Could Sinister 3 be in the works?- House Of Tortured Souls

Could Sinister 3 be in the works?- House Of Tortured Souls

 While I was a big fan and enjoyed the concept of Sinister, a second one was made to which it didn’t do the first one justice, and now personally, I hope it just stays that way and that a 3rd one won’t be added to the installment.

It’s been 4 years since Sinister 2 was released, and there hasn’t been much talk on if Sinister 3 could be a possibility in the near future. During a Q&A on Twitter, when asked if Sinister 3 could be a possibility, Jason Blum replied with a “Nope”. But, Blum did say that he has been thinking about bringing “Bughuul” back in some sort of small screen project.

There also has been a rumor that there could be an Insidous/Sinister crossover. Now that, I wouldn’t mind seeing, or see a movie on how Bughuul became who he is. But for now, there is nothing set in stone so all we can do is wait. 

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WiHM Interview: The Inimitable Barbie Wilde

WiHM Interview: The Inimitable Barbie Wilde top writing sites pay someone to write my grad school essays dissertation help services kids printable homework brand name cialis in hong kong enter how to write good acoustic songs does cambridge summer school help a resume easter egg hunt in clacton on sea see url duracion del efecto de levitra cheap presentation writing sites us how do you feel about writing academic papers generique viagra gel much will viagra cost patent expires go here viagra overnight shipping no prescription go to site cialis vs viagra bodybuilding watch yellow wallpaper essay esl dissertation hypothesis ghostwriters websites online ЕѕveДЌilni gumi viagra ideas for a research paper for college paraphrasing a sentence go here viagra 20 anni fa male Woofer here, Souls, and it’s my great pleasure to introduce this interview. When discussing Women in Horror Month with my assistant editor Spencer, we decided that as fans of Hellraiser – both as the Books of Blood and the film franchise – we would be completely remiss if we didn’t reach out to Barbie Wilde. Being both talented and gracious, she consented to be interviewed and is our final focus for Women in Horror Month.

Barbie Wilde - Female Cenobite Hellbound: Hellraiser II (1988)

Well, that’s enough of my yammering. You’re all here to find out more about the lovely, talented, and kind Barbie Wilde, so keep on reading.
House of Tortured Souls: Did you ever think you would become a horror icon?
Barbie Wilde: I never did… And it’s a bit ironic that I nearly didn’t go to the audition for Hellbound Hellraiser II, because I found the first Hellraiser film so disturbing. (Although I did love the character of Julia. I’m a sucker for obsession! And the Cenobites were such original and unusual monsters.)
However, I’ve very glad that I did go, obviously. Being in Hellbound was a great experience and, speaking as a short blonde person, I’m truly thrilled that I’ve managed to scare so many people over the years.
HoTS: What is your favorite memory from working on Hellraiser II?
BW: Meeting Ken (Dr. Channard) Cranham for the first time. I walked up to him in full Female Cenobite makeup and costume, when he was in full Channard Cenobite makeup and costume — and on the phone to his wife as well! For some reason known only to the infernal powers below, I said: “Hi Ken, I’m Barbie. Do you want to get married and have babies called Pepper and Skipper?”
Why I thought that this was an appropriate way to introduce myself for the first time to such a venerable actor as Ken, I don’t know. Especially since he was English and had no idea that there were these famous American dolls called Barbie, Ken, Pepper and Skipper. (In Britain, the Barbie Doll equivalent is called Cindy.) In my defense, I do say this line to every “Ken” I meet, because for some strange reason, I think it’s hilarious.
Anyway, Ken was gobsmacked and whispered to his wife, “Darling, an actress is talking to me… I’ve got to go.” I apologized profusely and we’ve been good friends ever since.

The Lovely Barbie Wilde

HoTS: What was it like working with Tik and Tok?
BW: The years with Shock in the early 80s were fantastic. It was the most fun that I’ve ever had as a performer. Working with Tik and Tok was wonderful, as well as performing with Robert Pereno, LA Richards, and Carole Caplin. The high point for us was supporting Gary Numan at Wembley Arena, but we also toured with Depeche Mode and supported Ultravox as well.
HoTS: Who are some of your greatest influences?
BW: As a writer: Rod Serling, Patricia Highsmith, Clive Barker, Hemingway, Raymond Chandler, Colin Wilson.
Directors I admire are: Guillermo Del Toro, Hitchcock, Ridley Scott, the Soska Sisters, Ann Biller, Katherine Bigalow, Mary Harron, Agnieszka Smoczynska, Patty Jenkins.

