Pet Sematary-Revisioning a classic

Pet Sematary-Revisioning a classic


Good morning people of the internet. So I had a chance to check out Pet Sematary. Or what ever the spelling is. Really, this remake was again more of a Evil Dead or NOES.

Horror fans are assholes, and much like metal heads. I hate being wrapped in these cocoons. Some people make us all look bad. When a new vision of something comes out the community gets all bent out of shape. Again, these are the same people that have universal monsters and hammer monsters on the same shelf.

The negative attitudes towards new things always over power us non assholes. Whom find good qualities of reformatted movies. This meaning, for months there was “controversy” in the community over this flick, due to 1) it being a remake, again..the same people that bitch about remakes are the same people that say Disturbed’s version of “land of confusion” is better than Phil Collins. The main issue of that..they think Disturbed is cool. So does their opinion really count for anything?

2) There were a couple changes to the story which comes with the territory of remakes and 9/10 times improves upon the story. Of which these SLIGHT CHANGES did infact improve upon.

In short, the movie was great, the tiny changes really made it a better movie adaptation. Instead of Gage getting hit by the truck, Ellie was the one, which actully did not affect the story at all. I’m not sure why people are saying that it did honestly yall are fucking weird. There was a splash of focus on Jud’s wife and a very cool way to include that.

Pay attention to the little things that pay homage to the original, like the truck driver. If you don’t get that part then are you even in the right place to complain about this flick? I have asked several people if they noticed.1 person knew what I was talking about.

People that complain about it yes are entitled to opinions but look at their collection before taking it into consideration. Trying to be cool doesn’t score horror brownie points. I like a classic just like the next guy, but a better version is ok to admit to like as well.

Soska Sisters: Pitching to remake Cronenberg’s ‘Dead Ringers’, ‘Scanners’, & ‘Cat People’—House Of Tortured Souls

Soska Sisters: Pitching to remake Cronenberg’s ‘Dead Ringers’, ‘Scanners’, & ‘Cat People’—House Of Tortured Souls

 The Soska Sisters already took on the remake of David Cronenberg’s horror classic Rabid, which is due for release sometime this year. With a recent Twitter post, Jen and Sylvia (also known as the twisted twins ) are not planning on slowing their roll anytime soon.

A fan asked on Twitter if there will be any more future remakes and Jen and Sylvia gave the following reply :

       “Yes!! Dead Ringers, Scanners and Cat      People  please. There’s one more, but we’re actually pitching for it—-wish us luck!”

They made a guest appearance at MonsterMania con this past weekend in New Jersey where they mentioned briefly in their Q&A on upcoming projects they would like to tackle in the future. They are creative geniuses who I know will make Cronenberg very proud with how they take on remaking his classic films. I look forward to Rabid being released soon as well as what else they have up there creative sleeves. 






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MOVIE REVIEW: IT (2017) (1 of…???)

MOVIE REVIEW: IT (2017) (1 of…???)

