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Killer Klowns from outerspace pop vinyl is coming to NYCC!

Killer Klowns from outerspace pop vinyl is coming to NYCC!

It’s no surprise that Funko is still going strong with their products. Fans have been trying to get everyone, including the exclusives. NYCC¬†has revealed other pop vinyls from¬†Back to the future, Dune, Jay and Silent Bob, 2001 Space Odyssey.¬†However, this one stands out the most an actual pop figure from¬†Killer Klowns from Outer space! Direct from¬†Funko¬†“Please note quantities are limited and will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. Attending the convention does not guarantee availability.”

Good luck to everyone trying to get one! Hopefully, they’ll be available to the public or others from Killer Klowns.¬†NYCC¬†will be next month from the 3rd to the sixth of October


[Local Haunts Internet edition] Welcome to the House of Mysterious secrets

[Local Haunts Internet edition] Welcome to the House of Mysterious secrets

With only limited resources to Horror such as video stores. Collecting anything Horror was scarce. Not to say it wasn’t available, but the world of Horror was still new to me. Reading the back covers for horror movies remembering the pics and plot gave me the knowledge that can hold up with my friends. I yearned for owning a piece of horror memorabilia even if it was a replica. Of course, we had the staples here and there, which eventually became a gateway for other items. Flea markets became my go-to to learn about horror, buying old VHS tapes. Another source was going to the book stores sitting down and reading horror magazines for free. To every horror magazine reading this, I was a kid with little to no income. Sorry.

It wasn’t until later when the internet took off. Websites provided some cool stuff and some bizarre stuff, however with it being new it was still a gamble on finding horror stuff to own. In the early days of the internet, social media wasn’t massive; you had to go to chat rooms or even forums to get anything, and it wasn’t so much reliable.¬†At times I was on my own or just looking up the ads in horror magazines.

With the rise of social media, I eventually stumbled upon perhaps my favorite website to purchase stuff. House of Mysterious secrets. At first, it started with a few items, but I couldn’t help myself with all their great deals and offers for customers. I felt at home, I felt like a kid in a candy store. I was amazed by so many posters, especially with the dimensions of 11×17, which means more posters to hang. The store has been around for a while, offering fantastic customer service.

I usually tend to talk to local haunts in my area, but with the Halloween season coming up I couldn’t help, but give credit where credit is due. Maybe you heard of them, or perhaps you haven’t. Being a customer with them, I never had a problem everything has been shipped in excellent condition with enough care and stickers to inform my delivery will be taken care of it even if it’s something small or something big. Kevin, the man behind House of Mysterious secrets, thinks of the customer as if he was in your shoes and wants to make sure you have an enjoyable experience. I got the chance to speak to him about the man behind the house of mysterious secrets:

JA: How long has House of Mysterious Secrets been in business? 

HOMS: I’ve been doing this since 2004 – initially, the name was a bit more benign; I called it “Kevin’s Collectibles.” Because at first, I mainly sold comic books. That only lasted a few months. Soon I made the full switch to Horror. “House of Mysterious Secrets” was a mash-up of two DC comic books that I was a fan of House of Mystery and House of Secrets. Combining the two felt like cool little tribute…I never had a long time plan. It was just something to do for fun.

JA: Do you feel that with the store it’s helping fans of old and young where they’re able to learn about the past and present of Horror.¬†

HOMS: What a fascinating question. I’m afraid I’ll only have to speculate on this. Trying to figure out what exactly to offer on the website is often a gamble. I try to curate various aspects of the horror genre, hoping that the things I provide will be of interest to both hardcore and casual fans. Again, just guessing here, I would have to say that the majority of my customers tend to be newer fans of the genre. The older, more deep-rooted fans, tend to be the minority. But…again, I don’t know. It’s hard to gauge this. I am impressed continuously though when I put orders together for customers, and I see just how many do enjoy the obscure stuff; that always makes me feel good.

JA: What would be your holy grail for your collection, or what would be the holy grail of collector items for the store? 