Barbie Wilde's Blue Eyes - A Film By Chris Alexander

HoTS: How do you prepare for a role? Is it different for each?
BW: I approach each role in a new way. I don’t use any particular “method”. I’m very intuitive and I take a lot from the text…
HoTS: Why horror? What drew you to it?
BW: To be honest, I didn’t choose horror, horror chose me! I had moved from acting into presenting, writing and hosting TV shows when I was cast in Hellbound. It was my first horror movie. (Although I suppose being in Grizzly II: The Concert (1983) was my first appearance in a horror movie, but it was never released.)
It’s interesting, because until Paul Kane asked me to write a story for the Hellbound Hearts anthology, I was more interested in exploring the criminal mind in writing novel like my diary-of-a-serial-killer novel, The Venus Complex (published by Comet Press), than writing horror. But I had so much fun writing my Female Cenobite origin story (“Sister Cilice”) for Hellbound Hearts, that I continued writing horror, contributing short stories to various horror anthologies over the years, culminating in my illustrated, full color, short horror story collection, Voices of the Damned (published by SST Publications).

The Venus Complex (2012) by Barbie Wilde

Saying that though, I’ve always watched horror movies, ever since I was a kid, especially Sci-fi horror. Those films really shaped my twisted imagination! And TV shows like The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits also made a big impression on me.
HoTS: What are your favorite horror films?
BW: I love the old black and white horrors like: The Thing From Another World (1951), Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956), The Innocents (1961), The Haunting (1963) and Night of the Demon AKA Curse of the Demon (1957). I also like visceral horror such as Carpenter’s The Thing (1982) and Alien (1979). Other favorites are: American Mary (2012), Sinister (2012), Audition (1999), The Lure (2015), Cronos (1993), Mimic (1997), Crimson Peak (2015), etc. (I’m really looking forward to seeing The Shape of Water and the Soska Sisters’ reimagining of Cronenberg’s Rabid.)
HoTS: What drew you to writing? Do you prefer it to acting?
BW: I’ll always love acting, but now I prefer creating my own worlds, my own characters and my own mythologies.
HoTS: When did you realize that you wanted to dive into the arts?
BW: I was a very shy kid, but when I was cast in a school play when I was 12, I was hooked forever. People were laughing with me, rather than at me. I loved it.

Voices of the Damned (2016) by Barbie Wilde

HoTS: What is something outside of art that you’re passionate about?
BW: Wine… Margaritas… Martinis… you see a pattern here? Actually, those are just hobbies! Seriously, I’m fascinated by archeology (it was my Minor at University) and I love what’s happening in the world of science with all the innovations that are happening, medical discoveries, etc. And I’m a tech geek. I never would have guessed that I’d love gadgets so much. I suppose it’s the Star Trek fan in me!

Barbie’s books and other works:

Out now:

Voices of the Damned, an illustrated short horror story collection published by SST Publications. (Publishers Weekly: “…sensual in its brutality.” “…a delight for the darker senses.”) Each story is illustrated in full color by top artists in the horror genre, such as Clive Barker, Nick Percival, Daniele Serra, Vincent Sammy, Tara Bush, Steve McGinnis, Ben Bradford and Eric Gross.

Barbie Wilde - Female Cenobite with knife in Hellbound: Hellraiser II (1988)

The Venus Complex, Barbie’s debut dark crime, diary-of-a-serial-killer novel, published by Comet Press. (Fangoria: “Wilde is one of the finest purveyors of erotically charged horror fiction around.”)

In pre-production:

A feature length horror film called Blue Eyes, based on a short story by Barbie. It’s co-written with Chris Alexander (Blood for Irina, Queen of Blood, Female Werewolf, Blood Dynasty, Space Vampire) and will be directed by Chris. Starring Nivek Ogre of Skinny Puppy.


Film Script: “Zulu Zombies”.
New real life horror novel, working title: The Anatomy of Ghosts.

Plans for the future:

To find a publisher for graphic novels based on Barbie’s short stories “Sister Cilice” and “Zulu Zombies”.

The Offer (2017) - Barbie Wilde

In 2017, Barbie returned to acting after 17 years in The Offer, the first episode of the horror series, Dark Ditties, produced by Cult Film Screenings.

Barbie Wilde Social Media:

Barbie Wilde - Classic Beauty

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By John Roisland


Looking for something to do this evening to warm up your 31 days of horror? Look no further then, because GSN (Game Show Network) has got your back! Just as a friendly reminder – not that any of you would ever forget – Hellevator premiers tonight!!!!

The long awaited, horror-based game show’s day is finally upon us! Hellevator is brought to you by Matador and Blumhouse Productions in association with Lionsgate Television. The show’s executive producer is Jason Blum himself, the man who has brought us such blockbuster hits as Paranormal Activity, The Purge, Sinister, and Insidious.

The show itself will be hosted by everyone’s favorite horror twins, Jen and Sylvia Soska, also known as The Twisted Twins. These young, identical, Canadian twins are taking the world by storm. With their writing, directing, and even acting, these ladies are on the fast track to the top. Having brought you such titles as Dead Hooker in a Trunk, See No Evil 2, Vendetta, and, let us not forget one of my personal favorites, American Mary!

