I Spit on Your Grave:Deja Vu (Sequel to 1978 classic)

I Spit on Your Grave:Deja Vu (Sequel to 1978 classic)

I Spit on Your Grave Deja Vu is not like any other horror film we have seen in a long time—this being the direct sequel to the 1978 film I Spit on Your Grave. This revenge film is being taken in an opposite direction. There has only been one remake and two sequels of the original film, Zarchi states that Deja Vu is the only true direct sequel to his 1978 creation.

The original 1978 film is noted as the best classic form of a rape-revenge horror in which won the number one spot on do my law homework follow site viagra and alchol mixed source essay writing services usa click here see descriptive essay editing checklist go here cialis and lavitra together see where can i buy cialis online follow creative writing courses surreyВ law and order essay onlinepharmacye here huck finn essay topics erectile dysfunction while on viagra exercising daily essay popular academic essay ghostwriters for hire us watch buy research proposal IMDB’s category “Best of rape and revenge.” I Spit on Your Grave, which is also know as Day of the Woman, is the child of Meir Zarchi who wrote, directed, produced, and edited the original 1978 film himself. It follows our main character Jennifer Hills who seeks revenge on the men who have raped her. 

To me and to everyone else, rape is very controversial, it’s a hard word to say and a hard subject and this is the only time it can play into something is with the horror genre. 

Deja Vu follows the relatives of the murdered and their revenge on Jennifer—only thing is, will she be able to escape a near-death experience again? During the 1978 release, the film was extremely controversial due to the graphic violence. I think it’s hard and strayed away from because simply we as people tend to back away from hard topics and situations. 

It has been awhile since the concept of rape and revenge has been the main theme in a horror film, I think it’s because producers are too afraid to dive into such a controversial subject, it’s not exactly something you talk about freely, but I am curious as to how this film turns out.

I Spit on Your Grave : Deja Vu is set to release on April 23, 2019. Check out the trailer below ⬇️⬇️:


[Short Film Review] Homecoming the revenge film from Finland that you NEED to watch

[Short Film Review] Homecoming the revenge film from Finland that you NEED to watch

I had the chance to watch the film “Homecoming” by Esa Jussila which he wrote and directed. The short film’s plot is: “Homecoming is a neo-Noir Story of the former criminals, whose new life is shaken by the ghost of their past” When he talked about the film, he mentioned it’s not a horror movie per say. More of a thriller with gore. I wanted to check out the film to help out the indie community because for most this is their bread and butter. This movie isn’t bread and butter. This movie is steak and lobster. The film opens up with an extremely impressive kill that doesn’t let down with gore throughout the film followed by beautiful cinematography. Almost like watching an art film with graphic violence. To be honest the only complaint I have with this film is that there’s not more to it, Esa said he wanted to cut to the chase and not drag on. Oh, I beg to differ this short film kept me on my toes with my jaw to the floor wanting more the story line flowed so well. Amazing actors who don’t give us a lot of character development to hate them or love, however we can’t feel but be intrigued of the why and how which does explain at the end. Even our anti-hero who’s hunting down his foes doesn’t give any one liner or no dialogue just Michael Myers esc kills: No mercy, no remorse. Esa does a great job at combining drama and horror including an extremely interesting twist of a scene where the hunter catches his prey very easily by going after what their leader cares for the most. Fans will eventually be able to purchase the film on physical formats or watch online in the near future. To be honest this is the film you can watch over and over again not to see anything you might’ve missed but just to enjoy each time bask in its gory scenes, it’s well paced dialogue of characters and still wanting more. If this is just a taste of what he’s capable of I can’t wait to see a feature film. Don’t pass up this film just because it’s short. This is a film to watch out for.

MOVIE REVIEW: Final Girl (2015)

MOVIE REVIEW: Final Girl (2015)

By Amy Mead

Final Girl poster

Directed by Tyler Shields

Starring Abigail Breslin, Wes Bentley, and Alexander Ludwig

After unseen events take her parents from her at a young age, we see our heroine Veronica being "interviewed" by a mysterious man named William.  At the completion of the "interview" and seeing that she seems particularity unfazed by the death of her parents, he asks Veronica if she'd like to come and stay with him and be trained for a job for "special" people.  After asking if she can have ice cream and being told that she can have as much as likes, she agrees.

Flash forward twelve years, and we see how Veronica is put through training exercises and situations of varying degrees of intensity. From running barefoot through the forest, being injected with a combination of truth serum and a psychedelic drug that makes her face her fear, and learning how to fight and protect herself,  she is shaped into a force to be reckoned with. Finally, he tells her that her training is finished and explains to her exactly her "job" will be.

