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High Octane Pictures lights is proud to announce the release of the new thriller 3 Lives

Los Angeles, California :   15 years after she was attacked, Mhairi Calvey (Robert the Bruce, Braveheart) comes face to face with the perpetrator again – in the wilderness.

Julianne Block’s nail-biting 3 Lives premieres on DVD and Digital this August from High Octane Pictures.

Emma wakes up to find herself trapped in an abandoned bunker. She soon realizes that there are two other victims trapped with her, Ben and Jamie, who she knows from her days in high school.

Now Ben and Jamie are Emma’s only means of escape from their savage captors, three ex-soldiers. Faced with the choice to stay in the bunker or to escape her kidnappers with the help of her former rapist and his old friend, Emma chooses the latter.

Ruthlessly the ex-soldiers chase the group through the wilderness. While Emma tries to find out why Ben, Jamie, and herself have been kidnapped in the first place. Slowly matters start to spin out of control, facades start to crack and Emma has to learn who her real enemy is.

3 Lives is released on DVD and Digital August 6.

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House Of Lexi (Review)— House Of Tortured Souls

House Of Lexi (Review)— House Of Tortured Souls

I had the privilege to check out the 15 minute horror short House of Lexi which was written and directed by M W Daniels. The short stars Emma Dark, Helen Stephens, Jane Garda, and Sean Francis.

House of Lexi is a psychological horror short which starts of calm and serene showing a very beautiful beach in the beginning. Then it changes drastically. 

The short follows Lexi (Emma DarkBad Friday, Seize the Night) who appears to have lost her mother in a car crash and has also lost her baby sister at birth. Lexi holds on to  the image of her sister and what she would be like if she were around longer. All of this starts to twist and turn and haunt her. 

This film will leave you putting it all together in different perspectives with how Lexi feels, especially during the trippy nightmare scene. 

Casting Emma Dark for this was brilliant, she’s very talented and gave such a strong performance as Lexi. 

M W Daniels knows how to pack a punch in such short time with this film and I cannot wait to see what else he has in store. 

House of Lexi will be debuting at numerous festivals this summer, if you have the opportunity to view it, do it you won’t regret it. 

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The Perfection (Review)— House Of Tortured Souls

The Perfection (Review)— House Of Tortured Souls

Netflix’s The Perfection takes us through a hellish nightmare between 2 cello prodigies Charlotte (Allison WilliamsGet Out) and Lizzie (Logan BrowningDear White People). 

Charlotte (Williams) was always destined for stardom ever since she was a little girl; however it was put on hold when her mother became ill.

After her mother passed away, Charlotte reached out to her mentors Anton (Steven WeberSingle White Female, Wings) and Paloma (Alaina Huffman— Smallville, Amber Alert 

At the Academy, where she meets their new star Lizzie (Browning) and the two become quite close, romantically and competitively.

It has a bit of Black Swan vibes, and I mean how else are you supposed to feel when you are gone then come back to see someone as talented or maybe more talented than you taking your place. It’s natural in this case to see Charlotte become jealous of Lizzie, but how far will she take her jealousy? 

This movie is one you have to jump into blindly, it’s complicated to describe without even giving away spoilers, but it was very much inspired by the #MeToo movement with a strong feminist point of view with an act of twisted revenge at the end.

Allison Williams  was made for this leading role is brilliant; her character is similar to whom she was in getting Out, so secretive that you have no clue with what she is up to. Logan Browning compliments Williams in this film and is outstanding, she starts as sweet and vulnerable and ends the movie with such a badass “take no shit” mindset, a lousy femme fatale.

Richard Shepard who directed this film was brilliant in every way. He doesn’t shy away from anything, you want the shock factor, you got it in this film. This is not an easy film to watch, but is also hard to turn away from. 

Go ahead and check out the trailer below, but I suggest to just dive right in blindly. ⬇️⬇️

1996 thriller Fear to become a remake

1996 thriller Fear to become a remake

Straight from Universal itself, the 1996 thriller Fear which starred Mark Wahlberg and Reese Witherspoon will be remade. 

The remake is being co-written by Johnathan Herman, and the star of the movie will be Amandla Stenberg  (Hunger Games).

As of right now, (reported from deadline) the plot is being kept under wraps but it had been said that it will be told from the female prospective. 

Once the plot and the rest of the cast will be revealed, we will update you fellow horror fans. As of right now there is not set release  date. 

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Unfriended: Dark Web is the second installment to the 2015 film Unfriended. The story takes you on down a dark path of evil doings by evil people from the deepest corners of the web.

