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In Memoriam: Basil Gogos

In Memoriam: Basil Gogos

It is with a heavy heart that House of Tortured Souls announces the passing of another horror icon - acclaimed artist Basil Gogos. If you don’t know his name, you certainly know his work. Gogos was responsible for nearly 50 Famous Monsters of Filmland covers, with the first being the late, great Vincent Price in House of Usher on issue 9, November 1960. His work in and influence on horror and horror art ultimately led to a 2006 Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Award in Special Monster Kid Hall of Fame .Basil-Gogos-Famous Monsters of Filmland-November 1960-09 / Fair use doctrine.
Egyptian-born to Greek parents, Gogos and his family emigrated to America when he was only sixteen. Gogos attended several art and design schools and studied at the Art Students League of New York under acclaimed illustrator Frank J. Reilly. His professional career began when he won a Pocket Books competition to illustrate the cover for Pursuit, a paperback western, in 1959. Following this, Gogos worked on covers for men’s adventure magazines as well as Eerie, Creepy, and other horror comics. Gogos was drawn to horror art both because of the challenge in painting the unreal and also because it allowed him to experiment with a variety of techniques. He is most known for offering a unique view of his subjects, using bold, striking colors which seemed to bathe them in several lights. He also embraced his subjects, striving to render them sympathetic as well as horrifying. Because of this, he had the honor of painting many horror icons, such as Peter Cushing, Boris Karloff, Christopher Lee, Bela Lugosi, Lon Chaney, and, as mentioned earlier, Vincent Price.
Although he decided to focus on fine art in the 1970s, he continued to work occasionally as a photo retoucher and movie poster illustrator before moving into advertising for a while. Gogos returned to horror art in the 1990s, painting CD covers for The Misfits, Rob Zombie, and Electric Frankenstein.

A Small Gallery of the Art of Basil Gogos

If you would like to see more of the art of Basil Gogos, check out the 2005 Vanguard Productions publication entitled Famous Monster Movie Art of Basil Gogos on
Basil Gogos died on September 14, 2017, at the age of 78, and the world became a little bit darker.Basil Gogos / Image: LuigiNovi

Thank you for everything, and rest in peace, Mr. Gogos.

Dixielord’s Amazon Prime Horror Picks – June/July 2017

Dixielord’s Amazon Prime Horror Picks – June/July 2017

Quite often I am asked about movie selections, especially selections of streaming movies. It's not always easy. Everyone has a different opinion of what makes a movie good, or even watchable. Complicating matters, the films available for streaming change on a monthly - and sometimes a weekly - basis, and the number of services for movie streaming are continuously growing. So, basically, the list will change fairly regularly. Sounds like a great idea for a recurring column, doesn't it kiddos?!
So let’s start this with Amazon Prime Picks, since I noticed several great new additions to the service recently. So here we go, with Dixie's Amazon Prime picks for June and July 2017.
1. Day of the Animals: We all know Leslie Nielsen was one of the great comedic actors of the last several decades. From the classic Airplane of the 70s, to reinvigorating himself in the Naked Gun movie series, he has been making people laugh. However, not as many people know he had a career as a serious actor. He even played the heavy at times, like in this 1977, nature gone wild horror movie. In it. There are several reasons to recommend Day of the Animals to horror fans such as the reuniting of stars from the cult film Grizzly, appearance of Susan Backlinie, the famous first victim in Jaws, or just as a look back at 70s eco-horror, but the main reason is Nielsen. His character goes from grating asshole, to full on whack a doodle, bear fighting insanity, and it's a joy to watch.
Fair use doctrine.
2. Shock Waves: Young horror fans may think Nazi Zombies are a new concept, but in actually the sub genre existed long before Dead Snow made it popular again. Nazi undead have plagued the cinema for decades from Jess Franco's Oasis of the Zombie, Jean Rollin's Zombie Lake, all the way back to The Frozen Dead, starring Dana Andrews (who most of us only know from the opening song of Rocky Horror). None of these are better, in my opinion, than Shock Waves. Shock Waves, which stars horror legend Peter Cushing, and a heart stopping Brooke Adams, is one of the most original zombie films ever made. Some might argue the monsters in the film aren't zombies. I disagree, and have reasons to support my belief, but horror fans are always arguing about what is and isn’t a zombie. Frankly I'm tired of the argument, and this is my list, so fuck you guys, they're zombies. So why should you watch it? Seriously? Peter Cushing isn't enough? Well how about a red hot Brooke Adams who spends most of the film in a bikini? How about genre legend John Carradine (who thankfully isn't in a bikini)? Well if you need more, as I said it's one of the more original zombie films ever made. I go more into detail on my website, but besides all that, whats more American than killin' Nazis? Killing Nazi zombies, that's what!?
3. The Tombs of the Blind Dead: Zombies are way beyond the saturation point now. The Walking Dead is still riding high on television, but with zombies appearing in commercials for everything from banks to brake shops, they are more pop culture than horror. Very few new zombie films are horrifying or even interesting. So let's take a trip back to 1972 and Amando de Ossorio's Spanish Horror, Tombs of the Blind Dead. This tale of reanimated Templar Knights has so much that is lacking from modern horror. It's dark, gory at times and has a bleak, almost claustrophobic atmosphere. There are scenes where the tension is so high that it is almost physically painful to watch. The reanimated knights have had their eyes pecked out by birds of prey after their execution and are forced to hunt their prey by sound. Take note Don't Breathe, this is how to do that gimmick right.

