The Act: Episode 6 Review

Get ready for everything to go into full circle cause this episode titled A Whole New World will put a lot into perspective for you as I know it did for me. Dee Dee is not only portrayed as a controlling, obsessive woman, but we all grow to dislike her, except for this episode passionately. It puts into the light as to why she is the way she was. The event starts with hearing Dee Dee scream; you already know the killing has begun, and then it takes us back to 1991 where Dee Dee was giving birth to Gypsy, and her mother was present. Being a parent, in general, can be very tough but being a first-time parent is nerve-racking at first, and it’s clear that Dee Dee’s mother Emma (Margo Martindale) oversteps her daughter by taking control of taking care of Gypsy since day 1. 

It seems from day 1 of having Gypsy that Dee Dee has a strict schedule. She goes with what a doctor told her and sticks to it and doesn’t switch it up not even with a mother’s intuition or “mother’s know best” motto. She was deemed to be not capable of being a mother because her mother pointed out her flaws even to go as far as to let the cops take her away in front of Gypsy. (At least that was how it was in the episode, a source says Dee Dee was pulled over and arrested but was not in prison for six months). That’s right; the overprotective “perfect” Dee Dee was arrested for check fraud. Her mother could have helped her but stated that she needs to learn her lesson especially taking ownership as a mother.

Let’s jump back to Gypsy and Nick. They are seen at a motel and decide to pack up, so before they head off, they go to a restaurant where Gypsy is full of anxiety even taking medication that belongs to her now deceased mother. When the police show up, Gypsy panics even more.  There was a small interaction with the officers when her prescription falls off the table, and the one officer picks it up for her, also looking at the name and calling her Claudine (Dee Dee). After the interaction, they hurry from the restaurant to come up with a new back up plan on what and where to go next. 

Dee Dee is now back from prison and is trying to build a bond with Gypsy, but her mother is standing in the way of that. Emma falls ill, and it seems that Dee Dee is purposely not taking care of her for a reason. To get rid of a controlling aspect in her life (sound familiar?). And now we jump back to Bonnie and Clyde. You can see the wheels turning in Gypsy’s head like she knows how big of a mistake she made and that she doesn’t seem too involved with Nick anymore—romantically that is. Like she wishes she could take this back, her feeling free from her mother’s control isn’t what she thought it would be. 

We bounce from Bonnie and Clyde back to a young Dee Dee panicking when Gypsy falls off the trampoline, she’s already a nervous first-time mom primarily when her mother uses to override her and her parenting, so now it’s full throttle. Not letting Gypsy do normal kid activities, kids fall, and they get up, but with her constant panicking and being over worried, it was already a sign that something more would escalate eventually from this. This is how it comes to an end, it all goes full circle in this episode. 

I had constant anxiety, and my heart was outside my chest watching this series, anticipating on what is yet to come, even from closely following this case I still can’t fathom on what Gypsy endured during her whole childhood. So many questions to ask and so many unanswered.

Posted by Sarah Gregory

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