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‘Four: A Novella’ and ‘Short Horror Stories: Collection I-III’ from horror author P.J. Blakey-Novis released by Red Cape Publishing on Audible

‘Four: A Novella’ and ‘Short Horror Stories: Collection I-III’ from horror author P.J. Blakey-Novis released by Red Cape Publishing on Audible

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Four: A Novella

From the author of Embrace the Darkness, Tunnels, and The Artist comes Four. Four friends spend a night away camping in the English countryside, each taking a turn to tell a horror story that will terrify the others. But the group soon discover that there is more to be afraid of than just some campfire tales, and that no one is as innocent as they seem.

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Short Horror Stories: Collection I-III

18 short horror stories, 1 terrifying collection. A set including all of the short stories Embrace the Darkness, Tunnels, and The Artist in a single book.

Embrace the Darkness: Step into the mind of the unstable, where nightmares become reality and reality is not always what it seems. Embrace The Darkness is a collection of six terrifying tales, exploring the darker side of human nature and the blurred line between dreams and actuality.

Tunnels: From the author of Embrace the Darkness, Tunnels takes you on six terrifying journeys full of terror and suspense. Join a group of ghost-hunters who dare to visit the Monroe house on Halloween and peek inside the marble box. Feel the fear as you meet the creatures of the night.

The Artist: The nightmares continue in this third instalment of short horrors from P.J. Blakey-Novis. The Artist and Other Stories contains a terrifying mix of serial killers, sirens, ghosts, claustrophobia, supernatural powers, and revenge guaranteed to get your heart racing and set your nerves on edge 


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Red Cape Publishing is a modern publishing house dedicated to promoting to best independent and small-press releases. Red Cape was born out of a desire to spread the word about the indie scene, firmly believing that promoting other people’s work is of benefit to everyone.

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BOOK REVIEW: Dreams & Awakenings (2014)

Dreamscapes for Avid Readers

By Woofer McWooferson

D&A Cover
Author: Claus Holm; Editors: Melinda B. Bowman, Ellen Taylor, and Woofer McWooferson; Publisher: CreateSpace; ISBN-10: 1500510106 | ISBM-13: 978-1500510107; Media: Paperback and ePub; Length: 294 pages; Genre: Horror | Fantasy; Country: USA; Language: English; Year: 2014

Dreams and Awakenings is a 2014 short story collection by Danish author Claus Holm. Inspired by such shows as The Twilight Zone and its ilk as well as authors such as Stephen King, Claus has penned stories worthy to be made into episodes of The Twilight Zone itself. Stories range from slightly fantastic to science fiction to downright spooky. In all cases, however, they flow with an ease that enables the reader to sail through the stories, eager to reach the end and what it will reveal. Starting with The App, a story that focuses on death and loss, and ending with To Share Like Brothers, a story that focuses on life and acquisition, Dreams and Awakenings runs the gamut of emotions. Indeed, it is like meeting with an old friend with many new stories to tell.

Claus's ability to easily convey things that are as well as life in the US is laudable. He has his finger on the pulse of the US life, and it is clear in his stories. Not only can he paint a picture of life in the US through his prose, his grasp of American dialogue is uncanny. He weaves story narrative and dialogue seamlessly, and his stories are accessible to all readers.

As is evident from the editors listed above, I am one of the lucky folks who had the pleasure of reading some of these stories before they went to publication. It was a great pleasure for me to work with Claus, and I am eager to do so again in the future.

You can find out more about Claus on his Facebook page, and you can purchase his books through Through Monday, his ebooks are free at You can also hear Claus read some of the stories on his YouTube channel.

10/10 claws – Worthy of multiple readings!

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