Teaser Trailer 2 released for Tom Six’s ‘The Onania Club’

Audiences remain divided when it come to controversial filmmaker Tom Six, whose Human Centipede trilogy has left a lasting impression on viewers. Whilst some fans thrive on the extreme nature of his films asking for more, others are repulsed by the image to the extend that they have even sent him death threats. Praised or reviled Tom Six seems to thrive on the reactions to his film  often responding to fans on critics on social media, as it seems to inspire him to push the boundaries even further.

When it comes to details regard Tom Six’s latest film The Onania Club very few details have been released, with the first short teaser trailer released last year and a brief synopsis not revealing much about the film.

Hanna secretly joins a group called The Onania Club. Its members, strong independent L.A. women, get aroused by the misery of others. Hanna meets more misery than she could ever hope for and in the process loses everything she cares for.

Today however Tom Six has released a second teaser trailer, which gives you an insight into some of the controversial themes you can expect. If you thought The Human Centipede was provocative, prepare to be offended once more.

Posted by Philip Rogers

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