When we are kids, we watch movies, read books, and hear stories that we carry with us throughout our lives. IT, the super long novel by Stephen King, is one that King’s Constant Readers, as well as most horror fans, have carried with us through our youth. The original adaptation, released in 1990, as a miniseries, started with the youth of Derry, Maine, and ended with the adults when Pennywise returned 27 years later. Of course, the time the film was made plays a large factor in how it was portrayed. So we have to look at it that way in regards to content and exactly what boundaries could be pushed and what couldn’t. Since it was a TV miniseries and the rules were different then, IT really was a different adaptation altogether.
Looking back on the original, I have always felt it to be rather boring and a little too much on the cheesy side. This opinion does not reflect on the actors themselves, but on the direction and the script. I do not speak for everyone, but for me, the story could have been told in a way that wasn’t so much like an after school special about talking to strangers and more like an actual horror film. In other words, the miniseries was like a Goosebumps version compared to what we are allowed to see now in films. IT was very kid friendly so to speak, and for the time it was made, it was definitely on the verge of causing concern for the people of the world. Tim Curry is a great actor and did very well putting that scare into the youth of the early 90s. As horror fans, we need to go into this re-envisioning of the story with fresh eyes and a fresh mind - regardless of who you are. Try to avoid comparing and contrasting both films. And now, on to how this new movie, which was not only a better portrayal but also much scarier.
When I walk into the theater, I was actually amazed that we had fancy seating, all recliner like and cozy. That was a bit weird to me as I’m used to the poor people theaters with sticky floors and immensely uncomfortable seating. Big kudos to United Artists theater in Fishers, Indiana for being awesome in that regard.
I am pretty sure there were 20 minutes of previews, and a couple of them looked really good. Saw 8, though, that horse has been beaten to death. Give it up already. Mother is, I’m pretty sure, a spin-off of Rosemary’s Baby. I can’t for the life of me remember the two that actually looked really good though. I’ll figure it out later. Ha!
Spoiler warning skull_smallRight from the start, the movie gets you all hyped up because it’s set in 1988-89 which, for many of the movie-going public, is when we were young and have some of our earliest memories of life. Those that are into that whole holding on to nostalgia, this is perfect for that. The soundtrack alone was fantastic, and the fashion, lingo, and settings definitely invoke the late 80s. The movie starts with Billy (Jaeden Lieberher) and Georgie Denbrough (Jackson Robert Scott) in a bedroom making a paper boat with Georgie super excited to get it going. Bill instructs Georgie to get some wax to waterproof the paper boat and allow it to float. The foreshadowing comes immediately upon Georgie entering the basement, scared but carrying a 1980s-era walkie talkie that squealed and made a lot of noise to communicate with Billy on the whereabouts of the wax. Yes, that’s important to the film.
Not five minutes later, Georgie is running down the street chasing the paper boat in the rain, but the boat is at the mercy of the water and quickly falls into the a sewer drain. Pennywise the clown (Bill Skarsgård) appears in the drain with his famously evil grin and gains the attention of Georgie, who doesn’t really find it odd that a clown is just hangin’ ‘round in the sewer. There was some struggle, some blood, and a lot of screaming. I’ll just say this: those who haven’t seen the original or read the book, that’s all you need to know; however, those who have seen or read the original know just how fast IT jumps the gun and gets bloody fast.
Flash forward to 1989, almost a year after Georgie goes missing, and the kids are all leaving school. Each one is focused on for character development, a really cool and quick way for the movie to get past all the rhetoric and get to the action on what is to come. The bully, Henry Bowers (Nicholas Hamilton), and his crew terrorize all of the “Losers Club” and just sets a tone that you may believe he is working with Pennywise to abduct kids so that he is safe from harm. There wasn’t a lot of storytelling in this film it was really straight on, get down to business. Pennywise shows up to each kid that was focused on in Derry, and presenting fears to them that could cause them to panic and freeze, enabling Pennywise to snatch them up. What he didn’t realize is that they’re stronger than that. As the stories cross together, the Losers Club all hang out and become closer enjoying some of their summer. It is finally opened up that these things are happening. Each kid giving a brief story of what they saw. Stan Uris (Wyatt Oleff) sees a creepy painting that frightens him, and the woman in it comes to life. Michael Hanlon (Chosen Jacobs), who is home schooled, sees Pennywise hanging in a meat locker. Beverly Marsh has the infamous drain incident where blood comes shooting out like – not unlike Johnny Depp’s death scene in A Nightmare on Elm Street. Eddie Kaspbrak, my favorite character, sees a leper, and Billy, of course, sees Georgie. Ben Hanscom (Jeremy Ray Taylor) also has an encounter. Richie Tozier (Finn Wolfhard) is the only one who (I think) had not seen Pennywise beforehand. Richie makes it a point to mention this as well. Is he funny and smart sassy? Very much so and way much more so than the Seth Green was in his portrayal. Richie really sets the comedic tone for the movie always cracking jokes about sex, penis size, and just generally making fun of everyone. I can relate to this guy pretty well. For example, when Ben gets cut up and beaten, Richie says something about him bleeding Hamburger Helper. HA! So this kept the lightheartedness pretty well throughout the movie even though there were dire things happening all around them.
After a few dozen jump scares and plot development, the kids come together and discover that the key to finding him is in the Well House, which we see is an abandoned and almost certainly condemned house that probably shouldn’t be standing. Eddie, Billy, and Richie man up and go inside to look around. With some fear tactics and an encounter with Pennywise, Bev comes in and stabs the clown in the head giving some wiggle room for the boys to get out of the there. I know I’m vaguely telling what’s up. But y’all don’t need too much info because this is where IT really takes off.
So, with all of that said, the movie from beginning to end was fantastic - and we actually see who and what floats and where “down here” is (which always bugged me about the miniseries). Finally, the Losers Club comes together and decides that if IT comes back, then they will return and fight it again, leaving room for a sequel of course. However, I don’t feel like it needs one. Still, ending like with a “just in case” situation was good after everything played out as it did and they got free. The ending was pretty solid and could be left standing as is. To me, this movie works a standalone film on its own accord. Not only was the direction solid, the script excellent, and the acting on point, but it was seriously a great scary movie. The way I see it is that the original was something thrown together because someone had an idea, and at the time was a good one. This film, though, had a lot of thought and time put in into it, which gave it a better quality story and made it much scarier, creating a fearfest that I believe ANY horror fan can appreciate.
Check out what some other attendees thought of IT in my video below.

