Developing news on Ridley Scott’s Alien Franchise.

Developing news on Ridley Scott’s Alien Franchise.

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Not so long ago we here at the House of Tortured Souls reported on the merger of Fox and Disney in Disney’s latest acquisition. We also added information on how Disney was looking to expand the existing Alien Franchise.Ridley Scott

In a recent interview between the Hollywood Reporter and Alien Director Ridley Scott, he chatted candidly about the legacy of Alien after its 40 years of popularity.

Despite all the new films made, Scott still sees the first as the epitome of the franchise.

“There is only ever the one,” he said. “It is like trying to do a sequel to 2001. Fundamentally, you cannot. Really, with the greatest respect to Star Wars, the best film by far is the one that George directed. By miles. It was unique. wonderful for me.  A fairy story of all fairy stories in space.”Xenomorph

Moreover, to follow through is a tough call, “It has been since after 2017’s disappointing reception for Alien: Covenant, that the franchise looked to be taking on hiatus. Rumor is this is not the case and Alien works are already in production”

Back in April at CinemaCon, Disney already had said that it was looking into expanding of Fox’s most popular franchises. This included Deadpool, X-Men, and of course, Alien. Scott has yet to confirm if he’ll be directly involved with any of them, though insiders are saying he will.Prometheus

Scott preferred the beasts in the franchise to remain alone, speaking of the AVP series as “a daft idea” and that to remain relevant separating the characters was a better idea. Is this his plan to bring Alien back onto the big screen himself?

Using his 2012 prequel to the original Alien film, Prometheus, as a comparison. Scott said that by not revealing the Alien until the end, Prometheus was doing something different but with a simple storyline. “The Alien is uniquely attached to Mother Nature.

It simply comes off a wood beetle that will lay eggs inside a unsuspecting insect. Moreover, in so doing, the form of the egg will become the host for this new creature. That is hideous. However, that was what it was. Also, you cannot keep repeating that because the joke gets boring,” Scott said. “A restored version of Alien is currently playing in movie theaters to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the film’s release. Fans of the franchise will await further news anxiously.”

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Movie Review: UPGRADE (2018)

Movie Review: UPGRADE (2018)

Even if you’re not familiar with the name (and as a horror fan, you should be), there’s a reason why LEIGH WHANNELL is on everyone’s radar at the moment. As a director/producer/writer/actor, together with frequent producing partner JAMES WAN (who I know you’ve heard of), Whannell’s had a hand in the creation of some of the most successful horror efforts from the last two decades, including the franchises for SAW, INSIDIOUS, THE CONJURING and ANNABELLE, be it in front of or behind the camera. (And in some cases, it’s been both.) So it should come as no surprise whatsoever, that this talented man’s ever-creative brain spat out the concept for the remarkable sci-fi/action/horror thriller, UPGRADE.

Grey Trace (potential Tom Hardy stand-in LOGAN MARSHALL-GREEN from PROMETHEUS, SPIDERMAN: HOMECOMING and DEVIL) isn’t just your everyday, garden-variety Luddite in the not-all-that-distant future. He’s not seeking to ‘destroy the system’ that controls this world, but he sure as hell isn’t going to be a part of it. He listens to gut-bucket blues while he works on restoring ‘analog’-based cars, for very rich people who collect them. But he doesn’t love his cars or his music half as much as his beautiful wife, Asha, (MELANIE VALLEJO), and no, he doesn’t mind at all that she’s the “pants-wearing breadwinner” of the family.  Alas, the ‘happy-life’ set up must end, as they all must for a movie like this to work, and thanks to a malfunction in the cab that’s supposed to be bringing them home, the lovebirds instead end up in a really bad part of Grey’s old ‘hood, where a band of thugs decides to kill Asha, and leave Grey permanently paralyzed instead of dead.

Wouldn’t you know it, though: there’s an app for that. One of the rich people he sold a refurbished car to is a Steve Jobs/Elon Musk-type technological wunderkind named Eron Keen (HARRISON GILBERTSON). Yes, his appearance is foreshadowing that’s about as subtle as a Keith Moon drum solo, and yes, he does turn up again after Grey’s ordeal, to give him a way to walk again, but more than that, a means by which avenging his crippling and his wife’s murder will be a breeze.

