The Act: Episode 5 Review

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It skips to Nick working at his pizza job to start saving up so he can make this visit with Gypsy happen. It shows a quiet and shy Nick learning how to put the pizzas in the oven but dropping them every time. While his boss is patient with him, it seems that Nick lacks the confidence and gets frustrated inside to where he is seen standing outside in costume yelling for customers to visit the shop as if that’s the only simple task he can handle. 

It now pans to a very tired and sick Dee Dee who snaps at an anxious Gypsy who is over talking and begging her to go anywhere rather it be Disney or the zoo. Dee Dee apologizes for the outburst and settles to take Gypsy to the movies to see Cinderella. You can view all the anxiety in Gypsy; all she wants to do in her 20s is be free and have a relationship other than with her overbearing and over-controlling mother. With each argument and any put down that Dee Dee does to Gypsy, you can see it in Gypsy’s eyes, the exhaustion and her willing to do anything to get out of her mother’s wrath. During another video chat with Nick, she informs him to wear the nice shirt that she sent him and where to meet them along with how to make a perfect impression. 

The day is here, and with Gypsy knowing on who she will be finally seeing she wants to look her best. What her mother has in mind, dressing her adult daughter in a Cinderella dress and wig. As much as Gypsy refuses she still puts on the dress, in her mind she’ll look like a princess for her Prince Charming. Once arriving at the theater , Gypsy asks her mother if she can have a treat like sharing a soda to where Dee Dee snaps. As they pick their seats, Gypsy keeps looking her shoulder in anticipation and Dee Dee begins to notice how fidgety she is and even questions her about it. Nick enters and sits behind them, trying to start a polite conversation, however Dee Dee calls him out and moves Gypsy away causing Nick to walk out. Gypsy questions her mother asking why she has to talk to people that way and then excuses herself to the restroom in hopes of finding Nick. 

Once Gypsy heads to the restroom, Nick meets her there. Finally, the two can embrace, get to touch whom they fell in love with the last two years of talking. Taking longer than usual, Dee Dee gets restless and goes to search for her daughter, upon arrival to the locked door, she can hear soft moans and laughter inside. Feeling uncomfortable, Dee Dee heads back to the movie to which Gypsy arrives around the ending of it. Nick attempts again to hold the door for them and to start a conversation to where Dee Dee completely snaps. Both Nick’s and Gypsy’s facial expressions say it all. They grow cold.

With how Gypsy and Nick are beginning to execute their plan, it seems that Gypsy starts to reconsider, especially when Dee starts to apologize, you think the apology would be about her overreacting, but it’s more about how she didn’t give Gypsy a treat at the theater. Symbolism plays a big part at the end of the episode. Especially when it comes to the final scene with Gypsy going to the hunting store in the mall to purchase a knife; she even goes as far as to ask the guy behind the counter to what he would recommend. Red paint was dripping, red handle on the knife.. only leads to one thing — Dee Dee’s fate.  

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