Great Horror in Amazon Prime Picks

4. The Witch Who Came In From The Sea: Don't let the artwork and title fool you. This isn't a supernatural horror. It is one of the infamous video nasties of the 80s, and it's gory enough to deserve that title. The cover art is reminiscent of the gothic horror of Bava, but this is actually a slasher that's as much drama as horror in all honesty. It deals with a mentally disturbed woman who makes short and bloody work of her lovers. It has all the shortcomings of a typical video nasty, low budget, iffy acting and bad effects. It also has a compelling story and enough blood to satisfy the gorehound. It deserves a spot with the revenge slashers of the 70s and 80s and you should watch it while it's easily available.
The Witch Who Came From the Sea poster art
The Witch Who Came From the Sea poster art
5. The Final Terror: The Final Terror is a little seen, almost lost slasher from the 80s. It's a film I have wanted to see since I was a kid. I was drawn in by lurid posters and promo but unfortunately I never got a chance to see it, till it was on streaming media. It's a fairly decent slasher, about kids lost in the woods, hunted by as masked maniac. But why am I recommending it to you? The cast, that's what makes it a must see. It includes a young and gorgeous Daryl Hannah, Rachel Ward, Adrian Zmed, a young Joe Pantoliano and Neidemeyer himself, Mark Metcalf.
So that's it, five selections streaming on Amazon Prime right now. Don't wait too long because you never know when a film will be pulled. Check back here for MORE selections from the House of Tortured Souls staff.
History of Horror in May

History of Horror in May

Join House of Tortured Souls as we celebrate significant dates in the history of horror in May. Click on thumbnails for full images.

May 1 – 7

05/01/1981 – Friday the 13th Part 2 released theatrically

19810501_Friday_the_13th_part2 / Fair use doctrine.

19870501_Creepshow 2 / Fair use doctrine.

05/01/1987 – Creepshow 2 released theatrically

05/02/1965 – Ari Lehman (actor who portrayed Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th) born


19720502_800px-Dwayne_Johnson_By Eva Rinaldi

05/02/1972 – The Rock (actor in Doom) born

05/02/1989 – Society released theatrically

19890502_SocietyPoster / Fair use doctrine.

19990502_Oliver Reed / Fair use doctrine.

05/02/1999 – Oliver Reed (actor in several horror films) dies (b. 1938)

05/03/1996 – The Craft released theatrically

19960503_The_craft_movie_poster / Fair use doctrine.

19770504_Emily Perkins / Fair use doctrine.

05/04/1977 – Emily Perkins (actress in the Ginger Snaps series of films) born

05/05/1940 – Lance Henriksen (actor in many horror films) born

19400505_Lance_Henriksen / Fair use doctrine.

19570505_Richard E. Grant / Fair use doctrine.

05/05/1957 – Richard E. Grant (actor in Warlock) born

05/05/1965 – Alphaville, a Strange Adventure of Lemmy Caution released theatrically

19659595_Alphaville / Fair use doctrine.

19820506_LittleShopAlbum / Fair use doctrine.

05/06/1982 – the play version of Little Shop of Horrors premiered on stage

05/06/2003 – Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow released on the Game Boy Advance in the United States

20030506_08_09_Castleania AriaofSorrow / Fair use doctrine.

20050506_House_Of_Wax / Fair use doctrine.

05/06/2005 – House of Wax (2005) released theatrically

05/07/1939 – Ruggero Deodato (director of many horror films) born



05/07/1968 – Traci Lords (actress in Blade) born

May 8 – 14

05/08/1958 – Horror of Dracula (the first Hammer Horror film) released theatrically

19580508_Dracula1958poster / Fair use doctrine.

19980508_NTSC_Resident_Evil_2_Cover / Fair use doctrine.

05/08/1998 – Resident Evil 2 released on the PlayStation in Europe

05/08/2003 – Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow released on the Game Boy Advance in Japan

20030506_08_09_Castleania AriaofSorrow / Fair use doctrine.

19800509_Friday_the_13th_(1980)_theatrical_poster / Fair use doctrine.

05/09/1980 – Friday the 13th released theatrically

05/09/2003 – Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow released on the Game Boy Advance in the European Union

20030506_08_09_Castleania AriaofSorrow / Fair use doctrine.

19240518_Priscilla Pointer by Peter Kramer - © 2006 Getty Images

05/10/1947 – Caroline B. Cooney (author of horror directed at teenagers) born

05/10/1994 – John Wayne Gacy (serial killer, partial inspiration for the prevalence of evil clown imagery in horror) executed

19940510_Johnwaynegacymug / Fair use doctrine.

19360511_Draculas_Daughter_original_Poster_1936 / Fair use doctrine.

05/11/1936 – Dracula’s Daughter released theatrically

05/11/1955 – Revenge of the Creature released theatrically

19550511_Revenge_of_the_creature_by_Reynold_Brown / Fair use doctrine.

19840511_Firestarterposter84 / Fair use doctrine.

