The Act: Episode 7 Review

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We see the two “love birds” on the bus which left off from episode 6 on their way to Wisconsin where Nicholas lives. His annoyed and no filtered mother (Juliette LewisNatural Born Killers, Whip It) picks them up, and it is clear that Nick did not inform Gypsy that he told his mother she was staying in a homeless shelter and needed somewhere else to go until she gets back on her feet. When asked about her situation with her mother, you can tell Gypsy was starting to feel the guilt as she told her lies. 

Upon arriving at the house, Gypsy takes over the room like she’s Nick’s housewife and more like how her mother would take care of her.  She starts panicking and getting worried that no one will find her mother, but Nick has a plan. They decide to post a status on Facebook to let everyone know that something was going on with Dee Dee. Being subtle, they wrote, “ That bitch is dead.” With a stir of comments flooding, Gypsy is wondering what is taking so long, but she doesn’t have to wonder much longer, she never disabled her location on Facebook.

Gypsy’s neighbor and friend Lacey gets an unsettling feeling after seeing the status and heads over to Dee Dee’s house with her mother to make sure everything was okay. It didn’t take long for the cops to appear and for them to be on the search for Gypsy, her neighbors are worried since her wheelchair is left behind and they know how “sick” she is. 

Nick’s mother has some suspicions on Gypsy’s behavior, you can see it in her facial expressions, but she does nothing more than encouraging her to try to make amends with her mother. The more that gets brought up, the more it sends Gypsy into a panic leading for her and Nick to fight outside. A little while later, police lights can be seen through the window. Amid their fear, they hide in the closet together where Gypsy tells him that they will both tell the truth because they did nothing wrong and that everything will be okay. 

With Gypsy and Nick being in separate interrogation rooms, Nick is very open and honest and starts telling the truth that he was the one who stabbed Dee Dee; he would be diagnosed later on with being on the autism spectrum, also unclear if he has multiple personality disorder. Gypsy, on the other hand, denied all questions and it seemed that she was silently pointing her finger at Nicholas.  

What comes to a complete shock with how this episode ended, was when the whole world saw that Gypsy could walk at the start of her trial. It is like everything went silent and you can hear the gasps from everyone who had no idea that she has been living this lie her whole life.

This all comes to an end this Wednesday May 1st on Hulu. All episodes are still up for those of you that are not caught up yet. 

Posted by Sarah Gregory

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