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[Editorial] Hear me out on this, Toxie is an honorary member of The Avengers.

[Editorial] Hear me out on this, Toxie is an honorary member of The Avengers.

Growing up I loved comics, and I loved watching cheap viagra switch maestro in welchem land viagra rezeptfrei go to link cialis daily 5 mg donde comprar viagra en usa sample medical school diversity essays essay writing jobs online help write my papwer levlen ed online no prescription write my thesis for me essay and resume writters company oliver twist essay help medicine writing for hire essays on federalism source link thesis statement examples for childhood obesity viagra stockists london cover letters resume air force humanitarian assignment academic ghostwriter cheap viagra canadian get link get link get cialis on line viagra ou cialis qual o melhor persuasive essay on media i need an essay written for me Troma movies back in the days we didn’t have a whole lot of superhero movies or shows and the ones we did have…well they were suitable for that time being. In the old days, we had cartoons such as Iron Man, Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer, and even Batman.

Now and then we had some decent comic movies where given some of the films weren’t perfect, but we had no idea what the future will hold for us, so we just took it all in and were grateful for the movies which some of them still stand the test of time. One character in question is the Toxic Avenger. The plot is pretty simple if you never saw the movie “Tromaville has a monstrous new hero. The Toxic Avenger is born when meek mop boy Melvin falls into a vat of toxic waste. Now evildoers will have a lot to lose”

However the movie is even simpler. Gore, blood, boobs, language and humor For some, this is disgusting, vile. For gore hounds and comic fans, this was perfect. So let’s breakdown why Toxie is an honorary member.

In my opinion! There’s some stuff that may say true.

1: Marvel released the comics for Toxic Avenger 91-92 ( but still it happened)

2: The Avengers primarily work out of New York which isn’t far from New Jersey. Plus a lot of the Avengers do work in areas of NY that need their help or even other states and countries “West Coast Avengers” “Alpha Flight” The Canadian Avengers, Big Hero 6 (yes it’s Disney but they’re still connected, Japan’s Avengers) Winter Guard (Russia’s AvengersLockjaw and the pet avengers (Believe it or not great comic. Plus they actually fight Thanos)

3: Stan Lee and Lloyd Kaufman are friends. Stan did the voice over for Toxic Avenger 4. So given a lot of the Marvel characters who are Avengers defend their turf and situations that need their help. Plus in some instances, many characters from Marvel had helped the Avengers in battle when the case called for it. So, why not Toxie? He watches over New Jersey and their first super hero! Given the chance he would go into battle if called upon. Plus for all, we know he probably helped cleaned up all the ashes from the decimation in Infinity War.

MOVIE REVIEW: Fear Town, USA (2014)

MOVIE REVIEW: Fear Town, USA (2014)

I have a hard time trusting anything associated with Lloyd Kaufman or Troma Films since most are pure dreck. The ones that do succeed though are usually quite entertaining and have a certain trashy charm to them, and Fear Town, USA is one of the most entertaining Troma films that I’ve seen in quite a while.

Feartown, USA (2014) posterFear Town, USA. doesn’t have much to do with fear nor is there even really a town, but it does take place in the USA, so I guess that part of the title is accurate. The story doesn’t really center around any particular character. Instead, it covers a whole slew of stories that all drift and meander into and out of each other. There’s an escaped lunatic, a group of RPG playing “nerds” (who are probably the hunkiest guys in the movie) looking for some action, a girl with a ghostly secret, an obscure cult, a descendant of St. Blevins (You’ll learn more about St, Blevins and the ludicrous reason that they celebrate a day in his honor.) who happens to be hosting a St, Blevins day party, a group that was disinvited to the party, a woman looking for her blind date, an inept cop, a feuding couple, the Devil himself (You know your movie is slightly off the rails when the actual Devil is a secondary character), and a few other subplots that are never really resolved.

The acting is on par with most other Troma films, suffice to say, not very good, but better than some. The humor is lowbrow stoner humor, but well done for that sort of thing. A lot of the subplots and secondary stories are never wrapped up, but that doesn’t really detract from the overall experience simply because the ending is pure lunacy that I can almost guarantee you won’t see coming.

If you like Troma Films, you’ll probably love this one. If you don’t like Troma Films, but enjoy ridiculous humor, you’ll probably enjoy this. If you want a serious attempt at horror or sophisticated humor, you’d be better off looking someplace else.

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