going to survive.

Krampus' gingerbread henchman

Although somewhat flawed with poor character development and a bit slow to get moving, Trick R Treat director, Michael Dougherty brings us something new and original with Krampus. While it may not be as thrilling or as terrifying as some of the past Christmas themed horror films that so many of us have come to love, it has much to offer fans of something with a darker theme and twist.

The acting in the film is all top notch it is brilliantly acted by a more than qualified cast with the talents of Adam Scott, Toni Collette and David Koechner, Allison Tolman, Conchata Ferrel, Emjay Anthony and Krista Stadler all on the roster but they are hilariously upstaged by all the different toys and minions that are brought to terrifying life, most notably the gingerbread henchman, the band of marauding elves and the horrifying jack in the box. And of course, Krampus himself.

Loaded with both comedic and scary moments, Krampus stays well within the confines of its PG-13 rating but it is by no means a family friendly movie however. Krampus is a film that is definitely geared towards an older audience in spite of its camp and its rating and offers up plenty of truly nightmare inducing visions with some incredible practical effects and limited CGI.

A cross between the likes of Home Alone and Gremlins, Krampus is nothing groundbreaking by any means but it sure is a hell of a lot of fun in spite of its flaws. It beats getting a lump of coal in your stocking or the dreaded socks under the tree on Christmas morning and if the box office numbers for opening weekend are any indication, it's almost a certainty that Dougherty's second holiday filmed effort will achieve the same cult following as his first.

Krampus bell

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COMIC REVIEW: Trick ‘r Treat: Days Of The Dead

COMIC REVIEW: Trick ‘r Treat: Days Of The Dead

By Nick Durham

Trick or Treat Days of the dead

No one loves Trick 'r Treat more than I do. The best horror anthology to see the light of day in well over a decade (and still is), Trick 'r Treat is one of my all time favorite films of any genre in the history of ever. That's right, I said it.

Anyway, in an effort to sate us Trick 'r Treat fans until we finally get the long-awaited sequel, we get this comic which offers up four separate stories that revolve around different points in Halloween history. The stories themselves come from creator Michael Dougherty, as well as his Krampus cohorts Todd Casey and Zach Shields, along with some additional input from comic veteran Marc Andreyko. Opening tale Seed revolves around witches and magic in Ireland in the 1600s, Corn Maiden revolves around betrayal on the frontier between the evil white-man and Native Americans (and kind of, sort of gives a maybe-kind of origin to Sam), Echoes is a 1950s noir-style detective story, and the closing Monster Mash finds a closed-minded small town get their comeuppance when monsters attack on Halloween night.

The stories are basic, but mostly effective, even though they range in terms of quality. Seed is interesting, Corn Maiden is the best of the bunch, Echoes is a near-unintelligible mess, and Monster Mash is fun. The various artwork, featuring contributions from Saga's Fiona Staples, along with Stephen Byrne, and Zid is all well and great, but Stuart Sayger's work on Echoes left me perplexed as to what the fuck is happening from panel to panel. I don't mean to shit on the guy's work so please don't think I'm knocking him, I just think his style isn't all that well-suited. That aside, the story itself didn't make a lick of sense, so it's not like the art hurts it that much to begin with.

So yeah, Trick 'r Treat: Days of the Dead is a quick and relatively fun read. It's contents are a mixed bag but it features enough interesting moments to whet your appetite until we finally get the sequel to Trick 'r Treat that we're still fucking waiting for. That being said, check it out and give it a whirl. It isn't anything special in the least, but you can always do a lot worse in terms of horror comics than what this offers.

Rating: 3/5

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COMING SOON: Krampus (2015)

Krampus Is Coming to Town

By John Roisland

Historically, Krampus is a Christmas holiday character that is derived from German folklore. Krampus was a demonic, horned creature that walked upright and had hooved feet. The purpose of Krampus was to scare young children who had been misbehaving during the holiday season. Krampus is said to beat children with sticks and whip them with chains before throwing them into baskets and dragging them into a fiery Hell. It's not hard to see how that might be an effective scare tactic particularly for small children,

Here's the weird part: this a horror/horror-comedy film that's based around Christmas. I am the CEO of a horror website, and I'm sucker for Christmas movies. "Isn't it ironic...don't ya think?!"

Well, on Decemeber 4, 2015, Legendary Pictures and Universal Pictures are bringing us Krampus. The story is that our favorite fun-loving demon is brought forth by a young boy who no longer believes in Santa Claus and has lost his holiday spirit after his entire dysfunctional family decides to get together for the holidays.

Krampus - Krampus and Santa standoff

Krampus arrives wreaking havoc and mayhem on the family of disbelievers. It's a fight to stay alive! This dark horror-comedy looks to be awesome, and I, personally, can't wait to see it!! Krampus was written by Todd Casey (Avengers Assemble), Zach Shields (Trick 'r Treat: Making Friends (Short)), and Michael Dougherty (Trick 'r Treat), who also directs.

The film stars Adam Scott (Parks and Recreation), Toni Collette (The Sixth Sense), Allison Tolman (Fargo (TV Series)), David Koechner (The Office (TV Series)), Conchata Ferrell (Hot L Baltimore (TV Series)), Stefania LaVie Owen (The Carrie Diaries (TV Series)), Emjay (Rake (TV Series)), Gareth Ruck (The Hobbit (trilogy), and William Shatner (Star Trek)- who plays a DJ in a piece that brackets the rest of the movie.

From what I've seen, it looks like Christmas Vacation meets Santa's Slay...and that's just fine with me!!!

Shatner in Krampus

Who says the holidays aren't Hell?!

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