Directed by Stephen Susco, (The Grudge, The Grudge 2 and Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3-d)and released in July of 2018. 

When four friends stumble across some hidden files on a newly found laptop from a local coffee shop, they soon unravel a living nightmare where people hire and pay for others to kidnap and torture their victims in told ways on video for an extremely high payoff. 

Our young friends are traced and thru the technologies of the internet and found out by this organization and are then in the game of said mercenaries for now knowing too much.

Not wanting to give our ending away, ….but it ends in a sort of predictable way. I didn’t know of anyone other than myself who enjoyed the first film let alone Unfriended: Dark Web. Both films received about the same reviews ….. “Not Good”

With social media being what it is today and everyone on snapchat, or some video interaction, I thought the film fit today perfectly. However, I will admit, if you sit down and think about what the movie was presenting you, how easy it is for outsiders to tap in, and even be watching you, in itself…is quite scary.

I give the actors credit for having no onstage interaction with anyone other than the camera in their face. I don’t know if I could have pulled it off. 
Regardless, the film isn’t going to win any awards and has a rather slow build up.  It did hold a bit of a fun surprise twist in the end storyline, but yet nothing over the top.  I will give this away,…meaning of the film: “DON’T TOUCH WHAT AIN’T YOURS. “
Will, there be a third installment, who knows, they didn’t leave a cliff hanger, but then neither did the first. Unfriended: Dark Web most likely won’t end up in my collection unless found in the cheap bin. I do recommend it for a watch as I did notice it’s now floating around on one of the many cable channels out there. 
Until next time…Keep it Evil
You (Netflix Series Review)- House Of Tortured Souls

You (Netflix Series Review)- House Of Tortured Souls

I have been hearing and seeing the craze of the series You on Netflix and knew I had to check it out. I binged watched all 10 episodes in a day, it was that insanely good and oddly fascinating considering the circumstances on what it is about. You is a psychological thriller series that was developed by Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble. It is based on the book of the same name, written by Caroline Kepnes. You follows a bookstore manager in New York who falls obsessively in love with one of his customers and will do whatever it takes to be in her life, even if it means killing whoever gets in his way of her. This series stars Penn Badgley (Gossip Girl, The Stepfather, Easy A), Elizabeth Lail (Once Upon A Time), John Stamos ( Full House, ER), Shay Mitchell (Pretty Little Liars, The Possesion Of Hannah Grace), Daniel Cosgrove (Beverly Hills, 90210, Van Wilder), and Hari Nef (Transparent, Crush). 

You takes you through the mind of Joe (Penn Badgley) a bookstore store manager in New York City who takes a liking to one of his customers, an attractive woman who happens to be an aspiring writer called Beck (Elizabeth Lail). With the interaction between the two, you get the vibe right away that Joe has to have her in his life. With what Joe does to get Beck’s attention, it keeps you on your toes and it is quite a terrifying ride.

Each episode takes you on a crazy whirlwind of a crazy adventure in coming in contact with people who are close to Beck. Rather it be family, friends, or even her career it was obvious that Joe’s obsession and jealousy went way too far. 

There has been a lot of buzz lately that this show is glorifying stalking. Personally I did not see in any episode where it shows that stalking is okay, I saw where an over zealous man became obsessed with his ‘dream girl’ and instead of doing what any normal human would do like ask the girl out, he took it into a whole new dimension. The character Joe, went into a whole different dimension to get his dream girl, yet instead he hit so many bumps along the way and when something did not go his way or work out it turned deadly. I was instantly hooked, the plot stayed on track, it was very suspenseful and you just didn’t know the outcome right away. 

Check out the trailer below and I highly recommend giving it a shot, I don’t think you’ll regret it!