EDITOR’S NOTE: As many staff members are attending IT, there will be more reviews to come. Please stand by.
-Woofer McWooferson, Editor-in-Chief
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REBOOT NEWS: Escape From New York

REBOOT NEWS: Escape From New York

In 1981 a movie hit the big screen that changed my life: John Carpenter's Escape From New York. I was nine years old and living at the time in Woodstock, New York, and my dad took me to a drive-in theater showing Scanners, John Carpenter's The Fog, and Carpenter’s Escape From New York. We arrived and parked with only a few minutes left in Scanners... Then I was introduced to a double feature of John Carpenter, who immediately became – and has remained – my all time favorite film director. The Fogscared the shit out of me, as it still does. After a brief intermission the main event hit the screen.
1997. New York City is a walled maximum security prison. Breaking out is impossible. Breaking in is insane.
This movie opened a part of my mind that I never new was there. Snake Plissken was my hero, and Adrienne Barbeau would never soon leave my mind!
A remake of Escape From New York has been in talks over the past few years. As always, the mere mention a remake sparks a seemingly endless series of debates on the pros and cons of remakes in general. I'm not getting into a giant battle over remakes or, as some are now called reboots. Some films that are remade are pretty damn good, some would have been better left as a thought, and nothing more. But certain films, certain iconic and classic films, need to be left alone, and Escape From New York is one of them.
It was first mentioned a few years back that Gerard Butler was to play the lead role of Snake Plissken originated by Kurt Russell... Nope, not gonna happen. Now, I’m not saying that I haven't enjoyed some of Butler’s roles, but he is NOT Snake Plissken! The way Hollywood is, honestly, I'm surprised I haven't heard The Rock’s or Vin Diesel’s name added to the mix to just glamorize (or, in my opinion, bastardize) a film, just for money, but the roles haven't been filled yet, so I guess I should just shut the hell up.
Now, a few years later, we haven't heard much more talk about this for a while, and out of the blue, I catch wind that Robert Rodriguez has signed on to sit in the director’s chair and that, apparently will be bringing us a prequel. It’s also rumored that John Carpenter himself is going to be lending a big hand and having quite a bit of say so on the film as executive producer. That makes me happy.
Rodriguez is a very talented director who has a style of his own and who has brought us a lot of great films that I have highly enjoyed, such as Sin City, Planet Terror, hell I even liked a few of the Spy Kids films. I don't doubt the man’s talent, not at all. What I do question is his ability to draw you into a story like Carpenter did. The ability to actually make you feel as if you were in the streets of New York, running for your life, feeling your heart thundering as time runs out, and without any CGI. Can you deliver that, Mr. Rodriguez? I certainly hope so. You are stepping into HUGE shoes to fill, my friend.
I had originally wanted to write this and do nothing but cuss and point fingers. However, I do have high hopes for this film. The original is my personal second favorite film of all time. I guess I'm nervous as to what the new film may do to what I hold so dearly as I do the original. So I’ll save up all my cussing for remake of The American Werewolf in London.
Keep It Evil...
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COMING SOON: Blood Feast (2016) Remake

COMING SOON: Blood Feast (2016) Remake

There's No Feast Like a Blood Feast

Blood Feast Remake On the Horizon

By Woofer McWooferson

Blood Feast remake Fuad flips us off

In 1963 Herschell Gordon Lewis invented the splatter film with a little movie called Blood Feast which follows the actions of psychopatic Egyptian caterer Fuad Ramses as he attempts to bring the goddess Ishtar to life via the ancient Egyptian ritual known as a blood feast. In order to perform the ceremony, Ramses must harvest parts from young women and eventually sacrifice one to the goddess. Lewis' movie, though tame by today's standards, was quite the shocker in its day. Filled with blood and images of severed body parts, Blood Feast caused a bit of a stir with its explicit gore and extreme (for the time) violence, and Fuad Ramses eventually became known as the “original machete-wielding madman” as described in Christopher Wayne Curry's book A Taste of Blood: The films of Herschell Gordon Lewis.

This year Blood Feast is getting a makeover and Lewis himself has endorsed it - a good sign.

The remake expands the original script to include more information about Fuad Ramses, his descent into madness, and when and how he comes to the decision to enact the titular blood feast. The first of Lewis' blood trilogy (the other two being Two Thousand Maniacs! and Color Me Blood Red), the original Blood Feast lacked any attempt at backstory or character development. These aspects were irrelevant as the point of the 1963 was to shock and disturb audiences. Indeed, it was so effective in the shock and disturb angles that it is the oldest entry on the video nasty list a feat which, given the movie's goal, is the highest honor it could receive.

Will the Blood Feast remake be fit (or unfit) for a video nasty entry? Take a gander at this first look trailer and see what you think.

Funded in part by an IndieGoGo campaign (you can still donate for some neat items) and brought to the screen by Gundo Entertainment, the Blood Feast remake is scripted by Philip Lilienschwarz (Absolutio - Erlösung im Blut) and directed by Marcel Walz (James St. James Presents Avantgarde). The cast includes Robert Rusler (Tales of Halloween) as Fuad Ramses, Caroline Williams (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2) as Fuad's wife Louise, and Lewis himself as “The Professor”. IMDb also lists Sadie Katz (Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort) as The Goddess Ishtar, a role that was played only by a gilded statue in the original, so we have some goddess action to look forward to.

Blood Feast remake Ramses family

In an interview with Dread Central, Marcel Walz commented on making a remake in an era where the market is flooded with remakes:

I think presently nearly everything is getting a remake, even if the movie is less than 10 years old. This does not make sense at all to me, and I feel with our Blood Feast we’re doing something completely different. It’s the first splatter movie in movie history, from 1963, so it’s over 50 years old. That’s more than enough time to make a remake of a movie which was already far ahead of time.

