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[Editorial] Hear me out on this, Toxie is an honorary member of The Avengers.

[Editorial] Hear me out on this, Toxie is an honorary member of The Avengers.

Growing up I loved comics, and I loved watching alerdex dexamethasone essay writing for english tests how to write a bio examples see url engineering college essay essay on free speech on campus ajanta pharmaceuticals viagra expository essay example college thesis paper format 22 inspirational creative resume cv designs go site resume example for internship engineering cause and effect essay topic research paper topics and examples essay writing evaluation best web content writing services viagra abuse effects questions on viagra waiting for godot symbolism essay ielts essay booster consultation online viagra content writing services us ttu thesis guidelines good behavior essay go site online math homework help see url go to site Troma movies back in the days we didn’t have a whole lot of superhero movies or shows and the ones we did have…well they were suitable for that time being. In the old days, we had cartoons such as Iron Man, Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer, and even Batman.

Now and then we had some decent comic movies where given some of the films weren’t perfect, but we had no idea what the future will hold for us, so we just took it all in and were grateful for the movies which some of them still stand the test of time. One character in question is the Toxic Avenger. The plot is pretty simple if you never saw the movie “Tromaville has a monstrous new hero. The Toxic Avenger is born when meek mop boy Melvin falls into a vat of toxic waste. Now evildoers will have a lot to lose”

However the movie is even simpler. Gore, blood, boobs, language and humor For some, this is disgusting, vile. For gore hounds and comic fans, this was perfect. So let’s breakdown why Toxie is an honorary member.

In my opinion! There’s some stuff that may say true.

1: Marvel released the comics for Toxic Avenger 91-92 ( but still it happened)

2: The Avengers primarily work out of New York which isn’t far from New Jersey. Plus a lot of the Avengers do work in areas of NY that need their help or even other states and countries “West Coast Avengers” “Alpha Flight” The Canadian Avengers, Big Hero 6 (yes it’s Disney but they’re still connected, Japan’s Avengers) Winter Guard (Russia’s AvengersLockjaw and the pet avengers (Believe it or not great comic. Plus they actually fight Thanos)

3: Stan Lee and Lloyd Kaufman are friends. Stan did the voice over for Toxic Avenger 4. So given a lot of the Marvel characters who are Avengers defend their turf and situations that need their help. Plus in some instances, many characters from Marvel had helped the Avengers in battle when the case called for it. So, why not Toxie? He watches over New Jersey and their first super hero! Given the chance he would go into battle if called upon. Plus for all, we know he probably helped cleaned up all the ashes from the decimation in Infinity War.


COMIC REVIEW: Simon & Kirby Library

By Nick Durham


Whether you really know it or not, you know who Jack Kirby is. That name may not have that instant resonance in your brain that say, Stan Lee does, but you've seen Kirby's work and probably never realized it. The medium of the comic book would not be what it is without Jack Kirby. Hell, it may not even exist at all to be totally honest. Jack Kirby co-created most of the Marvel Universe as we know it. Stan Lee gets most, if not all, of the credit for that, but Jack Kirby is as much a part of that is Stan is. His art style was like nothing anyone had ever seen before, and it inspired countless artists in the industry for generations to come.

Joe Simon may not ring a bell at first either, but he is the man that co-created Captain America with Kirby. Besides superheroes, the duo dabbled in many other comic book genres at the time; ranging from war comics, to science fiction, to even fucking romance (minus the fucking of course). They also played around with horror, to some really great effect as well. That's what we get here with this edition of The Simon & Kirby Library, which focuses on the duo's horror work during the Golden Age of comics.

1950s pre-code horror comics would get shit on quite a bit and were somehow attributed to "the delinquency of juveniles" according to a then Senate Committee which believed comic books were more evil than Hitler. The work of Simon and Kirby in the horror realm was no different, as what is collected here was, believe it or not, once considered evil and pornographic. Collecting their run on Black Magic, as well as some selected stories from their The Strange World of Your Dreams, this handsome hardcover collection is lovingly bound and features restored artwork, making Kirby's pencils look clean, crisp, and just plain beautiful. The restoration done on Kirby's art is worth the price of admission alone for this book.

The quality of the stories featured here varies, but Joe Simon's scripts were ahead of their time and provided some wonderful chills back in the day. Granted I believe the duo's best work was with the science fiction genre more so than horror, but their work here is just so damn ahead of its time that you can't help but admire it so damn much. The weirdness of the stories isn't anything you haven't seen already, but it set the stage for horror comics to come as the years would go by, and they have their place in history because of that.

All in all, if horror comics are your thing, particularly vintage ones, this needs to be in your collection. I wholeheartedly recommend every book from The Simon & Kirby Library regardless, but this horror edition deserves to be seen by your eyes. You won't be able to get enough of it, or of the legacy of Simon and Kirby.

Rating: 5/5

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