That way is a computer chip called ‘STEM,’ but calling it a “computer chip” is like calling Mount Kilimanjaro a molehill. STEM not only helps operate Grey’s damaged central nervous system and thereby his arms, legs and the rest of his body, but it can help him do some pretty incredible things…like, kick the living shit out of bad guys. And then we and Grey soon realize…he’s not the only ‘modified human’ running around out there. And when he’s not looking for them, they are most certainly out to get him!
However, as wondrous technological developments always do in movies like this, STEM is not without its own set of problematic glitches and side effects, and to say anything more than that would reveal some devastating Act Three spoilers, including the most important twist of all in the story, which isn’t ‘early M. Night Shyamalan’-badass, but pretty close.

I don’t know how much training Marshall-Green had in physical conditioning and movement before shooting, but however long and/or grueling it was, the end results were more than worth it.  His performance is incredible, especially the way he defines Grey’s bodily control under STEM’S influence as totally and spell bindingly different than it is under his own steam.  And all without the aid of CG or other special visual effects, save for some dazzling angles that Whannell employs, thanks to the amazing camera work of DP STEFAN DUSCIO, and also in no small part to the stunt team, led by coordinator CHRIS ANDERSON, with stunning fight choreography by CHRIS WEIR.

BENEDICT HARDIE (HACKSAW RIDGE, NEKROTRONIC) makes a great anti-heroic counterpart for Grey as Fisk, the ‘bad guy’ seemingly responsible for everything that happens, though you discover in pretty short order, that his motivations are far beyond those of the kind of average thug-villain who’d usually be playing this role.  I also love the obvious nod to the late Douglas Rain’s voice performance as “HAL 2000” in Kubrick’s “2001”. If there’s any justice in this world, the smooth, even and undeniably creepy tones of SIMON MAIDEN’S “STEM” voice will become just as iconic.

There’s no way to herald anyone on this picture without including the eye-popping work by the makeup FX team here.  The impressive key sequences would have come across so much better if they hadn’t already been ‘spoiled’ in the “Red Band” version of the trailer.  Even having said that, they’re still amazing as hell when you see them in context.

There aren’t a whole lot of complaints I have about this one, but there is one aspect that bears mentioning: I know the previews sell this as a testosterone-fueled, dystopian thrill ride for the ‘dudes’, and yeah, I’ll admit that was part of the allure for me. But that also means the female characters get short shrift…again. The death of Grey’s wife, Asha, pretty much propels the entire plot into motion, although Vallejo gets to do little more than look pretty…even when her character is dying.

I can understand the casting of BETTY GABRIEL as Det. Cortez, the cop who begins to realize there’s more to her ‘crippled’ suspect than meets the eye.  Between her spellbinding performance in Jordan Peele’s GET OUT, plus her growing resume of appearances in other genre movies like UNFRIENDED: DARK WEB and THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR, she’s quickly becoming the next “IT-Girl” for horror and sci-fi fans. But I really wished they’d given her more to do because hers is the kind of character you want to know more about. The antagonistic-yet-empathetic relationship between her and Grey could have been developed much more extensively than it was.

The one place where the minimal development of female characters works comes about, when at a crucial moment in the story, Grey hooks up with a mysterious uber-hacker named “Jamie” (KAI BRADLEY). In their scene together, which probably is all of about three minutes in length, we are completely captivated by her, not just because of the interesting aura she projects, thanks to Bradley’s performance, but because of several things she says to Grey and about him, throwing hints out there about what’s going on – there’s more to this story than we think there is, Jamie warns us. And that has me looking forward to a sequel, which I hope Whannell intended. Which I also hope includes Jamie’s return.

I’m glad that my concerns about Whannell were completely groundless. Though I’ve enjoyed his work as both an actor and a filmmaker, I was wondering if he considered his niche to be splitting time between the writer’s room, producer’s desk, and acting. UPGRADE is only his second film where he took over the director’s chair (his first time was in 2015 with INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 3), but if UPGRADE is any indication of where he’s going with his creative knack, I’m looking forward to the UPGRADE sequel…or wherever he decides to go next. Count me in! And please accept four out of five bone-crushing stars of gratitude!

