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MOVIE REVIEW: Creep (2014)

By Nick Durham


Every now and then when I have nothing to watch, I scour Netflix in the hopes of finding something I've never seen before, and/or isn't a steaming pile of horse shit. More often than not, anything I find I hasn't seen winds up being horse shit, but every now and then, I find a hidden gem buried within the countless turds. In the case of Creep, I didn't exactly find a gem, but I did find something that wasn't a steaming turd either, so in this case I'll take what I can get.

A found-footage-ish flick, Creep stars Patrick Brice as Aaron, a videographer who answers a Craigslist ad posted by Josef (Mark Duplass of The League). Josef is looking for someone to record footage of him for a whole day, claiming to Aaron that he is terminally ill and wants a video chronicle for his unborn child. Aaron happily accepts the wad of cash he's offered, and he gets to work. However, it isn't long before both Aaron and the audience realize that something is a little off about Josef, and before we know it, things take a really strange turn.

Without spoiling anything, Creep manages to work for what it is thanks to the performances of Duplass and Brice. Duplass, known more for his comedic side on FX's "The League", really manages to flex some dramatic and creepy (no pun intended) muscles here, and Brice is more than believable as the bewildered cameraman that goes from curious to frightened to combative. Both actors also co-wrote the film, with Brice also serving as director. Considering all the different hats both men are wearing for the production of Creep, combined with the fact that they are really the only people appearing on screen, really speaks volumes about each of them as filmmakers and performers.

Though Creep does have some eerie atmosphere and a sense of not knowing what the fuck is going to happen next, there are some long stretches that are just plain boring. Considering this is only an 82-minute long film, that's not a good thing. By the time all the pieces come together in terms of who Josef really is, the audience is left saying "duh" for the most part, but the journey to get there is a mixed bag. This is one of those cases where the sum of the parts isn't quite as good as the sum elements themselves.

In closing, you could do a lot worse than Creep. Found footage films seem to be dying out (mostly), but Creep manages to prove that the end result of these types of horror films don't have to rely on cheap scares or gimmicks to hold a majority of your interest. Like I said before, it isn't anything special, but there are way, way worse ways to spend an hour and a half. Check it out while you can, you'll probably get a bit of enjoyment out of it.


Rating: 3/5

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