HOMS: Holy Grail. Ha! Can I choose multiple ones!? Let me pick a few, that range from different types of collectibles. Toy: At the moment, I’d have to say it’s my Shogun Godzilla. Not exactly rare, but I’m pleased to have it, and in such good condition. I’ve had since the mid-90s. LP Records. I have 100+ LP soundtracks, and perhaps the two that would fall under grails would be the original pressing of Night of the Living Dead, and this bootleg release of the Italian gorefest Burial Ground. I sold my Evil Dead lp a few years ago…something I continuously regret. I also have the original Italian release of the soundtrack Demons which is autographed by Claudio Simonetti, Lamberto Bava, and Bobby Rhodes. Uhh…and I have a lot of cool stuff autographed by Dario Argento; if I may throw that in there. Last, but not least…one of my biggest, personal holy grails is a jigsaw puzzle of the Loch Ness Monster that came out in 1981 (I think) – I have a sealed one that in perfect shape. It’s a tough one to find, and it means a lot to me because I once had it when I was a little kid.”

That’s what I love about this store. Given it only has a physical booth at cons. Target may be the undisputed champion of Halloween decor and items, but that month goes by so quickly. Kevin has his shop open 24/7 with pre-orders, offers, and even an active social media to keep customers in the loop. He also writes the newsletters informing the customers and personally takes care of any issues you may have with an order. Not to say it always happens, but if it does, Kevin is there to help. House of mysterious secrets may be an online website, but wherever you are, it’s a local haunt and worth the trip for your Halloween needs regardless of the month. Plus if you see them at a convention say hi and buy an item or two!



The 80’s were a great time for many of us. Music, clothing, hair styles and most of all, movies from every genre, especially Horror movies. We have been treated with many classics like, Friday The 13th, My Bloody Valentine, The Prowler, Fright Night and many others.

After so many years of enjoying these such classics, it was only a matter of time before they were being remade for today’s generation. Some are good, some are great, some are worth a viewing or two and some are just god plain awful.

The films in the Child’s Play franchise have been a hit or miss. The original and sequel have always been my personal favorites. Chucky was mean, scary and had memorable one liners to make any fan chuckle. The last two installments, Curse and Cult were fun. It was almost as if the series was headed in the direction of the originals. Then, out of the blue, we got news that a remake was underway without any of the original team, including Brad Dourif who gave Chucky his voice. Needless to say, the idea alone didn’t go so well and it sparked a crucial negative response. Well, the remake is out and it may not be as fun or chilling as the original, but it is a fun little ride.

In the opening of the film, we are introduced to Buddie, an enhanced doll that is practically an ALEXA. The doll itself can operate devices in our homes and can even control automobiles, like an uber, without an actual driver. We are taken to the factory where an assembly of these dolls are being transported to toy stores all over, but not before one of the workers is fired. As revenge, he tampers with the technology of the doll, then commits suicide.

One minute later, we are introduced to a 13 year old boy who appears to be friendless and alone. His mother works at a toy store and is dating a not so nice human being, who actually turns out to be a real scumbag.

While working at the toy store, a customer brings back one of the Buddi dolls, saying it’s defective and Andy’s mother decides to bring it home for him as an early birthday gift. Things seem to be going well between Andy and his new best friend, but that all takes a wide turn when Chucky begins to see the hurt and anger that Andy is going through, making Chucky more menacing, But, Andy is his best friend and best friends protect one another

Child’s Play is not a great film and it’s not a bad film either. It’s a fun 90 minute ride with some moments of laughter and gory kills that are actually quite shocking. My personal favorite deals with a lawnmower, it’s that cool.

Check out Child’s play in theaters now. Don’t expect to be blown away and I think you’ll have fun with this one, like I did.



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By John Roisland

Cassandra Peterson as Elvira / Fair use doctrine.

It's hard to believe it has been 35 years since a lovely redheaded woman entered the entertainment world and changed everything as we knew it - especially the horror industry - by introducing to us her character better known as Elvira Mistress of the Dark!
Elvira has been loved, seen, and adored by millions for over three decades now. From low-budget horror flicks to starring in her own films, Elvira's character brings to the world a bubbly bombshell whose quirky one liners and curvaceous body sky rocketed her to instant notoriety in the horror realm and later in the entertainment industry as a whole. She been photographed more times than anyone probably even knows. Day and night, 12 months a year, blood sweat and tears Cassandra worked her character to the point where she became an icon. I think it is safe to say she has graced us with a character who has become the Queen of Horror.