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Ouroboros short film review

Ouroboros short film review

When watching films we tend to forget that a lot of directors big or small started somewhere. Most directors do short films to add to their portfolio, an idea to show what they’re capable of or in some cases just to get their feet wet. They are pretty much everywhere and in the old days most short films were done on the family 8mm. With technology nowadays we can film everything on our phones or even on a tablet. I grateful enough to check out this short film by (David Teixeira) which he wrote and directed called  (OUROBOROS) The film is roughly about 11 minutes. The movie may not seem long for others but keep in mind 11 minutes can be brutal for pre and post production working to get it done right and make sure everything is good to go for film festivals or viewings among critics. The title of the film has a definition that explains the title for the audience. Most of the time I’m used to seeing a movie with music and then goes right into dialogue and action, this film has no real dialogue except screaming and a few lines of the title being repeated in the opening credits there’s music of that of a music box I waited patiently for the movie to begin, but it continued throughout the film all the way into the ending. At first I have to admit I was a little annoyed as well as confused. I gave the movie a few more chances to really dwell in, get the idea of the film, understand it. Which honestly I felt the director deserved since this is his film. Upon watching it a few more times I realized as stated before this film is just a film to be made to get something for the portfolio, get their feet wet if anything. The film is about A girl keeps having the same dream where she hurts herself on a finger, finds an abandoned castle and goes inside. One day she wakes up and she decides to visit the castle for good. Like an endless time loop. There’s no violence or gore, but overall the movie isn’t bad, good editing and the music does help keep the creepy tone of the film moving along. The director said he won’t be making it into a feature film,. but it’s interesting to see what else what he’ll do with his work or other projects

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[Short Film Review] Homecoming the revenge film from Finland that you NEED to watch

[Short Film Review] Homecoming the revenge film from Finland that you NEED to watch

I had the chance to watch the film “Homecoming” by Esa Jussila which he wrote and directed. The short film’s plot is: “Homecoming is a neo-Noir Story of the former criminals, whose new life is shaken by the ghost of their past” When he talked about the film, he mentioned it’s not a horror movie per say. More of a thriller with gore. I wanted to check out the film to help out the indie community because for most this is their bread and butter. This movie isn’t bread and butter. This movie is steak and lobster. The film opens up with an extremely impressive kill that doesn’t let down with gore throughout the film followed by beautiful cinematography. Almost like watching an art film with graphic violence. To be honest the only complaint I have with this film is that there’s not more to it, Esa said he wanted to cut to the chase and not drag on. Oh, I beg to differ this short film kept me on my toes with my jaw to the floor wanting more the story line flowed so well. Amazing actors who don’t give us a lot of character development to hate them or love, however we can’t feel but be intrigued of the why and how which does explain at the end. Even our anti-hero who’s hunting down his foes doesn’t give any one liner or no dialogue just Michael Myers esc kills: No mercy, no remorse. Esa does a great job at combining drama and horror including an extremely interesting twist of a scene where the hunter catches his prey very easily by going after what their leader cares for the most. Fans will eventually be able to purchase the film on physical formats or watch online in the near future. To be honest this is the film you can watch over and over again not to see anything you might’ve missed but just to enjoy each time bask in its gory scenes, it’s well paced dialogue of characters and still wanting more. If this is just a taste of what he’s capable of I can’t wait to see a feature film. Don’t pass up this film just because it’s short. This is a film to watch out for.



After watching Housewife by Turkish director Can Evrenol  (Baskin) two things are apparent, one this is definitely not Baskin and two this is a far more serious attempt at filmmaking. I love Baskin and went into Housewife expecting something similar, while I was mildly disappointed to find it was completely different I was also impressed with the stark contrast in style. It should be noted that I usually watch and review extreme cinema and that is where my passion lies, but I want to give my best unbiased opinion on this one. 

Housewife starts in the childhood home of our main character Holly. The opening scene is Holly and her sister Hazel playing until Hazel gets her first period. Holly scared and not understanding what is happening screams for their mother (Defne Halman) an over zealous fanatic who whisks Hazel away quickly to “tend” to her. A great tragedy befalls the family that night resulting in loss of life and repressed memories.

Now fast forward to adulthood filled with regret, mediocre sex and an unhealed past. Holly (Clementine Poidatz) not fully recovered from the events that took place so many years ago still experiences it’s lingering effects. Things change quickly when a long lost friend Veronica (Alicia Kapudag), resurfaces in the lives of Holly and her Husband (Ali Aksoz). Veronica claims she has been changed and asks the couple to attend a seminar with her. Although somewhat reluctant the two attend a cult like seminar hosted by charismatic leader Bruce O’hara (David Sakurai). Claiming he can enter peoples dream mazes. O’hara singles out Holly referring to her as the one. Holly accepts his invitation to help her and that’s when shit gets weird… Up until this point the film has been a slow burner, grey and bleak feeling, interspersed with intensely sexual moments including a sizzling threesome and self loathing masturbation. Once O’hara enters Holly’s dream maze, colour pops, reality becomes difficult to separate from dream and brutal gore ensues. There isn’t a ton of gore in this one, but we do see a nice glimpse into Evrenol’s love of it. 