MOVIE REVIEW: Eden Lake (2008)

MOVIE REVIEW: Eden Lake (2008)

untitled (4)

By : John Roisland

In 2008 writer / director James Watkins ( The Woman in Black , The Descent : Part 2) brings you this tale of evil in its purest form... kids! Watkins brought us Eden Lake, an eerie look at how evil teens can be.

Released by Roller Coaster Films, Aramid Entertainment Fund , Eden Lake  stars Kelly Reilly ( Sherlock Holmes ,  Flight) and Michael Fassbender ( Prometheus , Steve Jobs) on a romantic get a way to a secluded lake in the country side of Buckinghamshire, England. The lake is peaceful, and in the middle of nowhere, they have the entire place to them selves, or so they thought.  Seems our young couple have pitched their tent about 30 yards down shore of a small group of local town kids, who are hanging out and being teen kids, rude and obnoxious.

After rude slurs are given by the kids, the couple has had enough and confronts the youths. While in a verbal altercation with the leader of the group of kids,played  by Jack O'Connell (Unbroken, Harry Brown)  he releases his Rottweiler on the man , who accidentally ends up killing the dog. This is where the nightmare begins.

The teens literally wreak havoc on the couple , hunting them down like wild animals. As it stands, the kids pretty much rule the entire lake front and woods surrounding it. Fueled by rage, O'Connell also forces the other kids to follow in with his violent acts , or turns his rage on to them as well, for example, setting one of them on fire, as they watch him burn to death.

Now , there are much more brutal independent films out there that will haunt your mind with images of murders that will keep you wondering if what you saw was real or not, but one scene in the film, the kids capture the male adult and hold him captive for a while,...that's all I'm going to say, but  pretty impressive!

I must add, O'Connell's performance is spot on! He gets your blood pumping, and he makes you hate him with every passing heart beat!! He delivered a stellar performance.

                          images (4)

I'm not going to give any ending away in the film, other than it is worth the price of admission. This film surprised the shit out of me, and if I hadn't had kids already, this movie most likely would have stopped me from ever having any,.. but being as I do, it also makes me wonder what my little angels are really up to when they leave the house.

This is a pretty fast paced film that is beautifully shot, if you haven't seen Eden Lake yet, I highly  urge you to do so, as it immediately. It found its way to the tops of my charts after its first view!



Keep it Evil



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Alien: Covenant, Rename and News on Prometheus 2

Alien: Covenant, Rename and News on Prometheus 2

A Look at Alien: Covenant

By Dixielord

Alien Covenant follow up to Prometheus

Alien Covenant

At this point, the sequel to Prometheus is changing its name more than a stripper with a shady past. The project, originally just Prometheus 2, first dropped the Prometheus moniker altogether for Alien: Paradise Lost. Now it has shifted again to Alien: Covenant. The new name stays in line with its former titles semi religious tones, while dropping the Milton literary reference.

Alien: Covenant is keeping in line with the original by taking its name from the spaceship that used by the main cast of the film. However, it would be naïve to assume that name is meaningless beyond that obvious connection. Being that Prometheus concerned a group of scientists looking for the origins of man and finding our creators in the engineers and that a covenant is a promise from the creator to his creations, no doubt this will play into the plot.

Michael Fassbender of Prometheus and Alien COvenant

Michael Fassbender of Alien Covenant

Michael Fassbender will return as the android David, and looks to be an integral part of the film. Noomi Rapace will also return, but in a much smaller role, described as a “brief appearance”. The main focus of the movie apparently will be  a new group of explorers aboard the space ship Covenant, from which the new name Alien: Covenant comes from. They land on the devastated world of the engineers and reportedly find David already there.

Ridley Scott of Alien Covenant

Ridley Scott of Alien and Alien Covenant

Ridley Scott has said that Alien: Covenant will contain two monsters, one of them completely new and coming about as a result of events in Prometheus. The new creature, according to Scott, will be based on the original concept for the Alien. He also states the creature will be at least somewhat transparent, similar to a jellyfish. It is also hinted at that David will somehow be involved with the creation of the new monster.