It seems that there is a group of virile young men who like to "hunt" and kill girls.  The girls are selected by their ringleader, and they are always blonde.  Veronica is to be their next "victim" and she must kill them all on her own, in order to survive.  She is to be the murderous group's Final Girl...

Not to be confused with the campy horror comedy The Final Girls, starring Malin Akerman, Tyler Shields' directorial debut Final Girl is a revenge/payback thriller that feels like the ultimate mash up of female ass kicking films in the vein of Sin City,  Sucker Punch, and La Femme Nikita.

Although fairly refreshing and a nice departure from so many overused formulas we see in horror lately, the script feels a little underwritten and mildly underwhelming. The lack of character development, although seemingly intentional, leaves the audience less invested and maybe somewhat confused. We don't get much back story with any of the players, but that in itself seems to speak volumes about the strange relationship Veronica and William seem to have and is most likely an intentional and integral piece of the film.

Breslin and Bentley do their parts justice with their acting and this unlikely pair seemed to fit really well together, but unfortunately they don't have much on screen time together as Veronica is to take on this band of assholes without the assistance of her mentor.

After a long wait for the action to begin, it is sadly underdone, almost painfully predictable, and the outcome is not much of a surprise nor does it feel like much of a victory for Veronica, more of an obligation. However, the ending seems a little open ended and the audience is left with a desire to see more of Veronica and William, a little more vigilante justice from them, maybe even see them kill together.

All in all, Final Girl was a decent film for what it is, and definitely worth a watch.  It's just far less brutal than some of the other female-centered revenge films out there.  For me personally, the lack of character development really affected my enjoyment of watching her kick ass. I only wanted to see her defeat these young men because they were so unlikable, not because I related to her and I kind of wish that aspect had been a little different. Overall, Final Girl is entertaining and I would recommend giving it a go.


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MOVIE REVIEW: Revenge Is Her Middle Name (2011)

By Travis Love


Directed by Anthony Matthews and released in 2015 on Unearthed Films Revenge is Her Middle Name tells the story of a calculative downtrodden hooker named Kat, who has plans of changing her life for the better by any means necessary. Unfortunately for Kat, her pimp doesn't hand out a severance package or 4-Ho-1k to hos that betray him. What follows is an unbridled ride full of twists and turns and a few tricks pulled by the whore with a bloodlust for gore.

The plot line is as follows:
1.) Kat discovers that after countless tries she's finally become pregnant with the assistance of her dope fiend boyfriend.
2.) They formulate a plan to rob Kat's pimp to keep themselves in drugs, upon robbing her pimp Kat backstabs her boyfriend and bolts for a better life.
3.) Her pimp catches up to Kat after a some time and his posse has an all-you-can-rape buffet leaving Kat broken, bleeding, and childless.
4.) Kat begins to hunt down each member of her pimp's posse and dishes out her gruesome revenge Costco bulk style leading to her eventual main target...her pimp.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if the gritty depression of Combat Shock and the unmerciful brutality of I Spit On Your Grave hooked up, and bumped genitals on a soiled mattress in a seedy alleyway? Well this movie is totally the bastard love child of that hump session in the best way possible! Every bit as dirty as it is bloody, the film leaves you feeling tainted by its unbelievable filthy sexiness, but begs you not to use protection so that you can enjoy the feeling (oh and you will!).

If anything can be said of 'Revenge is Her Middle Name' it's that it wins the hearts of Revenge film aficionados like a hooker shooting ping pong balls out of her ham wallet at a bachelor party, it makes you stare at it in awe and bewilderment. The story is filled with unapologetic risqué dialog that is every bit as enjoyable as the violence. During the rape scene you feel the tension building to the boiling point that will eventually explode into a tidal wave of epic revenge!

Anthony Matthews is definitely a talent to watch as his writing finds something often missing in indie cinema, actual plot twists. So many times during the film it directs you to one conclusion but immediately finds betrayal or hidden facts that don't come into play until later..or sometimes until the very end of the film. It's amazing when a film doesn't just give you all facts in a linear fashion, but leaves surprises and story arks to keep you on your toes.

The violence unleashed upon Kat's transgressors is completely bloody and cathartic as she dispatches her own brand of twisted justice. Sometimes dehumanizing and humiliating her victims before slitting their throats cold and void of any emotion but rage. The glory hole scene alone will have you covering your mouth in the grandest "Holy fucking shit!" moment ever. Horror nerd boners will be bountiful upon watching this film.

In conclusion Revenge is Her Middle Name has to be hands down one of my personal favorites to be released this year. If revenge films are your jam then you owe it to yourself to find this film and love it to death like that hamster you wouldn't quit petting in grade school. To quote Kat's pimp, "Blood and semen will spray in a frenzy of revenge", and I loved every minute of it!

Rating: 9/10


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