05/11/1984 – Firestarter released theatrically

05/11/2001 – Ginger Snaps released theatrically

20010511_GingerSnaps-filmposter / Fair use doctrine.

19300512_Jess_Franco_2008 / Fair use doctrine.

05/12/1930 – Jesús Franco (director of sexually-charged horror films) born

05/12/1961 – Lar Park Lincoln (actress in Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood) born

19610512_Lar Park Lincoln by Brad Barton

19350513_Werewolfoflondon / Fair use doctrine.

05/13/1935 – Werewolf of London released theatrically

05/13/1988 – Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood released theatrically

19880513_Friday_the_13th_Part_VII_-_The_New_Blood_(1988)_theatrical_poster / Fair use doctrine.

12650514_Dante Alighieri / Fair use doctrine.

05/14/1265 – Dante Alighieri (author of The Divine Comedy) born (d. 1321)

05/14/1983 – Amber Tamblyn (actress in The Ring and The Grudge 2)


May 15 - 21

19610515_Katrin Cartiledge by Aim

005/15/1961 – Katrin Cartlidge (actress in From Hell) born1

05/15/2000 – Shadow of the Vampire released theatrically

20000515_ShadowoftheVampireposter / Fair use doctrine.

18360516_edgar-y-virginia-660x350 / Fair use doctrine.

05/16/1836 – Edgar Allan Poe marries his 13-year-old cousin Virginia

05/16/1960 – Peeping Tom released theatrically

19600516_Peepingtomposter / Fair use doctrine.

20010516_Alone_in_the_Dark_A_New_Nightmare / Fair use doctrine.

05/16/2001 – Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare released on PC

05/17/1946 – F. Paul Wilson (author of several stories in the Cthulhu Mythos) born

19460517_Wilson,_F_Paul_(2007)_crop_by Gaby T

19730517_Matthew_McGrory / Fair use doctrine.

05/17/1973 – Matthew McGrory (actor in several horror films) born (d. 2005)

05/18/1924 – Priscilla Pointer (actress in Carrie, Twilight Zone: The Movie, A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, and C.H.U.D. II – Bud the Chud) born

19240518_Priscilla Pointer by Peter Kramer - © 2006 Getty Images

19710518_Abominablephibes1 / Fair use doctrine.

05/18/1971 – The Abominable Dr. Phibes released theatrically

05/18/2006 – The Breed released theatrically

20060518_Breed_xlg_2006_film_poster / Fair use doctrine.

19890519_Fright_night_part_ii_ver1 / Fair use doctrine.

05/19/1989 – Fright Night II released theatrically

05/19/2002 – The X-Files ends its run on television

20020519_Thexfiles / Fair use doctrine.

20040519_Angel / Fair use doctrine.

05/19/2004 – Angel ends its run on television

05/20/2003 – Buffy the Vampire Slayer ends its run on television

20030520_Buffy_the_Vampire_Slayer_title_card / Fair use doctrine.

20050520_Dominion_A_Prequel_to_the_Exorcist_poster / Fair use doctrine.

05/20/2005 – Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist released theatrically

05/21/1992 – Carnosaur released theatrically

19920521_CarnosaurPoster / Fair use doctrine.

May 22 - 28

19920522_Alien3_poster / Fair use doctrine.

05/22/1992 – Alien3 released theatrically

05/23/1980 – The Shining released theatrically

19800523_The_Shining_poster / Fair use doctrine.

19860523_Poltergeist II / Fair use doctrine.

05/23/1986 – Poltergeist II released theatrically

05/23/2003 – Silent Hill 3 released on the PlayStation and PC in Europe

20030523_Silent Hill 3_boxart / Fair use doctrine.

19950524_Tales From the Hoodposter / Fair use doctrine.

05/24/1995 – Tales from the Hood released theatrically

05/25/1967 – Poppy Z. Brite (author of gothic and horror short stories and novels) born

19670525_Billy_Martin aka Poppy Z Brite / Fair use doctrine.

19790525_Alien_movie_poster / Fair use doctrine.

05/25/1979 – Alien released theatrically

05/25/2007 – Bug released theatrically (US)

20070525_Bugposter2007 / Fair use doctrine.

19130526_Peter_Cushing_in_1955_by Count Theodor Zichy

05/26/1913 – Peter Cushing (actor known for his portrayals of Abraham Van Helsing) born (d. 05/26/1994)

05/26/1964 – Caitlin R. Kiernan (horror author) born


19900526_Friday_The_13th_The_Series / Fair use doctrine.

05/26/1990 – Friday the 13th: The Series ends its run on television

05/26/2000 – Resident Evil Code: Veronica released for the Dreamcast in Europe

20000526_Resident Evil Code Veronica_boxart / Fair use doctrine.

19110527_Vincent_Price_in_House_on_Haunted_Hill_(cropped) / Fair use doctrine.

05/27/1911 – Vincent Price (actor in many horror films) born (d. 1993)

05/27/1922 – Christopher Lee (actor known for his numerous portrayals of Dracula) born

19220527_Christopher_Lee_at_the_Berlin_International_Film_Festival_2013 / Fair use doctrine.

19340527_Harlan_Ellison_at_the_LA_Press_Club_19860712 Pip R. Lagenta from San Mateo / Copyright 2006 by Galen A. Tripp

05/27/1934 – Harlan Ellison (author of numerous novels and short stories) born

05/27/1973 – Night Gallery ends its run on television

19730527_Night_Gallery_Rod_Serling1 / Fair use doctrine.

