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TrashArts Portsmouth launch crowdfunder for new horror feature ‘Senseless’

TrashArts Portsmouth launch crowdfunder for new horror feature ‘Senseless’

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With a specially chosen cast and crew, using individuals from the same households where possible, the plan is to start to shoot SENSELESS at the start of August. The film tells the story of when Jason (RYAN CARTER) storms out on his wife, Diane (ELLA PALMER), one summer’s night, he seeks refuge in a nearby forest. Little does he know the forest is plagued with lost souls manifesting in his darkest desires and innermost fears. Lost and tormented in the forest, will Jason find his way home?

SAM MASON BELL and JACKSON BATCHELOR are the creators of this very different, very arthouse, horror film and will be supporting cast as well Director and Cinematographer respectively. Assisted by ABBIE HILLS, JACK WHITE, and KATIE JOHNSON, the film will involve plenty of CGI visual effects as well as abundant gore and practical effects make-up.

In these times of the COVID-19 pandemic, and now with the gradual release of the UK Lockdown, time has been spent by the TrashArts team, in conjunction with Hill Burton of HB Films Ltd, considering how to best address all the potential concerns of the pandemic and to start filming against bearing in mind all social distancing rules and production guidance available from the British film industry.

To ensure the success of this film, the Award-Winning Team of TrashArts Portsmouth, in conjunction with HB Films, have created their first crowdfunding campaign and are inviting on board two Executive Producers and five Associate Producers to be part of the SENSELESS feature film. To assist in raising funds for the film, especially the effects required, they are also making available cast and crew t-shirts, an exclusive edition of the finished film (anticipated to be available in January 2021) and a limited number of Blu-rays of INDUSTRIAL ANIMALS.

You can find out more about the crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGO.

You can also find out more about Trash Arts on the following social media Twitter – Facebook

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Horror-On-Sea Film Festival 2020: Millennial Killer 2020

Horror-On-Sea Film Festival 2020: Millennial Killer 2020

Millennial Killer is a 2020 horror film written and directed by Sam Mason-Bell. It stars Alice Mulholland, Simon Berry, Rishky Patel, Alexandra Robertshaw, Noah Butt, Simon Mason-Bell, Rebecca Clears, Gerald Maliqi, and Martin W. Payne. A real estate agent is making a killing, literally. This is a very unassuming film. It’s everything I was hoping for, and more. It’s exactly what it sounds like, only grimier and way more evil. Everything is very simplistic, yet subsequently brutal. There’s a savageness to it and something seriously sinister about it, almost as if you’re watching real-life footage of a serial killer murdering his victims. It’s atrocious and scary, with deep political and societal undertones; a genuine love letter to realtors of the 21st century. Simon Berry is nothing short of brilliant in this. His performance is vile, unsettling, and downright repulsive. He was so heinous and slimy that you can’t help but despise his character. The lightning and music could have been better, along with the costumes and gore, and the ending was a bit lackluster. Also, the runtime was a little short. However, this was one incredibly badass and entertaining film. It really sticks with you and haunts your subconscious, long after the credits have rolled. Millennial Killer is a fantastic slasher film. It’s heartless, menacing, and just a ton of fun. It’s unique and terrifying, and definitely worth checking out. If you’re a fan of the slasher sub-genre, this one’s for you.

Horror-On-Sea Film Festival 2020: The Truth Will Out 2020

Horror-On-Sea Film Festival 2020: The Truth Will Out 2020

The Truth Will Out is a 2020 horror film written and directed by Jessica Hunt and Sam Mason-Bell. It stars Kevin Cordell, Sam Mason-Bell, Jackson Batchelor, Jessica Hunt, Suki Jones, and Kayla Charlton. A documentary crew interviews a woman and her two daughters, who they suspect are witches. This was an awesome film, with fantastic acting and a really fun premise. It’s full of black magic and the dark arts and is a bit unsettling at times. I did feel like it tapered off a little towards the end, and that the climax could have been stronger, however, it was still gratifying nonetheless. The lighting was excellent and the music was great. And even though the gore was pretty much nonexistent, the film was very exciting and intriguing. Also, the story was really well written, and the pacing was perfect. Then there’s the phenomenal performance from Kevin Cordell that’s hard to shake. He brought the goods and totally nailed the role. The Truth Will Out is dark, menacing and engaging. It grabs you and doesn’t let go. It’s creepy good. If you’re a fan of the occult, you’re going to love this one. Give it a view if you get the chance, it’s extremely entertaining. 

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[review] The demons we find within in our “Lonely Hearts”

[review] The demons we find within in our “Lonely Hearts”

First off, this isn’t a monster movie. Of course, there’s the ending we’ll get to, but let’s talk about the film I recently saw. “Lonely Hearts” written and directed by Sam Mason-Bell and Jessica HuntA reality TV show has deadly consequences for five single people looking for romance.