Without spoiling the end I can tell you that it’s distinctly Lovecraftian in nature and feels like not enough. It’s not enough because you don’t want it to end right where it does, you try to will it into taking you there, and to push a little further, but it’s also better left alone to make you wonder what happens next.

My biggest disappointment with this film was that it omitted a lot of the Turkish charms that Baskin had, opting to use English over Turkish and using a more American feeling backdrop. A lot of amazing horror films are coming out of Turkey and I personally enjoy them for being different.

Overall the film is unique and well made and from a non-extreme horror movie perspective I’d say it’s a solid 4/5.


MOVIE REVIEW: The Vault (2017)

MOVIE REVIEW: The Vault (2017)

Director: Dan Bush; Writers: Dan Bush, Conal Byrne; Stars: James Franco, Taryn Manning, Francesca Eastwood; Rating: Not Rated; Run Time: 91 min; Genre: Horror, Thriller; Country: USA; Language: English; Year: 2017

Jeff Gum in The Vault (2017)The Vault caught my attention for having James Franco starring and held my attention in spite of some clunky foreshadowing and a less than satisfying ending. While it’s nothing special and filled with tropes we’ve seen in other crime/horror crossovers, there’s just enough mix of weirdness and uncertainty to keep the viewer interested.

The story revolves around a bank and the gang of robbers whose reasons for hitting up the bank aren’t as clear-cut as they seem at first. Having carefully engineered a distraction that keeps the city’s attention directed elsewhere, the gang is surprised to find little money in the safe and that an unexpected tip-off to law enforcement made it through. Ed Maas (James Franco), assistant manager of the bank, tries to work with the robbers to minimize harm to the people held hostage, but the gang refuses to leave without finding the real money.

Francesca Eastwood in The Vault (2017)Most of The Vault focuses on the dynamics of the two groups, the hostages and the robbers, interspersed with the gang’s attempt to access the bank’s main vault below. Ultimately the gang’s primary motivation is for Michael Dillon (Scott Haze) to pay off a fatal debt, and Michael’s estranged sisters Vee (Taryn Manning) and Leah (Francesca Eastwood), have come together, along with a few others, to pull off the heist – both to help Michael and enrich themselves. The hostages’ motivation is, of course, to survive, and some of them are more successful at this than others.

Taryn Manning in The Vault (2017)Maas convinces the gang that he can help and successfully stops a post-closing hours failsafe alarm from triggering. Having won their reluctant trust, he then directs them to the location of the bank’s subterranean vault wherein lies a cool $6 million. As the heist moves forward to crack the vault and open their subterranean escape route, the group is split and odd things begin to happen. First, those who’ve ventured underground are affected, but it ultimately extends to all the robbers. Paranoia and uncertainty set in, making the situation more volatile and dangerous every moment.

Unfortunately for The Vault, uneven acting makes the first half somewhat less than satisfying while unnecessary foreshadowing completely undermines the second half and ruins the fim’s reveal. With an ending that left me more than a little pissed (seriously, my rating dropped 2.5 claw marks just because it pissed me off), The Vault is worth watching for Francophiles — those who want the total Franco experience — and those who must watch all things horror, but a skip for anyone seeking something new and different.

Final verdict: 5/10 claw marks — leave it closed

MOVIE REVIEW: The Perfect Host (2010)

MOVIE REVIEW: The Perfect Host (2010)

The Perfect Host
Dinner Parties Are A Dying Art

by Woofer McWooferson

The Perfect Host poster.

The Perfect Host poster.

Director: Nick Tomnay; Writers: Nick Tomnay, Krishna Jones; Stars: David Hyde Pierce, Clayne Crawford; Rating: R; Run Time: 93 min; Genre: Comedy | Crime | Thriller; Country: USA; Language: English; Year: 2010

The Perfect Host is one of the smartest and funniest crime thrillers in recent years. As Warwick Wilson (David Hyde Pierce) prepares for his dinner party, petty thief John Taylor (Clayne Crawford) searches for a hiding place after being identified as the culprit in a bank robbery earlier that day. Taylor dumps his car, also identified, near an upscale neighborhood and begins his search. After being turned away from one house, he moves on quickly and spots another possibility. A card in the mailbox indicates that the resident has a close friend, Julia, vacationing in Australia, and Taylor decides to masquerade as an acquaintance of Julia. Though he first denies Taylor entry, Taylor's tale of lost luggage and a mugging eventually weigh on Wilson, who relents and invites him in. Wilson offers Taylor a drink and use of his phone while apologizing for being distracted with his dinner party preparations. Eventually, both men learn that neither is what he seems to be.