19880527_Killer_klowns_from_outer_space_poster / Fair use doctrine.

05/27/1988 – Killer Klowns from Outer Space released theatrically

May 29 - 31

05/29/1912 – John Gilling (director of many Hammer Films) born

19120529_John_Gilling / Fair use doctrine.

05/29/1953 – Danny Elfman (composer of scores for The Frighteners, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow, and Tales from the Crypt) born

19530529_Danny_Elfman / Fair use doctrine.

19570529_James Whale with Frankenstein's monster / Fair use doctrine.

05/29/1957 – James Whale (director of many horror films) dies (b. 1889)

05/30/1943 – Dennis Etchison (author of horror fiction) born

19430530_Dennis_Etchison_at_World_Horror_Convention_2008_by Nihonjoe

19670530_Claude_Rains_in_Now_Voyager / Fair use doctrine.

05/30/1967 – Claude Rains (actor in many horror films) dies (b. 1889)

05/30/2003 – Wrong Turn released theatrically

20030530_Wrong_Turn_movie / Fair use doctrine.

19750531_Sienna_Guillory_at_the_Moet_BIFA_2014 / Fair use doctrine.

05/31/1975 – Sienna Guillory (actress in Resident Evil: Apocalypse) born

05/31/1977 – William Castle (director of numerous horror films) dies (b. 1914)

19770531_William_Castle / Fair use doctrine.

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Welcome to The Vortexx where it's been ALL HOSTS ALL THE TIME FOR SIX YEARS!


Welcome to THE VORTEXX where it's ALL HOSTS ALL THE TIME! We've got a terrific line-up of hosts, shows, and movies this week, including one great new host making his Vortexx debut, one great movie making its debut, and a SLUGGO BIRTHDAY BASH to begin the week. Be sure to stick around Saturday night after our featured movie for VORTEXX FLASHBACK RADIO -- a tribute to the old-time radio shows of yesteryear. Our hosts this week are Sluggo & Sluggles, Deadwood & Co., Slash (making his debut on Monday), Arachna & Deadly, Edgar von Ghoul, Cnl. Graves & Smiley Bones, Karlos Borloff & the crazies at Monster Madhouse, Dr. Lady & the Usual Suspects, and Misty Brew. Enjoy our shows and thanks for hanging out!


Sunday (2/12). 9:00 P.M. (ET) Join us tonight for our SLUGGO BIRTHDAY BASH! On February 12 each year our nation celebrates the birthday of two great presidents -- Abraham Lincoln, president of the United States, and Sluggo Gonzales, freely elected president of the Vortexx. It should come as no surprise that the movie our Dear Leader has decided to host on her birthday stars her favorite actor, singer, and musician -- Arch Hall, Jr. Be sure to come by tonight as SLUGGO'S STRANGE TAILS with co-host Sluggles and special guest Wolfie presents Sluggo's all-time favorite Arch Hall, Jr. movie -- and, believe us, folks, she loves them all! -- WILD GUITAR (1962). In tonight's movie, released just eight months after Eegah, Arch plays Bud Eagle, a young musician who comes under the influence of unscrupulous record producer Mike McCauley (Arch Hall, Sr.). Co-star Cash Flagg (who also directed under his birth name Ray Dennis Steckler) hams it up as McCauley's henchman Steak in what has to be the "meatiest" role of his career. Our show will be followed by an encore presentation of SCREAMING SOUP: HELLBOUND.


Monday (2/13). 9:00 P.M. (ET) Join us tonight as we welcome Indiana's newest horror host to The Vortexx with SLASH'S GRAVEYARD TALES. An artist, sculptor, pro wrestler, and haunter at the Harrodsburg Haunted House in his previous life, Slash is a Wolf Man who loves the old-time classic horror and sci-fi movies. And now that he's been bitten by the horror host bug, he's put together a show that he describes as "a cross between Pee-wee's Playhouse and Tales from the Crypt." Tonight Slash and his sidekicks Poe, Hoots, and Bones will be hosting Ed Wood's PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE (1959). This is a movie that needs no introduction, but we're going to give you one anyway. A couple of pompous aliens in silk pajamas (Dudley Manlove and Joanna Lee) and their leader The Ruler (Bunny Breckinridge) plan to resurrect Bela Lugosi, Vampira, and Tor Johnson as slow-moving zombies. Why? Because all you of Earth are Idiots!


Tuesday (2/14). 9:00 P.M. (ET) Happy Valentine's Day to all our friends in The Vortexx! Tonight we've picked a movie that we feel is suitable for the occasion. It's a lovely love story about a mad scientist who loves his girlfriend so much that he's willing to stalk and murder to get a new body for her." Join us tonight as BEWARE THEATER with Arachna of the Spider People and her friend Deadly presents THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN'T DIE (1962). Affectionately known to its many fans as "The Brain That Wouldn't Shuddup" and "Jan in the Pan," this film has everything that a B-movie fan could possibly ask for -- mutants, mad doctors, talking heads, cat fighting strippers, and some of the sleaziest, most infectious music you've ever heard.


