‘The Trick or Treat Picture Show’ coming to Amazon Prime and other Streaming Media Venues this October

New York Production Company (The Cinemaharvest Co.) prepares to release their initial Feature Film on Amazon Prime and other Streaming Media Venues this October.

“The Trick or Treat Picture Show” is a VHS homage to Slasher Films, Drive-in Movie Culture, 80’s Docudrama and Halloween Public Service Announcements, in Picture Show Format.

Simply stated, this Motion Picture was constructed for Horror Fans and designed for children of the 80’s.

Featuring: – Two Original 35mm Slasher Films- Two Paranormal Documentaries – Multiple 16mm Grindhouse Style Trailers- New and Original Halloween PSA’S – Super 8mm Halloween Snack Recipes for Stoners- Original Analog Synthwave- Vintage Drive-In Movie Advertisements Director’s Anthony Ashmore had the following to say about the film:
“The current state of affairs within the horror genre are quite grim. An over-saturation of gore, “found footage” formatting, inauthentic performances, and direct-to-video productions, define our current climate within the chronology of horror film production. The films which scared me the most were the docudrama theatrical films of the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. Films like Halloween, The Shining, The Exorcist & The Amityville Horror, struck a chord within the collective consciousness of the nation. These movies were presented during a period of realism within the film business, of which motion pictures like The Godfather and Taxi Driver set a precedence. As time, commercialism and film styles have evolved, our ever-beloved genre has declined into an era of cheap thrills and red food coloring. Where are the realistic films that gave us nightmares, chills, and offered a sense of dread because of their total authenticity? The aforementioned is the foundation of this Motion Picture”.

You can find out more about the film on IMDB and by following director Anthony Ashmore and New York Production Company on the following social media

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