Supposedly Alien: Covenant will be followed by two more films before linking up with the main Alien films.  With the possibly upcoming Alien 5 by Blompkamp, it looks to be a happy time ahead for xenomorph fans.

Still, Alien: Covenant is a long way out. Filming is set to start in February 2016. This gives the Alien: Covenant filmmakers plenty of time to modify, refine and even completely scrap the script we are hearing about now. And it gives it plenty of time to change the name four or five more times before it's release. Staying with the vehicle theme and my stripper reference why not Alien: Mercedes? Great dance but real shady past.

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COMIC REVIEW: Aliens: Salvation (2015)

COMIC REVIEW: Aliens: Salvation (2015)

By Nick Durham

Aliens: Salvations

The Alien franchise has always been ripe for the picking for the comic book medium. Over the decades, the Xenomorph's have had numerous series of their own, many tussles with the Predator race, and have had crossovers with everyone from Superman, Batman, Judge Dredd, Terminator, Stormwatch, and nearly everything else you could probably think of. Many of them have ranged from being pretty good to being downright awful, but there's a very damn few that turn out to be truly great. Aliens: Salvation is one of them.

Originally published by Dark Horse Comics in the early 90s, Aliens: Salvation tells the tale of a deeply religious cook named Selkirk, who works aboard a Company ship. He, along with his insane captain, find themselves stranded on a strange alien planet after said loony tune captain forcibly makes them both abandon the ship. However, Selkirk and the captain aren't the only ones that made it planet-side alive, as the truth of their ship's cargo rears its very ugly head.

While it begins as anything but a typical Alien-flavored story, by the time it comes to a conclusion, Aliens: Salvation is every bit an Alien story; and perhaps even more so than Alien 3, Alien: Resurrection, and Prometheus put together (along with those Aliens VS Predator abortions, too). Written by industry icon Dave Gibbons (Alan Moore's artist for the legendary Watchmen) and drawn by the just as iconic creator of Hellboy Mike Mignola, this comic is an absolute treat. Mignola's gothic artwork surprisingly suits the story well, and his renditions of the Xenomorphs is wonderful. Gibbons' script may lack in terms of character development, etc., but it delivers in terms of visceral thrills and entertainment.

If there's any drawbacks to Aliens: Salvation, it's that it is too short. Seriously, you could go through this thing in probably fifteen minutes at the most. When it comes to an end, you'll be wishing there was so much more to keep on reading, and more of Mignola's beautiful artwork to ogle over as well. Dark Horse's reprint of this twenty year-plus old story features some great embossed pages and a nice hardcover wraparound. It's dirt cheap to pick up too, which makes it all the more appealing.

All in all, if you've been turned off by Alien comics in the past and have never read Aliens: Salvation, do yourself a favor and pick this up. You won't regret it one bit. You may be wishing for more by the time you reach the last page, but hey, you'll have a great time getting there, so that's only a minor flaw at best.

Rating: 4.5/5

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THIS JUST IN: Alien 5 Put on Hold

THIS JUST IN: Alien 5 Put on Hold

By Dixielord

Neil Blomkamp of Chappie and Alien 5

Alien 5's Neil Blomkamp

The prospect of Alien 5 actually happening got a lot of positive buzz from fans of the series. Most of the buzz being due to attached director Neil Blomkamp (Chappie, District 9), and his vision of how to continue the franchise. Now it looks like Alien 5 has been put on hold. It isn't dead, just on hold, as confirmed by Blomkamp Twitter. Blompkamp has been eager to tackle Alien 5, so why the sudden hold.

Apparent the hold came directly from Fox and is due to the upcoming Prometheus sequel. More directly it would probably have a lot to do with the recent name change to Alien: Paradise Lost. The name change puts the Prometheus sequel squarely in the camp of the Alien franchise, and moves it closer to the series than ever. Fox has decided to put all Alien attention and resources into Alien: Paradise Lost versus Alien 5.