Wednesday (2/15). 9:00 P.M. (ET) MIDNIGHT CHILLERS with Edgar von Ghoul presents THE EMBALMER (1965) aka The Monster of Venice. A psycho in a monk's robe and skull mask dons a scuba suit and stalks the canals of Venice looking for victims (all beautiful women, of course) to kill and then bring to his secret underwater lair for the titular embalming. Unfortunately, the budget did not allow for any underwater photography, which might have improved the killing scenes. But the secret lair, revealed at the end of the movie, is something to be seen.

SCREAMING SOUP reviews Fred Olen Ray's EVIL TOONS (1992)

Wednesday (2/15). 11:15 P.M. (ET) Don't go away folks! Stick around after Midnight Chillers for another episode of SCREAMING SOUP! Now entering its fourth season, this animated horror host show specializes in raunchy movie reviews. In tonight's episode our host Deadwest reviews Fred Olen Ray's EVIL TOONS (1992) while being ambushed by Buzzkill, a competing horror host. A knock-off of Sam Raimi's The Evil Dead, tonight's movie stars David Carradine, Dick Miller, Arte Johnson, and scream queen Michelle Bauer. Please note: This episode contains nudity and gross-out raunchiness and is, therefore, recommended for immature adults only.

PUBLIC DOMAIN DRIVE-IN presents Roger Corman's QUEEN OF BLOOD (1966)

Thursday (2/16). 9:00 P.M. (ET) PUBLIC DOMAIN DRIVE-IN with Cnl. Graves and Smiley Bones presents Roger Corman’s QUEEN OF BLOOD (1966). Here we go again! Corman got his hands on some more Russian footage, hired someone to write a screenplay around it, brought in Basil Rathbone and a few other English-speaking actors, and finished the whole thing in little over a week at a cost of $65,000. But the really strange thing is . . . this is actually a very good movie! Florence Marley gives a deliciously creepy performance as a green-skinned, glowing-eyed alien woman who is rescued on Mars to be brought back to Earth and proceeds to drain the blood from assorted crew members on the way home. Keep an eye out for a delightful cameo appearance by Forrest J Ackerman at the end.


Friday (2/17). 9:00 P.M. (ET) MONSTER MADHOUSE with Karlos Borloff, Slo Frank, and a cast of thousands presents HORROR EXPRESS (1972) starring Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, and Telly (Kojak) Savalas. Our three stars find themselves traveling on the Trans-Siberian Express, accompanied by the frozen remains of a primitive humanoid creature who, needless to say, doesn't stay frozen for long. As always, there will be plenty of insane hijinks by Borloff and the Madhouse crazies both during and in between segments of the movie. Truth be told, we lost count of the number of times Frank gets punched, poked, and slapped silly in tonight’s episode!

THE LATE DR LADY SHOW presents Jess Franco’s OASIS OF THE ZOMBIES (1981)

Saturday (2/18). 9:00 P.M. (ET) THE LATE DR LADY SHOW with Dr. Lady, the Usual Suspects, and special guest Sluggo presents our all-time favorite Dr. Lady episode -- Jess Franco’s OASIS OF THE ZOMBIES(1981) aka Skull on a Stick. The movie is about an expedition searching for gold hidden by Field Marshall Rommel that comes up against an army of Nazi Zombies. But what really makes tonight's show completely off-the-wall are its hilarious skits, several of which feature our own Pink Lady.

MISTY BREW'S CREATURE FEATURE presents The Vortexx premiere of THE HAUNTING OF JULIA (1977).

Sunday (2/189). 9:00 P.M. (ET) MISTY BREW'S CREATURE FEATURE presents The Vortexx premiere of THE HAUNTING OF JULIA (1977) aka Full Circle. Mia Farrow (sporting her Rosemary's Baby haircut) stars in this British-made thriller as a wealthy American woman named . . . you guessed it, Julia. She's living in London, trapped in an unhappy marriage, and haunted by the sadness of losing her child. Julia decides to ditch her hubby and move into a new house, which happens to be inhabited by the ghost of an obnoxious little girl who plans to use Julia as a pawn in her terrible revenge scheme. Unlike most of the foreign movies that sat on the shelf for years before being released in America, this one, based on the novel by Peter Straub who also wrote Ghost Story, is actually pretty good. And it's got a shocking and completely unexpected ending. Keir (2001: A Space Odyssey) Dullea costars. Note: Tonight's show will be followed by an encore presentation of Wednesday's SCREAMING SOUP: EVIL TOONS.


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By The Crimson Executioner
Woofer McWooferson

Welcome to The Vortexx where it’s been ALL HOSTS ALL THE TIME FOR SIX YEARS!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends in THE VORTEXX! We have a great line-up of hosts, shows, and movies for your holiday pleasure, including one new movie making its Vortexx debut on Friday, along with an all-day Double Turkey Day Marathon at the Peninsula of Horror on Saturday and a Misty Brew Fangsgiving Special on Sunday to conclude the holiday weekend. On Wednesday we will announce the winner of our prestigious Golden Turkey Award for Horror Host of the Year. An All-Day Marathon of the recipient’s shows will begin immediately after the award is announced culminating in a brand-new show by our award-winner on Thanksgiving Day.
Our hosts are Arachna & Deadly and Ron Purtee on Sunday, Vincent Grimmly & Phydeaux on Monday, Freakshow & the Bordello gang on Tuesday, Bobby Gammonster & Boris the Buzzard on Wednesday, Scarlett Kaiju & CJ the Werewolf on Friday, Professor Gillman and Master Vyle at the Peninsula on Saturday, Misty Brew next Sunday — and, of course, our Golden Turkey winner (who may be one of the hosts previously mentioned or, then again, maybe not) on Thanksgiving Day itself.