To bring Blood Feast to the 21st century, with a great cast and an amazing screenplay, is a chance to use modern equipment and technique to honor this masterpiece of horror movie history.

He also commented on the SFX since those are critical to the original and will be for the remake as well:

Of course there well be a lot of bloody gore, made by our special effects team Twosome Gruesome, Ryan and Megan Nicholson, who are currently working on the new “X-Files” series.

We already worked together before, and they are great at making handmade special effects, the old-fashioned way while still looking realistic. You can expect great effects, and fans will not be disappointed.

Fans of Lewis' work will recognize the SFX team's homage to his 1967 splatterfest The Gruesome Twosome - another sign that this might, indeed, be a worthy remake. What do you think? Will the trailer be better than the movie? Will the remake be one that Lewis' fans can get behind? Let House of Tortured souls know, and, as always, we'll keep you updated as more information becomes available!

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New DIrector for Day of the Dead Remake

New DIrector for Day of the Dead Remake

By Dixielord

So OK, ready to get mad about another classic horror remake? Yep, Day of the Dead is set to be remade, yet again. The film was originally scheduled to start filming back in 2014, but now it has a new director and a tentative release date in 2017. Excited yet? Nah me either.

Bub from Day of the Dead

No this is Bub. What kind of stupid name is Bud?

If you are out there saying, “Wait didn't we just get a remake in 2008?”, well you would be right. But pretty much everyone is trying to forget that straight to DVD hunk of burning crap. The 2008 remake is generally regarded as one of the worst horror movies of recent years. If you haven't seen it, just trust me, it sucks. That movie starred Ving Rhames, Mena Suvari, Nick Canon, Christa Campbell, some dude playing a vegetarian zombie (named Bud), some people and some more people. I'm sure most of the actors would prefer I don't bother mentioning them.. It stunk.

Mena Suvari scared in Day of the Dead 2008

Mena Suvari is terrified that you will remember she was in Day of the Dead 2008.

The newest planned remake is produced by Christa Campbell with Millennium Films and Taurus Entertainment. If you want more reason to groan about it, yes that one actress and two companies associated with the 2008 remake. Doesn't speak a lot toward this being a sparkling piece of zombie entertainment.

Let's stay true to Romero's Day of the Dead by changing everything

Campbell did say early on that they wanted the new remake to stay close to the Romero original, no wall climbing zombies or other bullshit from the 2008 film. But talk is cheap in Hollywood. The original director attached to Day of the Dead (remake) was Mark Tonderai. Tonderai said his film would focus on a group of scientists and survivors desperately seeking a cure for the zombie plague. OK that's at least in the neighborhood of the Romero original, although I would argue that by the time of Day of the Dead, only the insane Rhodes had any hope for a cure. The original was about the final days of mankind. Humanity was still on life support, but God was about to pull the plug. But the synopsis still sounded better than the 2008. Did that movie even have a plot or synopsis?

But what did I say? Talk is cheap and directors come and go. Tonderai went and in came Hector Hernandez Vicens. All together now, “Who?” Hector's debut film was The Corpse of Anna Fritz, which I haven't seen, so I wont insult the film or the director. However taking on the remake f a beloved film, from an even more beloved franchise is a heavy load in the best of situations. Tackling it on your second film is a really risky career move. I'm sure it seems like a great break to a new director but it's a mine field.

A smiling zombie? Only in Day of the Dead 2008

A smiling zombie? Only in Day of the Dead 2008.

So what is the the story since Vicens took over? It's now a post apocalyptic tale about a medical student haunted by a figure from her past. Oh yeah, and that figure is a half zombie, half human something that wants to destroy her. Seriously. I didn't make this shit up. We went from staying true to Romero's vision to grabbing Romero's balls and slamming them against the wall while laughing. Seriously, does anyone involved in this project have any clue what the fuck was going on in any of the Romero classics? I'm waiting for the announcement that the half human zombie is named “Bub” or “Bud”. Hey Christa, I thought you wanted to keep the Romero fans happy?

Bub wants nothing to do with another Day of the Dead remake

Fuck this shit, I'm out

The story of a half human, half zombie might be halfway interesting, but it's not Day of the Dead. Don't leech off the name, and the loyalty of the originals fans. The only way to really remake Day is to do it close to shot for shot, with some updating. Even better, why not just leave it the hell alone? Re-release the original back into the theater. Sadly, that won't happen and complaining about remakes is a lot like spitting in the wind. The best we can hope for is it won't be a travesty like the last Day of the Dead remake.