David Hyde Pierce in The Perfect Host.

David Hyde Pierce in The Perfect Host.

Through flashbacks, John's reason for robbing the bank is revealed, and it is not what the viewer expects. Taylor has been trying to stay straight and legitimate, and his motivation for the robbery is to help his sick girlfriend. Warwick, on the other hand, is the model of a propriety, affording Taylor every consideration until he learns the true identity of this unexpected guest. While Taylor's story is told in flashbacks, Wilson's story unfolds linearly and when it does, the audience is treated to a well paced cat and mouse game.

The Perfect Host - the party gets going.

The Perfect Host - the party gets going.

Directed by Nick Tomnay and written by Tomnay and Krishna Jones, The Perfect Host could not be more aptly cast. David Hyde Pierce (Frasier) plays Wilson with verve and finesse, easily switching from nebbish to neurotic, and Clayne Crawford (Evil Remains) is equally awesome as he switches from stranded traveler in need to hardened petty criminal. Tyrees Allen (RoboCop), Cooper Barnes (Henry Danger), Indira G. Wilson (Reversion), and Annie Campbell (Anoosh of the Airways) round out the dinner party, affording Taylor the opportunity to see Wilson completely immersed in his element. As the movie progresses, the audience switches from wondering if Wilson will survive the night to wondering if Taylor will. As with everything else in this film, however, nothing is what it seems to be at first.

Shot in only 17 days and with a budget of only $500,000, The Perfect Host is an almost perfect comedic thriller. Clocking in at just over 90 minutes, the movie is tight, neat, and suspenseful. Certainly there are a few flaws, but the positives far outweigh the negatives, and David Hyde Pierce and Clayne Crawford are amazing, true professionals. Their abilities to demonstrate a wide array of emotions ensures their characters are not cardboard cutouts. According to IMDb, this movie made only $48,000, and Tomnay has done nothing since. That is just plain wrong. The Perfect Host deserves more recognition and Tomnay deserves credit for crafting such a fun comedy crime thriller.

Spoiler Alert: Do not watch the trailer first. If you like dark comedies and/or crime thrillers, you will not be disappointed.

8/10 claws – Underrated, underappreciate, and unapologetic.

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MOVIE REVIEW (RETRO): Mister Frost (1990)

MOVIE REVIEW (RETRO): Mister Frost (1990)

Mister Frost

By Woofer McWooferson

Mister Frost DVD cover

Director: Philippe Setbon (as Philip Setbon); Writers: Derry Hall (adaptation), Brad Lynch, Philippe Setbon (as Philip Setbon), Louise Vincent (adaptation); Stars: Jeff Goldblum, Alan Bates, Kathy Baker; Rating: R; Run Time: 104 min; Genre: Drama, Horror, Thriller; Country: France; Language: English; Year: 1990

Mister Frost (aka Mr. Frost), the 1990 drama/horror/thriller from director Philippe Setbon, is an exercise in a movie having everything right and doing it all wrong. Mister Frost falls flat on every front, from its confused storyline, muddled direction, and terrible acting to its incompatible score and unrealistic setting.

Victims of Mister FrostThe story begins with a couple of thieves finding a corpse in Mr. Frost's Aston Martin when they break in to steal the vehicle. After a visit from Inspector Detweiler (Alan Bates), during which Detweiler is confused, then amused, and finally disturbed by Mr. Frost (Jeff Goldblum), Frost is arrested and convicted for murder. With 24 victims to his credit, Frost bounces between psychiatric facilities before ending up at the one where Dr. Day (Kathy Baker) works. Frost sets his sites on Day at once and thus begins a psychological cat and mouse game.

Mister Frost attempts to be a smart thriller but is more of a snooze drama. The horror part is missing completely. I suspect it is on the videotape that we never see. With lackluster performances by everyone except Jeff Goldblum, the movie trudges along to its predictable and disappointing end. Kathy Baker's doctor seems on the edge of tears, even when she is happy, and Alan Bates' detective comes off as befuddled and taken aback at all times. The music is so out of touch with the scene that it distracts from the imagery and dialogue. The only stand out aside from Goldblum as the titular Mister Frost is fabulous character actor Vincent Schiavelli (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest) in a microscopic role as a desk clerk.