And with that being said, I can't think of any better time of year than the autumn or Halloween season for Funko Pop to announce their Elvira doll. The doll will stand 3-3/4 inches tall and will be displayed in a window box that matches the other Funko Pop vinyl dolls. This is a must for any serious collector of either Elvira or the horror genre. I, for one, am a collector, and I'll definitely be adding this one whether it goes on my shelf, my desk, or even glued to the dashboard of my car... I will have it!!

Funko Pop Elvira / Fair use doctrine.

And the fun doesn't stop there, Elvira is also releasing a photo album containing over 300 pictures, many of which have never even been seen by the public eye yet. Having seen some images that are included in the book, I was very pleased to say that there was actually a picture of Cassandra. A very lovely, beautifully smiled ,sparkling blue eyed Cassandra Peterson. I thought there was a nice touch to include her in Elvira's world... after all, without one where would the other one be. The book, entitled Elvira Mistress of the Dark, was released October 5th. I would definitely say grab it quickly as I have a feeling this one's going to be moving fast.

Cassandra and Elvira, you’ve earned it!

Cassandra Peterson as Elvira / Fair use doctrine.

Having had the opportunity to have met both Cassandra Peterson and Elvira at Spooky Empire Horror Convention in Orlando, FL, some few years ago, I can honestly say that yes, i would be happy to give her my money. Both ladies were a true pleasure to meet, some have said opposite. I say when the lady has worked so hard for so long (and has dealt with certain types because of her appearance), she has the right to a bad day.

Keep It Evil...



By John Roisland 


I first met Mike Nash (aka Mike Smash), owner of Curious Goods, in 2014 at Monster Mania in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. I'm a convention lover and attend them  as often as the all mighty dollar will let me. My wife Stephanie and I took our daughter for her 16th birthday.

Over the years I've lost a bit of the fanboy feel that I used to carry towards the celebrities, even though there are still some that I do enjoy meeting and even some I enjoy getting to see and speak with repeatedly. More so, I go to run into my horror family and the vendors that I have met with through the years. These days, my convention weakness is the vendors!!! My wife and I try to collect horror merchandise whenever possible. From art work and jewelry to action figures and clothing, there is no place better to find my personal Xmas list of wants than at a convention! Trust me, I could spend my every last penny in the vendor rooms!

Well it happened to have been at Monster Mania when I walked up to a rather large vendor set-up that wasn't just a folding table full of DVDs or a few t-shirts but rather a full walk-in display of a style of artwork like I had never seen in my life! Now, I'm a horror action figure collector, or I try to be, and what I saw took it to entire new level!


Creating full size posable action figures, Mike makes ANYTHING that comes to mind - from horror to music and sci-fi! I saw the figures from King Diamond,  Star Wars, Ghost, Jaws, The Human Centipede , American Psycho, and tons more! But these aren't like action figures that you can buy off a rack in any store, no sir!

All of these are so exquisitely and precisely made that they will honestly make you do a double take, and you will find yourself staring at them. The attention to detail is what really makes them extraordinary. After you see one and say to yourself, "Holy shit, it's <whoever> !", then you really look closely at the fine details - and this detail level is in each and every piece that you see on display. You'll fall silent as you pan the entire display that you are now engulfed in because you are quite amazed by it all - now in  an entirely new way. It no longer looks like a guy selling action figures, but rather an artist selling his work.


Since I last saw him, Mike was at Scares That Care Weekend Convention in Virginia last August and, most recently, at Monster Mania this past March. Curious Goods is now making  3D shadow boxes and, like the action figures, are all custom, hand crafted works of art. And, as I mentioned earlier, Mike makes anything you can think of - from Trick or Treat to Faces of Death and Motorhead to Bob's Burgers. Now he is getting into stained glass work, too. While I was looking I saw what I believe was a finished piece of stained glass, and it was gorgeous!