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Jacob’s Ladder remake announces cast

Jacob’s Ladder remake announces cast

By Dixielord

The Jacob's Ladder remake that has been simmering for a few years now, appears to be heating up. News from the film is that Nicole Beharie, of Sleepy Hollow has joined the cast along with Jessie Williams from Cabin in the Woods, and star Michael Ealy from The Perfect Guy. Ealey will be reuniting for the film with his director from The Perfect Guy, David Rosenthal who helms the remake. The script is being written by Jeff Buhler and Sarah Thorp and is set to start filming mid May 2016

Tim Robbins from Jacob's Ladder -Jacob's Ladder remake

Tim Robbins from Jacob's Ladder

While there still hasn't a huge amount of info released on the Jacobs Ladder remake, what has sounds nothing like the original. There's no mention so far of the characters the actors will be playing or if there is any real connection between the remake and original other than the name. The remake is being called a “paranoid action thriller about two brothers, which is about as far from the dark, thoughtful as you can get without hiring Mel Brooks to direct.

Nicole Beharie of the Jacob's Ladder remake

Nicole Beharie of the Jacob's Ladder remake

For those who don't know the film is a remake of the 1990 film o f the same name. The original Jacobs Ladder revolved around a Vietnam vet, played by Tim Robbins, who saw ghostly apparitions visible only to him. Were the apparitions real? Were they a supernatural force? Or were they just delusions of Robbins damaged mind. The film was a taut psychological horror film that, while not making a killing at the box office, became a cult hit with horror fans.

This seems to be a common theme with rip offs, excuse me remakes. Take the name and throw away everything else. There also seems to be a desire to turn non action films into action remakes. The same type of treatment was touted for the (hopefully dead ) Videodrome remake. Taking a violent and deep film about our fascination and worship of television and mass media and turning it into a science fiction action thriller. Because obviously American film goers needs fast paced chases and 'splosions and can't be tasked to watch a deep film with substance. At least not without quick MTV edits.

Like it or not though the film is coming. I know I'll end up seeing it so hopefully it will be worth the wait.

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By Amy Mead

Demons Metropol

 Demons 3D?!  Are we headed back to The Metropol? Well, much to the excitement of many horror fans, rumors of a remake of the classic Italian horror film, Demons have recently begun to surface. It seems as though the films original creators are discussing it. And not just a remake, but a remake in 3D at that. 

Argento.  Bava.  Stivaletti.  If you are an Italian horror fan like myself, these are names you've heard before and in all likelihood, have come to know and love. Since the rumors began, many fans seem to be of the mind that at least it's the original team taking on the project and that they are all for it. I am not so sure. I cannot wrap my head around Demons 3D. Like at all. 

I was literally stunned into silence when I saw the headline pop up in my newsfeed last night. To put it simply, I was devastated. And when I was finally able to pick my jaw up of the floor, I also had to pick up the pieces of my broken heart. I know that sounds extreme, but those of you out there that know me, are well aware of how hard I nerd out when it comes to this film (and its sequel, Demons 2) and that it truly is one of my favorite films of all time. I love it so much that I have not one, but two tattoos to honor it. I am a dedicated fan and while it may seem like no big deal to most fans, (most likely due to the overwhelming amount of remakes that have become so common these days) I find it somewhat disheartening that the creators themselves feel as though this classic needs to be remade. Or that it can possibly be improved upon. Do they not see what a masterpiece it is? 

Suffice it to say that I do not share what seems to be the popular opinion about the potential remake. I for one, am less than enthusiastic about one of my all time favorite films being remade. Especially in 3D, man. Demons 3D? Can you imagine it? All I can see is what were once awesomely over the top practical effects getting drastically cheesed out and undersold with bad CGI and hokey 3D effects. UGH. Visions of cheap jump scares relying heavily on the 3D aspect are literally dancing in my head as I write this. And it bums me out hard. My son on the other hand is all for it and thinks it will be amazing, much like many of you out there seem to. 

I wish I could be as optimistic as the rest of you but I have seen the last few Argento films. They aren't good, and any true Argento fan knows it. Dracula 3D was so awful, not even a seasoned veteran such as Rutger Hauer or a topless Asia Argento could save it.  I am a HUGE fan of the man's work, but sadly, the revered maestro  has lost his touch and his last few offerings have left much to be desired.

Should this rumored Demons 3D project actually come to fruition, my only hope is that it will maybe garner a new audience for the many of the old school Italian horror films that so many of us love. The Italian horror sub-genre deserves wider recognition and respect so while I am not looking forward to remake, I am hopeful that it will possibly spark a renewed interest these forgotten treasures, as they truly are some of the best horror films out there. 

I've never really been a remake snob but I do feel that there are some films that simply just don't need to be remade, re-imagined or regurgitated.  For me personally, Lamberto Bava's Demons is one of those films. It's timeless, it's a classic, and it's a film that should stand alone. It does not need improvement by any stretch of the imagination.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who feels this way. 


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This Just In: Killer Klowns From Outer Space

Killer Klowns From Your Television Set?

By Woofer McWooferson

Killer Klowns From Outer Space movie poster

Killer Klowns From Outer Space, the 1988 cult classic science fiction horror comedy, has long been rumored to have a sequel in the works. As the title suggests, killer clowns from outer space land on Earth and begin wreaking havoc. Set in Crescent Grove, a small town in California, the Killer Klowns From Outer Space follows the standard “young people know something and adults won't listen so disaster follows” scenario of such classics as The Blob and Invaders From Mars, but with a strong comedic twist. By making the aliens clowns, the movie's comedic aspect can be fully realized while keeping the horror and science fiction slants. Disguised as a carnival with acid cream pies, popcorn monsters, and cotton candy cocoons among their arsenal, the clowns are poised to take Earth by storm. Viewers ate it up and wanted more.