Sophie Atkinson

I have to admit I’m not familiar with Jessica Hunt’s work, but watching Sam’s work, I had an idea of what to expect. Truthfully there was no disappointment on my end while watching the movie. The movie starts with auditions with the main cast. Sue Dawes, Alice Mulholland, Tyne Stewart Martin Payne, Chris Mills. We see the characters, and we don’t get a chance to love or hate them right off the back, which is good because the movie does a great job developing the characters along the way. The film progresses where the cast meets each other and becomes acquainted with one another.

Martin Payne

There are no challenges on the first night, but the alcohol plays the ultimate ice breaker for the couples. We then begin to see the inner linings of the characters, which sets up who we want to root for and who we want to dislike. Spoiler alert Chris Mills plays a great job at being an egotistical sex-crazed lousy guy.

Alice Mulholland

I might add there are a few sex scenes with Chris where the directors didn’t make it look like softcore porn or even romantic. Just unadulterated sex. Which given yes, there’s nudity, but it does add to the feel of the movie since it’s almost like a found footage we see a bright look at the characters on how they are. Chris comes off as a terrible person forcing Alice to go against her will and just ultimately give in to his demands. There’s a rape scene later with Alice that just makes Chris even worse of a person. His character mind you. Keep in mind the term “character” plays an essential part in this movie

Chris Mills

The next day the games begin, which start straightforward challenges such as skinny dipping in a freezing lake. The problem is not that aggressive, nor does it seem intense, but it does lay the foundation of the characters such as Martin being the overall good guy by not letting Sue participate, whereas Chris just heckles the other girls. The host of the show, played by Sophie Atkinson Sophie does a great job playing the neutral party for the most part until later.

Tyne Stewart

The show progresses where the challenges don’t become difficult, but we find out the TRUE characters of everyone. We feel indifferent; we feel angry, sad, and even betrayed, where characters like Martin and Sue these characters we root for and want them to win only to find out they’re not exactly great people. Yet, we forgive them. However, it’s not until we find out the ultimate end game. The host is just luring unsuspecting victims to their doom using actors to play along. Think of a killer family on a reality show, but they’re only getting paid, and it’s a network of actors being used to do what they need to get ratings.

Sue Dawes

The film might be a slow burn to some or not even be your typical “camp slasher film” however though from previous work of Sam’s I have to admit he starts slow the slow burn takes into effect where it grows and grows to the point you there’s no way to cure it. The pain develops, and the result is just you lying there, thinking you need a cold shower. The film feels real; the actor’s portrayal is too authentic to the point I was disgusted by Chris’s character and feeling bad for Martin, who suffers the ultimate loss. He’s sacrificed on camera mentally and physically abused. You have to understand his role is that a man of the cloth, so when he’s attacked using bible pages and cut apart in the woods screaming for his love’s name and help. There’s no one there to help him. The audience then feels uncomfortable and sad. It’s a horror movie none the less it’s supposed to make us feel this way most horror movies aim for that. However, Lonely Hearts pushes it to the edge with fear of how we are as people and what we do for love. The film is worth owning and worth checking out the rest of the work from the directors. 

Docu-horror ‘Lonely Hearts’ gets Blu Ray release from Darkside Releasing

Docu-horror ‘Lonely Hearts’ gets Blu Ray release from Darkside Releasing

The docu-horror Lonely Hearts gets a Blu Ray release today with exclusive limited-edition slipcase only available from Darkside Releasing.

A reality TV show has deadly consequences for five single people looking for romance…

The British countryside is anything but idyllic in this spine-chilling and wildly erotic horror offering that will have you on the edge of your seat! Will this be your last date?

Starring Sue Dawes, Chris Mills, Alice Mulholland, Martin W Payne and Tyne Stewart with Sophie Atkinson, Simon Berry. Written and Directed by Jessica Hunt and Sam Mason Bell.

Darkside Releasing is proud to present this edgy horror offering from the UK, courtesy of HB Films and Trash Arts in collaboration with the co-directing team of Jessica Hunt and Sam Mason Bell. Truly a film for adventurous genre film fans; LONELY HEARTS embarked on a successful film festival tour prior to its home media release, garnering several awards and competition nominations, along with fantastic reviews and feedback: ” …brave… and the love for a certain style of ‘trash’ swayed the day”

16-page Booklet
Audio Commentary by the Filmmakers
A Selection of Short Films by the Filmmakers, curated by Sam Mason Bell, Trash Arts, and HB Films
Darkside Releasing Trailers
Exclusive slipcover

Lonely Hearts is available to buy from Darkside Releasing here


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