All items are created, produced and or customized by me. I spend a very large portion of my time and energy on this art, and travel the country sharing it with you, the fans, at comic/horror and tattoo conventions. This is my livelihood/job/career. All items are available and for sale, commissions always welcome... I hope you enjoy what I have created... -Mike Smash

Do yourself a giant favor, the next time you're at a convention, look up Curious Goods and check out all that is offered - especially if you're looking for good quality work and something a little different. While gawking at his work, keep an eye out for pieces that Mike may have added his own twist, or sense of humor to! But you don't have to wait for a convention because you can also look at his work online and stay up to date via his Facebook page.


If you're lucky enough to find Curious Goods at a convention that you're attending, say hello to the artist. Mike is a great guy and awesome to talk to. But keep in mind, he is there for business, and takes it very seriously. More often than not, he is either watching over his booth or working on more projects as you talking to him. The man is non stop!


Keep It Evil

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PRODUCT REVIEW: Neca’s Alien3 Collectible Figurine

Alien³ Dog Xenomorph?
Yes, please.

By Nick Durham

Alien3 Neca

Oh Neca, how you've gotten so much of my money over the years.

For those who might not know, Neca is a toy company that offers a wide variety of toys and collectibles featuring a lot of horror and sci-fi licenses. Everything you can think of between Friday the 13th to Pacific Rim they've covered, with wide varieties of action figures that are just plain awesome to display and collect. One line in particular from Neca involves variations of classic characters and monsters that are designed based on various video game appearances. We've already had Batman, Predator, Jason Voorhees, Rambo, and more - all of whom are usually featured in deluxe boxes based on the box art of the video games they are drawn from, which also feature a special window box so you can display them without ever having to take them out of the package. Yes sir, I love this kind of shit.

Neca has done it again with this Dog Alien based on the Alien³ NES game from the early 90s. Now say whatever you want about the film and its game adaptation, but this figure is fucking awesome. Featuring an awesome color scheme, an extendable inner mouth, and over 30 points of articulation; this figure is a true work of art. From a personal standpoint, I've always preferred the more traditional Xenomorph designs from the classic first two films, but I've always had kind of a soft spot for the Dog Alien from Alien³. Something about it has always seemed a little more nasty and scary. I can't quite explain it, but that's just how it's always been to me anyway.

Personal feelings aside, this Alien³ figurine is another wonderful toy/collectible from Neca that you know you want to display on your shelf for everyone to see. If you've never picked up anything from Neca before, this is a great place to start. That being said, though, be warned: once you get one, you're going to want to get more...and more...and more, more, more.

Rating: 5/5

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PRODUCT REVIEW: Leatherface Gets a ReAction

My Reaction to the Leatherface ReAction

By John Roisland

Letherface ReAction

For about the last six years or so, I have prided myself, and actually take quite seriously, on having a small, but growing collection of horror merchandise. I have been gathering items from movie posters to Halloween themed sodas, but one of my favorites collectibles has always been action figures. Some are popular, some are rare and hard to find, but there usually wasn't one I wouldn't happily add to my collection. Until now.

Funko, who I'm a fan of, has come out with a line of retro action figures called ReAction Figures. Their character base is rather impressive, ranging from The Goonies to Escape from New York and even Big Trouble in Little China. The over all packaging and figure itself reminds me of that of the mid late 70s Star Wars figures. The size is about the same, very limited movement and the packaging is simple flat cardboard with some sort of movie picture that portrays the character. Over all, they aren't bad; they're little retro collectibles and all very much resemble their own character. All but one. Leatherface. Of all characters to get wrong, it has to be my personal favorite!

The outfit is the typical Leatherface garb: pants, tie, and apron. But the outfit is not the issue; what IS the issue is the mask. Everyone knows that Freddy Krueger has his glove of finger knives, Pinhead has, well, pins in his head, and Leatherface has a stitched together mask made of human. When you make or build a model or representation of these huge horror icons, it's imperative to get the trademark right! Well, in this case, our friendly looking butcher of human flesh looks like he's having a facial at a day spa and is sporting a mud mask! I'm sorry; I really am, but even the small blood spots on his apron and the chainsaw that comes with the action figure can't (and don't) make up for this!! Yes, you know who he is supposed to be as you look at it, but its a very bad representation.