Now that may happen.


As the 30th anniversary of Killer Klowns From Outer Space approaches, Chiodo spoke to Movie Crypt about everything from starting out making 8mm films with his brother Charles to how they learned their effects techniques. He also addressed rumors of a Killer Klowns From Outer Space follow up:

Oh, well, we decided to skip two and go straight to number three. To hell with all of that. That's a good question...We started thinking about Killer Klowns two immediately after Killer Klowns one...From the beginning we really didn't want to venture back into theatrical because we thought...what was pretty much a low budget feature back in the 80s wouldn't really garner much of a release, so we figured TV would be the best thing. So right now, we are...currently pursuing a long arch series for cable...If I told you what the idea was, you guys would start to get real excited. It's great! It's kind of taking off. Figure this, after it's been so long, We wondered, should we do a sequel to the first one or do we do a remake?


'Cause there's a lot of people don't even really know much about it, so we..,came up with a ‘requel’ – it’s a sequel and a remake...We’ve been developing this for a while...and the new Star Wars movie kind of proves the point. That I would call a requel: it's a new film for a new audience but has components that kind of tap into the fan base...It’s a trilogy in four parts, and it really follows the continuing adventures of new people who are experiencing this phenomenon of a Klown invasion, and once in a while you see some of the old guys pop up and hear their stories – what happened over the last 25 years. It’s fucking great.

What does this mean for fans of the original? It means that fans of the original will be just as happy as viewers who are brand new to the killer klown concept. But it is slightly confusing. A trilogy in four parts? Does this mean a four episode miniseries? That's not clear and Chiodo didn't elaborate.

KKFOS_TV_Featured Twitter

Is a series a good idea? Tell House of Tortured Souls what you think, and, as always, we'll keep you informed as we know more.

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COMING SOON: I Spit on Your Grave 3 (2015)

COMING SOON: I Spit on Your Grave 3 (2015)


By Amy Lynes

Just in time for Halloween, I Spit On Your Grave 3: Vengeance is Mine will hit limited theaters on October 9th, with a Blu-ray, DVD, and VOD release to follow on October 20, 2015!

< I-spit-on-your-grave-3

Many people were surprised when, back in 2010, a remake of the 1978 cult classic I Spit On Your Grave was released. Almost instantly, people were bitching and moaning about it, with some flatly refusing to watch it.

Now, I am not usually one for remakes but after seeing it, I think all the negativity it got was extremely misguided. I'll probably get some hate for this, but I think I actually prefer the remake. Don't get me wrong, Camille Keaton is amazing in the film, but it is a slow burn, a bit too slow for my tastes. The 2010 version moves at a much faster pace, and the revenge scenes were much more gratifying to me, not to mention Sarah Butler did a fantastic job as Jennifer Hills. I had initially thought there was no way she would pull it off and make it believable, but she did just that. She was truly spectacular in the role.

In 2013, the remake spawned a sequel I Spit On Your Grave 2, which focused on an entirely new character in a whole new setting. Sadly, it was nowhere near as good as the 2010 remake. The revenge scenes were slightly lackluster and left me wanting something a little more. It did have its moments, though - I found the sequel much harder to watch during the rape scene than the 1978 and 2010 versions combined. It was extremely unsettling.

Now we hear that a third installment to the franchise has been completed, and the story will once again focus on Jennifer Hills. What little info on the synopsis I was able to find goes something like this: Jennifer now works for a crisis hotline (or possibly a support group), and it just so happens a vigilante type serial killer is using the hotline (support group) to target and victimize rapists. Jennifer's tragic past, of course, makes her a prime suspect to the detectives on the case.

Having enjoyed the 2010 version as much as I did, I was very happy to learn that Sarah Butler will reprise her role as Jennifer Hills in I Spit On Your Grave 3: Vengeance is Mine. The film also stars Gabriel Hogan (Television series Heartland), Doug McKeon (On Golden Pond and Mischief), Karen Strassman (The Ruins), and Jennifer Landon (Cinemax's series Banshee) and is directed by R.D. Braunstein (100 Degrees Below Zero).

I don't know about anyone else, but I enjoy these films and I am really looking forward to the latest addition to the franchise. October can't get here fast enough!

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COMING SOON: Martyrs Remake (2015)

COMING SOON: Martyrs Remake (2015)

By Nick Durham


So this is happening...

We are getting an Americanized remake of Martyrs, whether we want it or not. Now if you've never heard of Martyrs in the first place, I'm going to break it down for you. It goes without saying that you should strap yourselves in because I'm going to tell you really all you need to know in just one sentence.

Martyrs is a 2008 French film that will break your fucking soul.