3/10 claws – Only for the die hard fans of anyone involved

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COMING SOON: An Inside Remake (2016)

COMING SOON: An Inside Remake (2016)

By Dixielord

Inside remake

Inside remake

The Hollywood foreign to American, remake machine is in full swing. Now coming not long after word that the American remake of Martyrs will soon hit the screen, it appears a remake of Inside is going forward. Inside, along with Martyrs, and others, was part of a wave of extreme gore French horror films. Now Inside (2007) is up to get the typical watered down Hollywood remake formula.

The Martyrs remake went through a lot of changes, from early reports that it would star Kristen Stewart, to the project being shelved, before finally the powers that be decided to throw out a cheap quickie of a film so as not to lose the rights. The Inside remake at least looks like they are taking the time to hire a decent writer and director.

As of now the project, a Spanish produced, English language production is set to be directed by Miguel Angel Vivas, best known for the well received Spanish language film Kidnapped. The script in play now was written by Jaume Balaguero, director of the excellent Spanish horror film Rec, and Manu Diez, who co-wrote Rec 2 and Rec 4: Apocalypse. So the project, at least for now, has some decent talent attached.

Jaume Belaguero and Manuela Velasco

Manuela Velasco, star of Rec, and Jaume Balaguero of Rec and the Inside remake

Haven't writers and directors who have been successful in the horror genre, although Kidnapped was more thriller than horror, does bode well for the Inside remake. But the thriller part concerns me a bit. The producers have said that the Inside remake would be a taut thriller focusing on a battle between two would be mothers.. OK, there is a thin line between horror and thriller but the original pole vaulted that line and landed in the territory of straight up gore and horror. Making this film a thriller, appears to be an attempt to tone it down. And there is no reason to tone it down, except producers don't think American audiences will crowd into a gorefest.

Inside remake

The Inside Remake based on the 2007 Gorefest Inside

Still if it looks to be a decent film, I will watch it. Even though it's unnecessary. It's still a long time till the Inside remake hits the screen. It's scheduled to start filming in February 2016, and even that is subject to change. As of now there is no cast attached and only one publicity photo. It doesn't even appear to have an IMDb page yet. Whatever eventually happens with the Inside remake, the trend isn't going to stop. Remakes, re-imaginings, reboots, or whatever you prefer to call them are here to stay. All we can do is hope they do justice to the originals that we love.

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HALLOWEEN HORRORS: Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

HALLOWEEN HORRORS: Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

Pregnancy is scary

By Margeaux DeMott

Rosemary's baby poster

Pregnancy is scary. There's the whole body changing thing like you're in some kind of body horror movie lite. Seriously, do a Google search of the things people don't tell you about being pregnant. While your body is changing, it can also turn against you with a number of things - aches, pains, crazy hormones, acne and even extra saliva. It's kind of like puberty on expert mode. Oh yeah and then there's the fact that you have a HUMAN cultivating inside of you. It seems like a really weird time in a woman's life.

Now if you have all of that insanity going on and you add in a bit of I think my neighbors want to sacrifice my baby to Satan, you're going to have a bad time. Especially when your husband stops listening to you about your worries, and you slowly start to realize that everyone around you is in on it. Oh, and then you find out how insanely selfish and inconsiderate your husband is. Guy was trying so hard for the worst husband in horror award.

Rosemary's Baby is one of my favorites because it's so well done. The acting is amazing. Every time I watch it I always talk shit to the husband [Guy]. There's a part in the movie when he's trying to convince Rosemary that their neighbors were not doing Satan Coven things by saying, “Dr. Shand happens to play the recorder”. BULLSHIT, Guy! No adult plays the recorder unless specifically doing it for Satan. [The same reason children play the recorder.]


John Cassavetes [Guy] plays a smug, self-centered ass hat a little bit too well. Mia Farrow plays the timid house wife Rosemary perfectly. She portrays Rosemary's worries and terror so well that you feel like you're watching her actually going through it. Ruth Gordon plays the elderly neighbor, Minnie Castevet, and Sidney Blackmer plays her husband, Roman Castevet. Together they make the most inconspicuous elderly couple. You would never know they were Satanists. In the end when it finally comes out Minnie [Ruth Gordon] is so blasé about it that it is kind of comical. Roman [Sidney Blackmer] however, gets a little out of hand with his GOD IS DEAD, SATAN LIVES exclamation. Which are the exact two different ways I think a Satanist [devil worshipers not LaVey's] would react to being discovered.

[Extra tidbit Mia Farrow was the one who cut her hair that short, not Vidal Sassoon.]

*I'm guessing, it seems scary to me.