CHRISTMAS DADDY will make all your Christmas wishes come true!
Christmas is little more than a month away, and that means our very own bearer of Yuletide gifts CHRISTMAS DADDY will be coming to The Vortexx soon to make your Christmas wishes come true. A new slack module . . . a membership in the Puppy of the Month Club . . . a Dr Lady action figure . . . a singing Sluggo plushie that also does lap dances. . . . Those are just a few of the wonderful gifts that Christmas Daddy has given to our viewers in years past. Whatever your wish may be this year, just send an e-mail to Christmas Daddy at The Vortexx North Pole and he’ll do his very best to make it happen. You can reach Christmas Daddy at

Sunday (11/20). 9:00 P.M. (ET) [Time approximate.]

BEWARE THEATER with Arachna of the Spider People and her friend Deadly presents another cinematic gem from the Golden Age of Black & White — THE MESA OF LOST WOMEN (1953) starring Jackie (Uncle Fester) Coogan and George (Ro Man) Barrows in one of his rare non-gorilla roles. It’s got mad scientists, gigantic spiders, voluptuous women, and dwarfs! How can any movie with a combination like that possibly go wrong? Join us tonight and you’ll find out. [Movie poster by Sean Hartter courtesy of Saturday Fright Special.]

Sunday (11/20). 9:00 P.M. (ET)
WOLF COP (2014)

Please Note: Arachna’s show will be preceded by a MOVIE HOUSE HOT TAKE with Ron Purtee. Tonight Ron takes a few moments to talk about the Canadian horror-comedy WOLF COP (2014).

Monday (11/21). 9:00 P.M. (ET)

NIGHT CHILLS THEATRE with Vincent Grimmly and his co-host Phydeaux presents a Vortexx favorite — HORROR EXPRESS (1972) starring Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, and Telly (Kojak) Savalas. Our three stars find themselves traveling on the Trans-Siberian Express, accompanied by the frozen remains of a primitive humanoid creature who, needless to say, doesn’t stay frozen for long. As always, Vincent has added some pizzazz to the mix with numerous sound inserts and other extras. Meanwhile back at Castle Pappdeckel, Phydeaux comes down with a fatal case of the bird flu. Is Phydeaux REALLY dead? Find out tonight in this fun episode.

Tuesday (11/22). 9:00 P.M. (ET)

BORDELLO OF HORROR with Freakshow, Mistress Malicious, Sgt. Drizzlepuss, Ali Katt and Marijohuana celebrates its 100th episode with a Vortexx favorite — SPIDER BABY (1968). In one of the best roles of his career, Lon Chaney, Jr., stars as Bruno, the caretaker of three orphaned siblings who suffer from “Merrye Syndrome” – a rare disease which causes them to mentally, socially, and physically regress backwards. Lon also sings the title song as the opening credits roll! Sid Haig, Carol Ohmart, and Mantan Moreland co-star. Tonight’s episode was filmed at the October 1 live show at the Al. Ringling Theatre in Baraboo, Wisconsin.

Wednesday (11/23). 9:00 P.M. (ET)

MONSTER MOVIE NIGHT with Bobby Gammonster and Boris the Buzzard presents DOMINIQUE IS DEAD (1979). Academy Award winner Cliff Robertson, who could play good guys (including an American president) and bad guys with equal ease, stars as a greedy husband who drives his wife (Golden Globe and Emmy Award winner Jean Simmons) to suicide so that he can get his hands on her fortune . . . only to find out that she has come back from the dead to haunt him! Dominique is dead, all right. She’s all messed up. Jenny Agutter, Simon Ward, Ron Moody, Judy Geeson, and Flora Robson round out a strong cast in this British made-for-television horror-mystery-thriller.

Wednesday (11/23). 11:00 P.M. (ET) [Time approximate.]
The Vortexx

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring to you . . . THE GOLDEN TURKEY AWARD FOR 2016! The Golden Turkey Award is the highest honor The Vortexx can bestow upon a horror host. Each year one host is selected from among all the fine hosts whose shows have aired on our channel as the recipient of this prestigious award. Previous winners have been Victor von Scary, Justy Ghost, Floyd Cadaverous, Freakshow, Bobby Gammonster, and Cnl. Graves. Who will be the next host to join this prestigious group? Come by tonight and find out!

Wednesday (11/23). 11:15 P.M. (ET) [Time approximate.]
The Vortexx

Be sure to stick around after the award ceremonies for THE GOLDEN TURKEY DAY MARATHON featuring four movies hosted by this year’s award winner. Obviously we can’t tell you the name of the winner or the names of the movies, because that would ruin the whole surprise. But we’ll be posting a promo on the Vortexx group page and the Vortexx fan page Wednesday night as soon as the award is announced. The marathon will run from approx 11:15 P.M. on Wednesday until 9:00 P.M. on Thursday.