Written and directed by Pascal Laugier, the original Martyrs tells the story of Lucie, who along with her friend Anna, embark on a mission of revenge against those who kidnapped and tortured her as a child. Things, of course, don't go too well for either of our heroines, and it isn't long before the shit really hits the goddamn fan. There's much, much more to Martyrs than that brief description. I don't want to give much, if anything else, away for anyone who hasn't seen the original film because you really fucking should. All else that I will say is that this film is brutal, both physically and psychologically. I'm not exaggerating when I say that it will break your fucking soul into pieces. It garnered a shitload of acclaim from critics and audiences, and is recognized as one of the pioneering films of the French new wave of extreme horror.

So yeah, we're getting an Americanized remake from Blumhouse of this film, and it's going to be distributed by Anchor Bay (who has been behind the remakes and sequels to I Spit on Your Grave among many other films) and directed by Goetz Brothers. Apparently this remake was filmed rather quickly and is going to be unleashed upon us very soon as well. That's a good sign right? That a movie gets filmed that quickly for a fast release? Well, what do you guys think?

Anyway, I could bitch and moan all day about having another needless, Americanized remake of a startlingly original genre film that can never hold a candle to the original and will need to be dumbed down for mainstream American audiences (hello Oldboy), but here's the funny thing that most people don't know: we almost got a very different remake of Martyrs a couple years ago. The producers behind the Twilight movies (yes, you read that right) were looking to produce an American remake, with possibly Kristen Stewart (yes, you read that right, too) as one of the leads, and with a much "lighter" ending as well. This story has been passed around the horror doldrums for a while now, and it's only when the plug was pulled on the whole thing that Blumhouse and Anchor Bay jumped in instead, reducing the budget and (hopefully) turning away any kind of "lighter" shit as well.

So yeah, we could have had a Twilight-esque take on Martyrs...let that sink in guys.

The Martyrs remake premiered at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival. Current release date is unknown. My hunch is that it gets released straight to VOD/DVD, etc.

Stay tuned.

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BREAKING NEWS: The Exorcist Is Returning

By Stephanie Roisland

The Exorcist movie poster

It is confirmed, folks. The Exorcist is returning! Morgan Creek Studios and Warner Brothers will be pairing up in a modern version of The Exorcist. The 1973 horror classic remake will be a 10 part television miniseries, distributed internationally by Warner Brothers, and co-distributed domestically with Morgan Creek Studios. It seems that Morgan Creek is finally making good on their licensing of The Exorcist which expires in 4 years. With all the recent buzz and success of possession and exorcism movies, I can't say I blame the timing. This section of horror has been stagnant in the past years and now is the time to jump. Movies like The Last Exorcism, The Possession of Emily Rose, and The Taking of Deborah Logan have stirred a true spark in horror fans everywhere .

The man behind this truly frightening endeavor will be Sean Durkin, director of Martha Marcy May Marlene. The series will portray the events leading up to the possession and the effects it had on the McNeil Family during and after the young girl's experience.

A network has not been announced, we are all curious as to where the series will land. Cable would be the only option that I can see; Showtime or HBO would be ideal places for a series like this. With their recent success and numbers on other series, it would be beneficial for both parties involved.

I know this news brings a long list of questions to the table. Will we see the McNeil Father (even at a glimpse), will we get to see into the Vatican Corridors and how this hushed issue of possession is dealt with in the church? What will be the limitations for language and vulgar scenes, and the use of the sacred crucifix? Most of all we want to know, who will be our Reagan? Is she a new face to the acting world or is she a hidden actress whose full potential we have yet to see?

the-exorcist2We do know that we will be seeing the faces of Julia Roberts, Ian McKellen, Al Pacino, Mila Kunis, Dustin Hoffman, Henry Cavill, Bella Thorne, Christopher Nolan, Johnathan Nolan, and Hans Zimmer in the miniseries.

We will keep you informed as far as a network, release dates, and, of course, Reagan's casting as they become available.

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MOVIE REVIEW: Da Sweet Blood of Jesus (2014)

MOVIE REVIEW: Da Sweet Blood of Jesus (2014)

By Dixielord

I'm not a fan of remakes. It's something to which most of my close movie-watching friends can attest. Still, I almost always end up giving them the benefit of the doubt and checking them out. Thus, when I heard that Spike Lee was doing a remake to what I consider a classic - an underrated horror film - I wasn't really excited. However, I also knew that I would end up watching it. The movie in question was Da Sweet Blood of Jesus, a remake of the 1973 film Ganja and Hess.

Ganja and Hess, directed by Bill Duke, used vampirism as a metaphor for drug and other addictions. It starred Duane Jones from Night of the Living Dead and was screened at Cannes film festival. Many think it is one of the most important black films of the era.

Stephen Tyrone Williams in Da Sweet Blood of JesusDirector Spike Lee has called Da Sweet Blood of Jesus a story about “humans addicted to blood”. Lee took the crowd sourcing route to maintain creative control of the film. This is where things get interesting. Spike Lee refuses to use the word vampire to describe the characters in the film. He was secretive about the plot of, and rumors spread that this was intended to be a remake of Blacula, a blacksploitation horror film better known to the general public than Ganja and Hess.