It's probably a good move so as not to over saturate the market and exhaust the fan base. If nothing else it will relieve any confusing with two movies both with Alien in the title, a confusion I'm sure the Asylum will take advantage of with a cheap Alien knockoff anyway. It might not set so well with fans of the Alien franchise who were disappointed with either the Prometheus movie, the last few Alien films, or both. Blompkamp fans should be satisfied that he will be working on other projects during the wait.

In Blomkamp's on words from his verified twitter

Alien is kinda holding/ pending Prometheus 2. So I shall be working on other things… as much as I love the xeno- and Lt Ripley.

The tweet also seems to confirm Ripley will be back and we can only hope that means Sigourney Weaver will be playing her. As far as I know she has not been officially attached. This far out anything can happen, but I can't see anyone else playing Ripley in Alien 5. Probably the worst fear is what happens if Alien 5 is put back into play and Blomkamp isn't available/ With the studio wait on him? Without him a lot of the buzz and excitement of Alien 5 would probably quickly melt away

Still the movie isn't dead, and hopefully will eventually make it to the big screen. It just means we will have to wait a little longer for Chappieversus Aliens. Now I want to see that mash up.

Alien vs Chappie in Alien 5

Alien vs Chappie in Alien 5? Nah man, probably not.

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Prometheus 2 is Now Alien: Paradise Lost

Prometheus 2 is Now Alien: Paradise Lost

By Dixielord

Prometheus 2 is now Alien: Paradise Lost

Alien: Paradise Lost

Okay, fans of the Alien franchise, better hold on to your seats. This is kind of big, especially for those who were looking for Prometheus to tie in or act as a prequel to the original Alien directed by Ridley Scott. Scott has now announced that the Prometheus 2 will now be called Alien: Paradise Lost. Now that was exciting enough for me, but just keep reading, there's more.

Overall, fans were mixed about Prometheus, with a lot left wanting more of a connection with Aliens. There were some not so happy that the elephant headed alien from the original turned out as a much more humanoid form of life. However, we did see a definite precursor to the xenomorph we all love, and don’t want near our face. Well it looks like with this name change, and recent comments by Ridley Scott, we are about to dive back into the Alien Universe with both feet.

Lately most of the Alien news has centered on a possible revival of the main franchise with Neil Blomkamp (Chappie, District 9) at the helm. This movie, rumored to cast episode 3 and 4 aside, and totally ignore the Alien vs Predator films, that no one was really crazy about. However in a recent interview Blomkamp stated he wouldn't necessarily be saying these films didn’t exist, only that his film would be set directly after Aliens (Alien 2).

Now however, with the name change and statements from Scott, the big news is back on the prequel series. It looks like we can expect at least two more films in the Prometheus franchise as Scott “backs us into” the Alien films. The title of Paradise Lost of course is in reference to the classic work of John Milton. Milton's Paradise Lost dealt with Lucifer’s fall from heaven, a fall from grace. It's the story of how hubris and vanity brought low a might one, and set the stage for all the evil of the world.

With the first Prometheus, we saw how humanity was genetically created by the engineers. With what we witnessed, and the title of the film, we can allude that (possibly) a renegade engineer stole the secret of bio-engineering and used it to create man. In the classic myth, Prometheus stole fire from the gods and gave it to man. The gods punished him eternally, but his gift caused the rise of man and the downfall of the gods.

It would seem that Alien: Paradise Lost may follow along these lines. Did the engineers create the xenomorphs out of some vanity? Or were they another rogue creation of the engineer who created man. Were they created to destroy man, the renegade species that was never meant to exist? Personally I think they were a weapon, that like Lucifer, was too powerful to be contained and was cast out. Or maybe I'm way off. Right now the project is still early in pre-production with a release date set for 2017, so anything could happen between now and then

What we do know, is that Alien: Paradise Lost will be set on the world of the engineers. Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace will return, but there isn't any other cast attached yet. It will also move us closer to the Alien series, but Scott says the xenomorph will not appear. We will however see another alien species, another step down the road to the face hugging, chest bursting Alien from the original. He also added one more little note that has got me totally pumped.

There will be a connection to Ripley...

Ripley Alien: Paradise Lost

What will we learn about Ripley in Alien: Paradise Lost?

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