Thursday (11/24). 9:00 P.M. (ET)
The 2016 Golden Turkey Day Award Winner
EEGAH! (1962)

Now that Thanksgiving is almost over and you’ve had your fill of turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and pie, come on by The Vortexx for our THANKSGIVING GOLDEN TURKEY DAY SPECIAL! Tonight we will be airing a brand-new episode hosted by the winner of the 2016 Golden Turkey Award. We can’t tell you the name of the host, but we will tell you the name of the movie. It’s none other than EEGAH! (1962) starring Sluggo’s heartthrob Arch Hall, Jr. and co-starring Marilyn Manning. Arch and Marilyn play a couple of clean-cut teens named Tom and Roxy who stumble across a giant prehistoric caveman (Richard Jaws Kiel) in Bronson Canyon (the same place where Ro-Man cavorted a decade earlier). Roxy befriends the caveman and gives him a shave, and the big galoot falls in love with her. This is a love story that you know cannot end happily. Arch Hall, Sr., plays Roxy’s dad, while Arch’s mom (Addalyn Pollitt) and Ray Dennis Steckler (aka Cash Flagg) appear in smaller roles.

Friday (11/25). 9:00 P.M. (ET)
The Vortexx premiere of

MANSION of MYSTERY with special guest host Tripp Punter presents The Vortexx premiere of SLIPSTREAM (1989) directed by Steven (TRON) Lisberger. Bill Paxton (of Titanic and Aliens) stars as a bounty hunter in a dystopian future who kidnaps a murderer (Bob Peck) out of the hands of two police officers (Mark Hamill of Star Wars and Kitty Aldridge) so he can claim the bounty for himself. The two men travel among several bizarre societies with the police officers in hot pursuit. The strong supporting cast includes F. Murray Abraham (Amadeus), Robbie Coltrane (Harry Potter), and Ben Kingsley (Gandhi). Meanwhile our guest host Tripp Punter, leader of the Legends of Fifteen Minutes Ago, and his trusty A.I. Caiaphas set out to reassemble the team after the events of their last appearance in July. Their mission is complicated by a stowaway who mistakes Tripp for another, more famous time traveler, leading to a series of visits to other times and places, each housing a familiar face. The events of this fun episode, entitled “No Time Like the Future”, lead into the epic season finale, coming next month.

Saturday (11/26). 3:30 P.M. (ET)

Welcome to the THE PENINSULA OF HORROR’S DOUBLE TURKEY DAY MARATHON! Our good friends at the Peninsula of Horror — the showcase for Florida’s finest horror hosts — will be airing a full day and night of shows presented by PROFESSOR GILLMAN SHOW and HOUSE OF MASTER VYLE PRESENTS. We guarantee that each show will be a turkey fit for Thanksgiving. The times below are approximate. A hosted chat will begin, as always, at 8:00 P.M.

  • Saturday (11/26). 3:30 P.M. (ET) – WOMEN IN THE NIGHT (1948) – A World War II melodrama set in Shanghai, China about group of women held prisoner at a German officer’s club. Hosted by Master Vyle.
  • Saturday (11/26). 6:00 P.M. (ET) – UFO: THE TRUE STORY OF FLYING SAUCERS (1956) – A pseudo-documentary about (you guessed it!) flying saucers. Hosted by Prof. Gillman.
  • Saturday (11/26). 8:00 P.M. (ET) – THE ROBOT VS. THE AZTEC MUMMY (1958) One of K. Gordon Murray’s many Mexican imports. Hosted by Prof. Gillman.

  • Saturday (11/26). 9:00 P.M. (ET) – THE MESA OF LOST WOMEN (1953) Starring Jackie (Uncle Fester) Coogan and George (Ro-Man) Barrows. Hosted by Master Vyle.
  • Saturday (11/26). 10:45 P.M. (ET) – TEENAGERS BATTLE THE THING (1958) A movie about a mummified ape that was re-released 18 years later with extra footage as Curse of Bigfoot. Hosted by Prof. Gillman.
  • Saturday (11/26). 12:00 P.M. (ET) – THE RIDERS OF THE WHISTLING SKULL (1937) A supernatural western starring The Three Mesquiteers (Bob Livingston, Ray “Crash” Corrigan, and ventriloquist Max Terhune). Hosted by Master Vyle.

Sunday (11/27). 9:00 P.M. (ET)

We end our Thanksgiving Weekend with MISTY BREW’S FANGSGIVING SPECIAL! Tonight Misty will be presenting an assortment of holiday treats, including a cartoon short, vintage TV ads, a 30-second turkey drop, turkey dressing tips from Misty, and a music break with Black Oak Arkansas, and much, much more! George Burns & Gracie Allen will also be dropping in for dinner tonight. It’s gonna be a lot of fun, so don’t miss out!

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TV REVIEW: Tales of the Unexpected (Overview)

Tales of the Unexpected
(aka Roald Dahl's Tales of the Unexpected)

Expect the Unexpected

By Woofer McWooferson

Tales_titles (1)

Director: Various; Writers: ; Rating: NR; Run Time: 30 min; Genre: Horror | Thriller; Country: England; Language: English; Year: 1979-88

Tales of the Unexpected, also known as Roald Dahl's Tales of the Unexpected, was a British television series in the vein of Ray Bradbury Theatre and airing from 1979 to 1988. Episodes were darkly comedic and often sarcastic, tinged with sinister undertones. Seasons 1 and 2 were called Roald Dahl's Tales of the Unexpected, but as it grew to include stories written by others, it became simply Tales of the Unexpected for season 3.

