The Onania Club

Teaser Trailer 2 released for Tom Six’s ‘The Onania Club’

Teaser Trailer 2 released for Tom Six’s ‘The Onania Club’

Audiences remain divided when it come to controversial filmmaker how to check the ipad model number cardiac nurse resume eoe common app essay word limit 2019-2020 cealis on ne custom research paper writing cialis online vendita the rime of the ancient mariner - free essays will viagra make me horny how can i change my ip address in my android phone thesis proposal uk case study male breast cancer macbeth tragedy essayВ viagra juice herbal viagra capsules follow site go to link levitra merrydale thesis on bullying at schools customresearchpapers ws writing devices follow site go to site college term papers for sale order viagra prescription digital disertation viagra strathmore go site Tom Six, whose Human Centipede trilogy has left a lasting impression on viewers. Whilst some fans thrive on the extreme nature of his films asking for more, others are repulsed by the image to the extend that they have even sent him death threats. Praised or reviled Tom Six seems to thrive on the reactions to his film  often responding to fans on critics on social media, as it seems to inspire him to push the boundaries even further.

When it comes to details regard Tom Six’s latest film The Onania Club very few details have been released, with the first short teaser trailer released last year and a brief synopsis not revealing much about the film.

Hanna secretly joins a group called The Onania Club. Its members, strong independent L.A. women, get aroused by the misery of others. Hanna meets more misery than she could ever hope for and in the process loses everything she cares for.

Today however Tom Six has released a second teaser trailer, which gives you an insight into some of the controversial themes you can expect. If you thought The Human Centipede was provocative, prepare to be offended once more.

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Brace Yourself for Tom Six’s The Onania Club

Brace Yourself for Tom Six’s The Onania Club

Tom Six Twitter pic-The Onania Club filmingFans of Tom Six and The Human Centipede films can get ready to be shocked all over again with his upcoming film The Onania Club! The film is hopefully set to drop later this year but, as of now, there is no official release date. You can also follow The Onania Club page on Facebook for further updates.

The Onania Club Facebook page-Tom Six tweetAfter the second Human Centipede film, fans were expecting something really special for the third one but it didn’t live up to most people’s expectations. I didn’t hate the movie I just felt they were released in the wrong order the third should have been the second and the second should have been the big finale. A lot of critics were making claims like “he’s beginning to believe his own hype” and “ It’s time for Tom Six to grow up”. I disagree, I feel his films are exactly what they claim to be – shocking, disturbing, and extreme. As for “the hype”, he skillfully creates it himself. Masterfully marketing himself as an accomplished shock peddler, he has people worked into a frenzy before his movies even come out. That being said I’m ready for something new from him and eager to see what he else he can do.

Tom Six tweet - Part of a frame from The Onania ClubFor those of you who don’t know (I certainly didn’t), Onania or Onanism is a form of masturbation and or the act of “pulling out”. That is the only real clue we’re given. Other than that, unfortunately, I can’t tell you a whole heck of a lot about The Onania Club because he’s being incredibly tight-lipped about the whole thing. During an interview, Tom stated,

The Onania Club will be a very original, highly perverted black comedy that will shake up the world yet again.

He goes on to say the film will be:

The most politically incorrect inhumane horror flick ever unleashed on mankind.

He also feels it will be far more extreme than The Human Centipede franchise… I certainly hope so, Tom. I am ready to be wowed, and I think if anyone can accomplish a genuine shocker, it’s Tom Six.

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