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The Shanley Hotel should be on every horror fan's 'Haunted Locations Bucket List'! You will certainly experience something - from rocking chairs to children's laughter to distinctively piano music.

The Shanley Hotel, located up in the Shawangunk Mountains of New York, has an unusual history. It burned completely down March 18, 1895, from a fire that started at a neighboring house, but by November they were up and running again. Back in the late 1800s and early 1900s, train travelers would rest here. Many workers working on the D&H canal lived here, and locals would come here for a drink and to socialize. It was the popular spot to be seen. There have been several owners, but the most prominent owner, James Louis Shanley, was born in Ireland on Halloween. 😉

James married Beatrice Rowley in 1910, and the town held a big celebration. The whole city admired Mr. Shanley, so his marriage was a big deal. Mrs. Shanley fixed the place up elaborately. She was a socialite and would have tea parties and card games.

The Shanley Hotel - The Rose Room

The Shanley Hotel - The Blue Room

The couple had three children, but all passed away before their first birthday. There were other deaths and odd occasions that I will get to later.

Mr. Shanley added a bowling alley, billiard's room, and a barber shop. The Shanleys held fancy parties, card and domino tournaments. It was the happening place! Thomas Edison and Eleanor Roosevelt visited often and were close friends of the Shanleys. Eleanor made sure The Shanleys were there at the Inaugural Ball when Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected president. On the other hand, Shanley also put in a gentlemen’s club, which was raided once and resulting in Shanley being arrested for fighting with one of the investigators. He was also charged with having a lot of liquor (wine, whiskey).

The residing barber had a daughter who, while playing, fell in and drowned in the hotel's well, and Beatrice's sister also died on the property of influenza.

In 1937, James passed away from a massive heart attack. Beatrice did not sell the property until 1944. Interestingly, the man who bought it was born on Halloween a few years after James. Even more interesting is this new owner, Allen Hazen, would die on the same day as Shanley did.

The hotel is still a popular spot, only now it is popular among ghost hunters. As a matter of fact, Ghost Hunters investigated here in their 7th season (episode 17).

They will even reserve a spot for you to have a very special birthday. 😉

56 Main Street
Napanoch, NY 12458

The Shanley Hotel

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