Keep tuned to House of Tortured Souls as we go through all nine seasons to find the best it has to offer. Check out Tales of the Unexpected on IMDb and Wikipedia.

Season (or Series, as the Brits call it) breakdown:

Season: One
Episodes: 9
Original Air Dates: 24 March 1979 to 19 May 1979

Season: Two
Episodes: 16
Original Air Dates: 1 March 1980 to 14 June 1980

Season: Three
Episodes: 9
Original Air Dates: Split season: 9 August 1980 to 30 August 1980 and 9 November 1980 to 19 December 1980

Season: Four
Episodes: 17
Original Air Dates: Split season: 5 April 1981 to 26 July 1981 and 26 December 1981

Season: Five
Episodes: 18
Original Air Dates: 25 April 1982 to 22 August 1982

Season: Six
Episodes: 14
Original Air Dates: 9 April 1983 to 16 July 1983

Season: Seven
Episodes: 15
Original Air Dates: 12 May 1984 to 21 October 1984

Season: Eight
Episodes: 4
Original Air Dates: Split season: 30 March 1985 and 14 to 28 July 1985

Season: Nine
Episodes: 10
Original Air Dates: Split season: 18 December 1987 to 29 January 1988 and 15 April to 13 May 1988

Check out this partial list of guest stars:

Brad Dourif

Brian Blessed

Bud Cort

Carol Lynley

Charles Hallahan

Darren McGavin

David Cassidy

Denholm Elliott

Dennis Christopher

Derek Jacobi

Dick Smothers

Don Johnson

Ed Begley Jr.

Edward Albert

Eli Wallach

Frank Sinatra Jr.

Fritz Weaver

George Peppard

Gloria Grahame

Hayley Mills

Ian Holm

Jack Weston

Janet Leigh

Jim Broadbent

Joan Collins

Joan Hackett

Joanna Pettet

John Beck

John Castle

John Gielgud

José Ferrer

Joseph Cotten

Julie Harris

Max Gail

Michael Gambon

Michael Ontkean

Patricia Quinn

Peter Cushing

Peter Davison

Richard Basehart

Robert Morse

Rod Taylor

Roger Rees

Roxanne Hart

Samantha Eggar

Sharon Gless

Shirley Knight

Sondra Locke

Stuart Whitman

Susan Strasberg

Telly Savalas

Terry O’Quinn

Tom Bosley

Tom Smothers

Tony Franciosa


Warren Oates

6/10 claws – Overall rating. It's not bad, just inconsistent.

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BLU-RAY REVIEW: Corruption (1968)

By Nick Durham


Did you know Peter Cushing was once in a film where he played a semi-crazed plastic surgeon who goes on a spree murdering young women in an effort to harvest their glands to preserve his younger fiancé's damaged face? If I told you any of that, would you even believe me? Well guess what guys, it's true. Peter Cushing, known as one of the classiest thespians ever in the horror genre, starred in this little known flick that provided ample amounts of blood and boobs. Thanks to the good folks at Grindhouse Releasing, now we can call see Corruption in its wonderful, depraved, swingin' 60s glory.

As said already, Cushing plays a jealous plastic surgeon named John Rowan, whose hot model fiancé (Sue Lloyd) suffers a nasty facial injury. Feeling responsible, Rowan believes he knows a way to fix the damage, a method which involves harvesting the skin glands of voluptuous young ladies of course. What follows is lots of blood and boobs, and just the right amount of enjoyable schlock gets packed in without the film itself ever feeling like absolute filth, if that makes any sense at all.

Never before seen uncut in the U.S., Grindhouse has happily given us Corruption in all its nasty glory. Hell, I do believe that this is actually the first home video release of Corruption here in the States at all. It's funny watching it now, because even when it gets to its nastiest moments, the film isn't as graphic as one may think it is. Granted that the time this came out I'm sure it ruffled enough feathers, but even in its silliest and nastiest moments, Corruption manages to have a small touch of class attached to it. This is mostly because of having Cushing in the lead villainous role. I couldn't imagine that he was super comfortable in the role, but the man was a total pro, and he's wonderful here as the main attraction. In fact, the cast as a whole is pretty damn good, which also includes Vampire Lovers hottie Kate O'Mara as well.

Grindhouse Releasing, which has managed to supply us with wonderful releases and re-releases of little-known or lost films with tons of extras and care, has really delivered with this Blu-ray release of Corruption as well. There're two versions of the film as well as vintage and new interviews, an audio commentary that features Cushing's biographer David Miller, awesome reversible case cover artwork, and tons more. Needless to say, this deserves to be in your collection, especially if you're a Cushing fan.

All in all, Corruption is a surprisingly little known film that deserves your time and attention. It's also another wonderful example of what makes Grindhouse Releasing so awesome in terms of releasing little-known vintage films on modern physical media. Like I said before, Corruption deserves your time, and you need to pick it up. You won't regret it.

Rating: 5/5

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