The Act: Final Episode (Review)

Well, friends, the series has come to an end and it still leaves us with will there be a season 2? This episode ironically titled Free, has Gypsy convincing those around her (Mel, Lacey and her absent father) that she is innocent. With Dee Dee corrupting her from a young age, it is clear that you can tell that even though Gypsy knows right from wrong, she still has a mind like a child.

Gypsy starts to realize the harsh reality of how the world is especially without her mother, and being in prison is the worst way to find out how the world works. In her mind, as she is portrayed, she sees how tragic her situation is but does not grasp that this will not clear up and go back to normal. She is also learning that those she looked up to are now unsure if they can trust what she says. Take Lacey for instance. Gypsy is now relying on her friendship and hopes that she will visit her. Lacey is torn and wants answers, but it is unsure of what to do in this case, as she feels like she is to blame since she showed Gypsy the website to where Gypsy met Nick. Mel (Lacey’s mother) shows up for a visit which Gypsy was expecting to see Lacey. Mel along with the other neighbors was into Gypsy and Nick getting the death penalty. After talking to Gypsy, you can see that Mel is still trying to process if Dee Dee was abusing Gypsy, and if she could walk the whole time, then she should have walked away from the situation.

Gypsy’s lawyer is trying to prove that there was abuse and made up illnesses but will need to gain access to her medical records which only next of kin can obtain for her. She reaches out to her father for the records, and by her surprise, he visits her and explains that he tried being a part of her life. You can see the hurt in her eyes as she does not want to believe it because she wants to believe that everything her mother told her was correct. 

The kind of good news for Gypsy is that they are doing separate trials between her and Nick because she has a case with her medical records alone that will allow them to go into her home life and see how she lived under her mother’s care. Nick, realized that he is in this alone and will be serving a full-time sentence. 


This whole case leaves you torn; you are not sure which side to take and who deserved what, even if they were to it deserve something they cannot take matters into their own hands to end Dee Dee. There has been news circulating that there may be a season 2 which I believe may about Gypsy more, but there has not been any talk if it is going to start filming; hopefully, when news hits, we can update further if there is a follow-up season. For now, I want to hear your thoughts and opinions on how the show portrayed this tragic case.

Posted by Sarah Gregory

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