Retailing for $14.99, this collectible will be hitting the shelves on November 30th, 2015, just in time for the fat man to fill your stockings! Maybe I'll find one with my name on it... I wont be crushed it I don't though. Sorry Funko, but this is one of few I will be passing on.

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By John Roisland

Funko, created in 1998 by Mike Becker, was an idea conceived to bring nostalgic themed toys back to an era of never ending electronics! My focus in this review is the Fukno POP line. It seems if you walk into any toy store, book/magazine shop - and especially a comic book store - you are bound to find these little guys! From Disney to Marvel and Dragonball Z to Jay and Silent Bob, Funko POP figures are everywhere! The list is endless - hell, there are characters I've never even heard of!

For our beloved HORROR...I must say it's a pretty impressive display. Ranging from classic horror, such as Nosferatu, The Wolfman and The Munsters just to name a few, to more mainstream horror icons, such as Captain Spaulding, Michael Myers, and (let us not forget my favorite) Leatherface! And again the lists goes on....and on, and they seem to add new ones every time you turn around.

Each character comes in a nice window box that stands about 7 inches tall. The figures alone, stand about 5 inches tall and are adorable! Yes, I said adorable! The reason I say this is because I can picture any young girl playing with any of these little characters at her tea party. They are not scary, nor are the meant to be. The detail of the characters, while they may not be as realistic as a da Vinci, is such that you know exactly who they are as soon as you see them. Without a doubt. They all have short bodies and large heads, and they almost have a cartoonish feel too them.

These figures have been a huge success with fans and toy collectors of all ages and lovers of all genres. Personally speaking, we have 11 in our collection, with about 75 more on our wish list. My personal favorites are The Bride of Frankenstein and Jason Voorhees! And what's on the top of my wish list? The new Pinhead of course! With an average price of $11.99 - $14.99, how can anyone pass it by!?


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PRODUCT REVIEW: Trick ‘r Treat Sam Action Figure Collectible

By John Roisland

Trick 'r Treat Sam action figure collectible

Trick 'r Treat Sam Action Figure Collectible

Coming from a true horror fan of the Trick 'r Treat movie, this little guy has been sweeping through the horror community like a plague. Sam has been expertly crafted to perfectly reflect the enigmatic character from the movie.

I so enjoy the great detail taken with Sam's burlap, face and even in his eyes. It just makes me smile. These pieces are becoming more and more rare and expensive. So what can I say? If you can get your hands on one, do so. It would make a great addition to any horror collection.

For the uninitiated, Trick 'r Treat is a clever little horror film written and directed by Michael Dougherty and based on his 1996 animated short film Season's Greetings. Produced by Bryan Singer, Trick 'r Treat was not released until 2009 although it was previously scheduled for release in 2007 and 2008. Trick 'r Treat stars Anna Paquin, Brian Cox, Dylan Baker with Quinn Lord as Sam. Trick 'r Treat was so well received that a sequel, Trick 'r Treat 2, is in the works. Trick 'r Treat 2 also will be written and directed by Michael Dougherty, but no other details are available at this time. IMDb lists the film as in production, and fans of the first film are eagerly waiting to see Sam in action again.

Made by Neca Toys. Trick 'r Treat Sam action figure collectible stands 3x2x7 inches and includes interchangeable heads, lollipop, candy bar, candy sack, display base, and two carved pumpkins.

Price is $160.00+ tax and well worth the investment. Trick 'r Treat Sam action figure collectible is worthy of being passed down through the years.

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PRODUCT REVIEW: Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning Action Figure Box Set

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Leatherface Action Figure

By John Roisland

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Leatherface action figure

Leatherface at work.

BEHOLD!!! This is the amazing Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning Action Figure box set.

Made by Horror Neca Toys, item #42036.

The detail in this piece is absolutely incredible. It depicts a very gruesome scene from the 2006 movie directed by Jonathan Liebesman, who says, "I am absolutely in love with this piece, the scene tells a story, it isn't just a figure."

Includes 2 - 7 inch scale figures (1 Leatherface w/ tools & 1 victim) also includes butcher table base.

1.1 pound total weight

Average cost $145.00 + shipping

This is a beautiful piece that any horror fan with a toy collection would be proud to have on display!

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