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Lords of Chaos Film Review

Lords of Chaos Film Review


Lords of Chaos brings you the truths and the lies of church burning’s, murders , Satan and head banging!

Before I get to far into this, I do want to let those of you know ahead of time that maybe  unfamiliar with this story, that Lords of Chaos is one that is based on a true story. Based on, being the key term. Now I do know of the controversy and stories that were claimed to have been surrounded by certain Black metal bands from that time frame. Stories of church burnings, rapes, satanic worship and even murder. Now I’m not here to tell you what was truth or not, I wasn’t there. But what I am here to do is tell you the story that is now being told to us about such , in Lords of Chaos.

Lords of Chaos , directed by distributed database thesis topics buy essay papers online primary source of literature review how to write a correct essay thesis defense etiquette essays for childrens follow sample review essay comprar viagra bs as small essay how to write an essay effectively writing a how to essay new 2010 resume scientific method research paper examples source site custom term paper writing service follow link leadership development plan essay header mla format phd thesis topics in hindi literature buy essay books online federal government resume writing service Jonas Åkerlund, shows you the story of the birth of Norwegian Black Metal by band Mayhem, whose dark and satanic music, was also thought to be their beliefs and life style. The film takes you on a very dark look into the downward spiral that was known among the closest of members as the Black Circle.

Rory Culkin plays Euronymous,guitarist and creator of the Mayhem from Oslo. While trying to become the next big break thru band while pushing the Dark image for the band as many did in that time.  As bands goes, members come and go often , especially when new. In walks Varg, played by Emory Cohen(whose portrayal of Yarg will scare the shit out of you!) to fill the slot as new bass player. It is now where the story takes a dark turn.

Varg was a fan of Mayhem, but now challenges the band, Euronymous, especially to live up to their image, and with that, I don’t mean by wearing the black and white face paint.  With that, Churches are now being burned, rapes are taking place and are being aired on the news. Members of this Black Circle are coming forward to each other claiming that they had committed these crimes.

Most of the crimes mentioned are all show in the film and are done in a way that it does make you believe that what you are seeing in the film is all true. As the film continues, Euronymous and Varg are constantly on watch of each other. Varg’s strength and hunger to destroy is growing and  you start to see an almost scared realization by Euronymous that reality lost all grips.

No spoilers here….but i do want to say that Lords of Chaos is well worth a watch to the very end!

I must say, that a high point to me for the film, you hear many stories of what bands used to do on stage, well…Lords of Chaos actually portrayed one of those stories as we got to see former lead singer(now deceased) who went by the name of Dead (played by Jack Kilmer, yes Val’s son)mutilate himself live on stage. I wish we could have seen some more live footage thru the film, but it will explain why you don’t.

Lords of Chaos is the fucked up cousin to Sid and Nancy and the bastard step child to Bohemian Rhapsody.

Growing up and being so heavily influenced by music that surrounded the occult , this film is so easily relatable and easy to follow. For those of you wanting to know more about the truths of it, look it up. As a matter of fact, Varg himself has made a few videos on YouTube about the film …they to are worth a watch.

Lords of Chaos will be in my video library, I absolutely loved the film !!

Keep it Evil

Lords of Chaos is everything I thought it would be, and showed me so much more.

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MOVIE REVIEWS: Intruders (2015)

MOVIE REVIEWS: Intruders (2015)

By Amy Mead


(Original title Shut In)

Directed by Adam Schindler

Starring Rory Culkin, Beth Riesgraf, Martin Starr, and Jack Kesy

For ten years, Anna has been afflicted with Agoraphobia so debilitating that she has not stepped outside her family home in which she resides with her cancer stricken brother, Connie. Very quickly, Connie succumbs to his illness and Anna is left all alone.

On the night of Connie's death, Anna is visited by the charismatic and somewhat charming Dan, who delivers Connie's meals every day. She breaks down in front of him when he tries to make her smile with his usual goofy banter. She invites him in, he consoles her, and she ends up offering him a paper bag loaded with a small fortune. Dan respectfully and awkwardly declines even though she claims that has more than enough to spare.

On the day of Connie's funeral, in spite of her best efforts, Anna cannot bring herself to leave the house and attend his funeral. While she is making tea, she hears a car pull up to the house and sees three unknown men advancing toward her home. It is immediately apparent that they believe she is at the funeral and intend to break in for the money.

All too quickly, they are inside and she is unable to flee because of her crippling illness. They capture and restrain Anna, but she escapes and a deadly game of cat and mouse soon begins. Little do these intruders know that there is something more to her psychosis than her Agoraphobia, and they have severely underestimated her. There is much more to Anna AND the home she lives in than what meets the eye...

Having been a long time fan of home invasion films, this is one that I had been eagerly awaiting. I was also intrigued by the thought of someone with a disorder such as Agoraphobia being in that situation and wanted to see how it played out. Fully expecting the worst, I checked Intruders out the minute the film became available (because I like to torture myself) and I was very, very pleasantly surprised.

A bit of a mash-up of home invasion thriller and vigilante justice, there is a bit of a twist to Intruders and it's a pretty badass concept that I rather enjoyed. For me, there's just something that's extremely rewarding about watching some deserving assholes get what's coming to them and seeing that karma (as well as Anna) really is one evil bitch. 

In addition to the film's theme, I was really taken with the character of Anna, and Beth Riesgraf's beautifully nuanced portrayal of this complicated character is a damn fine one. The change we witness her go through is fun to watch, and seeing her unleash the fury within her was one hell of a payoff. 

Although the script may leave a little to be desired, Schindler's direction really saves the film. It's suspenseful, brilliantly paced, and he keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. 

Overall, I found the film to be highly enjoyable and entertaining, and it may very well climb it's way to the top of my favorite home invasion films. If the home invasion sub genre is your thing at all, I recommend giving this one a watch. It's definitely worth checking out at least once, and it's one that I will likely be adding to my own collection. 


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COMING SOON: Intruders


Intruders poster

Back in August of 2014, it was announced director Adam Schindler (Delivery: The Beast Within) was set to direct upcoming home invasion horror thriller, Shut In, which was originally slated for a 2015 release. The name has since been changed to Intruders and is finally set for its theatrical and VOD run on January 15, 2016 and will be released through Momentum Pictures (an E1 company).

Film fest hit Intruders will star Beth Riesgraf (TV series The Librarians) , Martin Starr (Dead Snow), Rory Culkin (Signs, Scream 4) and Jack Kesy (TV series The Strain) and is reported to be a home invasion horror with a bit of a twist, a sort of Home Alone meets You're Next. 

The synopsis of the film is as such:

A trio of criminals breaks into a house thinking it is abandoned. However, it is inhabited by an attractive young woman with a severe case of  agoraphobia so incapacitating she would rather stay in the home and contend with the bad guys, than venture out of it in an attempt to escape them. Little does this trio of bandits know that agoraphobia is just ONE of her mental issues.

There is much more to this demure woman than meets the eye and soon a deadly game of cat and mouse unfolds as she pulls a few tricks of her own and wages a war on the unsuspecting criminals who never saw her coming. 

Beth Reisgraf

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