The basis of Hellevator is that several friends are all loaded into an elevator, and each one has to get off on separate floors and accomplish pre-set missions to earn cash. If they do not get back on time, the elevator goes on without them and leaves them alone to deal with your new found hell! If all members make it back in time after completing their assigned mission, they win the loot!

The show is still taking open registrations, so if you think you have what it takes to survive the Hellevator, go to GSN and sign up. WE DID!

There have been other horror-based game shows that bombed after only one or two episodes. This one, I think, really has potential and some pretty strong backings!

So, at 8pm EST, turn on GSN and give it a shot! Then go watch your day 21 in 31 days of horror!


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MOVIE REVIEW: Sinister 2 (2015)

MOVIE REVIEW: Sinister 2 (2015)

By Dixielord

Sinister 2 poster
Bughuul returns in the second installment of the Sinister franchise, but does Mr. Boogie still have what it takes to scare up a good time at the theaters?

The plot concerns deputy so and so (yes that's how he was billed in Sinister), now forced off the police force, investigating other killings similar to the one in Sinister. He's visiting the homes of the murders and burning them to try and break the chain of killings. Arriving at one of the homes, he finds it occupied by a single mom and her two kids. While instigating, he begins to become romantically attracted to the mom. Meanwhile, the kids are being visited by ghostly children, and coerced to watching home movies of Bughuul's murders. What is Bughuul preparing the kids for? Well honestly if you watched the first film, you have a pretty good idea what's up.

James Ransom returns from the original (now billed as “ex-deputy so and so”), as well as Mr. Boogie himself Nick King. The ending of the first film didn't really leave anyone else to return for part two. Joining the cast is Shannon Sossamon as the mother of the next family of intended victims. Ransom and Sossamon are what made the film enjoyable for me. Both were likeable characters, Sossamon the put upon single mother trying to escape an abusive husband with her two kids and Ransom as the would be hero.

Ransom plays the hero against type. He's not a macho tough guy and far from Ethan Hawke in the first film. He's not very confident, not macho and honestly most of the time he's scared shitless of whats going on around him. However he's a good guy, immensely likable and I could relate to him. He doesn't give up in trying to save Sossamon and her kids from Bughuul. He might not be a typical hero but it's hard not to root for him.

Likewise Sossamon isn't your usual victim in waiting. She may be abused but she is strong, fleeing her abusive husband and fighting to keep her kids safe. She even makes the decision to go back with her husband (Lea Coco) rather than let him take her kids. Putting herself back in line for abuse in an attempt to protect them. All and all she's a braver person than Ransom's character.

There are some disturbing elements in Sinister 2. Anytime you have kids involved in violent situations, it can be hard for some to watch. The entire Sinister storyline is based on the concept of children murdering their families at the behest of a demon. That isn't the shit you find in Disney films folks, so be aware if you can't handle violence by and against kids as both are present in Sinister 2.

But even with the taboo of child violence, Sinister 2 breaks an even worse taboo for a horror movie. It just isn't very scary. Now I wont lie, the trailers for this film make me jump out of my seat when I first saw them. That scene where Baghuul suddenly appears in the dark in front of so and so, that was a great scene. But it's the scariest scene in the movie, and I've already seen it. I'm prepared for it. It worked in the trailer but it didn't work a second time, and it's best scare in the movie.

The movies within the movie are more disturbing that scary. The first movie titled Fishing Trip was actually somewhat scary. It elicited a small jump from me because I wasn't expecting what happened (I wont give it away). After that the other films were all a bit telegraphed. The last movie might disturb some people but again, I saw it coming and it was just a bit meh.

The star of the movie, Mr. Boogie, or Baghuul if you prefer, is sadly limited to just appearing and taking a few steps forward before vanishing again. He seemed more effective in the first film, perhaps because he was new, and wasn't seen that much in the first. In Sinister 2 he seems like a wasted character, who is basically stands in the shadows to occasionally jump out...and do nothing. I know the kids are the real killers, and the real threat, but it seems that having a character like Baghuul he would be more terrifying. He would get involved a little more himself versus delegating most everything to the kids. Sadly he doesn't.

The lack of scares was my only real issue with Sinister 2, but being this is a horror movie, it's a big issue. Sinister was a well received horror movie, with a disturbing story and immensely disturbing ending. It was scary, too, maybe not that scary to a jaded horror fan like me, but much scarier than the sequel. They decided to end it with a happy ending, which wasn't that happy but I don’t want to spoil it for you, but then end it with a cheap jump scare. It wasn't needed, and it's a cheap shot to I assume keep the franchise going. I wish they had just left that last scene out completely.

So if you want to see a decent movie, with competent acting, and likable characters, and can handle violence involving kids, check out Sinister 2. Just don’t expect to be scared unless you have a really low fear tolerance.

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