Treehouse (Into The Dark series) Review

Every first Friday of the month I look forward to the watching the Into the Dark series on Hulu and the sixth episode in this installment: Treehouse has really outdone itself and may be the best and most shocking episode in this anthology. While the other episodes are holiday-themed, this Ides of March themed thriller which is directed by the A Million Little Things star James Roday  (The Resident, Rosewood) definitely shows the horror of male entitlement through the #MeToo Movement.

This episode has a very collective cast. It stars Jimmi Simpson (Date Night, Black Mirror, Person Of Interest), Julianna Guill (Mine Games, The Resident), Stephanie Beatriz (Brooklyn NineNine, Closure, Bob’s Burgers), Sophia Del Pizzo (Driftwood, Follow), Sutton Foster (Gilmore Girls, Younger), Nancy Linehan Charles (The Stepfather, Grimm, The Hatred), Mary McCormack (Deep Impact, Scandal, ER), and Shaunette Reneé Wilson (Black Panther, The Resident).

The beginning is quite eerie, at least it was to me. It starts off showing a bruised and battered woman who is sipping wine on a hill in the desert. It then cuts to a bar/restaurant where celebrity chef Peter Rake (Jimmi Simpson) is yelling at his cooks, in a Chef Ramsay way, followed by a visit from his daughter. To me, their relationship seemed strained through his daughters eyes even though you can tell that he loves her very much but seems too busy and full of himself to acknowledge her. 

With the stress going around him, he decides to retreat to his family’s vacation home where he runs into his sister Gwen (Amanda Walsh) whom he hasn’t seen in an awfully long time. Not only does he come in contact with his sister, he also starts up conversation with the housekeeper Agnes (Nancy Linehan Charles) who seems a little off and peculiar. Now this is where it gets really weird, the movie starts shifting and now Peter is visited by a girl named Kara (Julianna Guill) who informs him that their bachelorette party ran into an issue, the power went out. Instead of just handing Kara the basics like candles and flashlights to get them through the night, Peter decides to invite them over and offer to cook up dinner when the party goers realized who he was. 

The bride to be (Shaunette Reneé Wilson), her mother (Mary McCormack) and the rest of her squad (Sutton Foster, Sophia Del Pizzo, and Stephanie Beatriz) all watch as Peter gets drunker and drunker as the night goes on, and shows his crude side as he makes uncomfortable comments at their expense. 

Without giving so much away, as you can guess it all comes back at Peter. The ladies flip the table back to Peter’s agressive and abusive past. It seems like a typical female revenge film, but it also seems like Peter is getting a lesson out of this, being spared but also knowing that these women have a hold on him for the rest of his life. You start to wonder, why spare him after how he treats women and thinks it’s okay, but then you get the sense of he’ll be ridiculed forever by these powerful women and that is pure horror in itself.

Check out the trailer below and if you are not caught up in this series, all 6 episodes are up on Hulu. You will not regret it. ⬇️⬇️

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