Instead, supporters and fans got what Lee referred to as a “new kind of love story”, which is, in fact, a near shot-for-shot remake of Ganja and Hess. Sweet Blood stars Stephen Tyrone Williams as Dr. Hess Greene and Zaraah Abrahams as Ganja Hightower. The plot follows so closely to the original 1973 film that a synopsis for one works for both.

Dr. Hess Greene is a cultural anthropologist and collector of African art. He is fascinated, in particular, with the work and myths of the Ashanti people (Myrthrian in the original). While researching an ancient Ashanti dagger he is attacked and killed by his unstable assistant, who then kills himself. The ritual dagger, however, causes Dr. Greene to be revived with a taste for blood, and apparently the desire to only drink it off the floor-not from the victim’s neck.

As Hess looks for victims to satisfy his blood addiction, he is eventually contacted by Ganja Hightower, the ex-wife of his deceased assistant. She moves into Greene's home, and the two eventually become lovers. Afraid of being alone, Hess transforms Ganja into another blood addict. While she takes to the bloodsucking life with relish, Greene tires of immortality and looks for a way out.

Remakes are doomed to be compared to their original source material. It's just a fact you can’t get away from. I wanted to review and judge Da Sweet Blood of Jesus as much as possible on its on merits, but found in fairness that I had to re-watch Ganja and Hess. I'm still going to try and judge it mostly on its own merits, or lack of merits, with a brief comparison of the two.

On the positive side, Da Sweet Blood of Jesus is beautifully filmed. The opening dance scene, accompanied by a Bruce Hornsby score, is fun and light although weirdly out of place. As a matter of fact, the entire film is light, with only a few scenes happening at night. This seems strange for a vampire film, which Da Sweet Blood of Jesus is despite director Lee's denial. The musical score was another bright point throughout the movie but didn't seem to match the scenes they accompanied.

What I liked most about Da Sweet Blood of Jesus was the story itself. It revolved around using vampirism as a metaphor for addictions, especially to drugs. It also focused on how you can either find salvation and escape from the addiction or you can wallow in its excess. This was what kept me watching Da Sweet Blood of Jesus despite its flaws. Yet how can you credit a film for its story when basically it's the same story you have seen before and with much better execution? I really don’t think you can. It’s almost the exact same story as Ganja and Hess with only a few changes. Most of these changes were unnecessary at best, while others actually hurt the story, especially the scene in the club which is shortened from the original. It changes the whole feeling of the scene and the overall character of Hess Greene.

There were some confusing plot elements that weren't fully explained that hurt my enjoyment of the film. One of the most glaring issues was what happened to the victims of the vampires. It appears that anyone killed by Lee's “blood addicts” became blood addicts themselves. They too are cursed with immortality and a need for blood. However, their final fate is left somewhat up in the air. We do see one victim being buried alive (or undead) without being dispatched. We see another victim wandering around apparently infecting others. In a classical vampire film this would work, but here it seems out of place. Dr. Greene is at least bothered by what he has become. To allow a victim to wander around infecting others or to callously bury them “alive” seems extremely sadistic and out of character.

What is most disappointing and what kills the film for me, is the acting. I can't recall ever hearing dialogue delivered as flat and emotionless as the lines delivered by lead Stephen Tyrone Williams. His conversations throughout the film are painful to watch and listen to. At certain points, I was almost convinced that this was all some twisted joke that only Spike and his cast were in on.

His costar, Zarrah Abrahams, tries to cover for Williams by overacting and overemoting every other line and screaming for no apparent reason. Her interactions with the butler Seneschal, played by Rami Malek, are absolutely idiotic. The entire character of Seneschal seems to be a bad joke - a stereotypical caricature of a gay man that belongs in another age.

Da Sweet Blood of Jesus moves along as a snail's pace, similar to the pace of the original. Unlike its predecessor, however, Lee's film doesn't have the acting to keep the audience interested as the story unfolds. Not just the dialogue, but the characters are almost expressionless during most scenes. The times Williams does show emotion it's completely unbelievable, and Abrahams' acting and emoting is all over the place.

Stephen Tyrone Williams and Zaraah AbrahamsOverall, there really isn't much to recommend about Da Sweet Blood of Jesus, which you can’t find better executed in Ganja and Hess. It’s a better looking, better photographed film; but, for me, the grainy look of the older movie was part of its magic. Both films contain quite a bit of male and female nudity, including male full frontal nudity, and sex in both films. There is also a bit of full frontal female nudity and a hot lesbian scene in Da Sweet Blood of Jesus.

The only real reason to watch the new film over the original is that it’s easier to find. Da Sweet Blood of Jesus is streaming on Netflix as well as readily being available on DVD. Ganja and Hess, as far as I know can only be streamed from Fandor, but there is a now a decent DVD release so it can be found, and in this case, it’s worth the effort to find the original. Over all, I’m giving Da Sweet Blood of Jesus a very generous 2 out of 5 stars. It's a pretty film with pretty music, but over all it doesn't hold up to the original.

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