TWD, S08E05, Negan and Father Gabriel / Fair use doctrine.

RECAP: TWD, S08 E05: The Big Scary U

Okay, this episode wasn't as intense as the past few weeks, which I'm happy about because I could not handle any more! Not to say it was not intense though - explosions, a mole, Gabriel left alone with Negan, Eugene's cucumbers!! :O

This episode starts off with a flashback of Father Gabriel praying that his death be not a fruitless death and that he goes out with a purpose. And when they are stuck in the hotbox and Negan asks him why did he leave the safety of that car and run back to save Gregory's cowardly ass. Gabe tells Negan that he does not want to die a fruitless death. Gabe also tells Negan he believes his purpose was to hear Negan's confession and to give him a pardon. Gabriel tells Negan of his downfalls, of his cowardly ways of not letting his congregation into the church when they needed in to escape the Walkers at the beginning of the apocalypse. It does work, and Negan loosens up. He tells Gabriel of his wife before the Z.A. He confesses to cheating on her, even when she got sick before the apocalypse, he was galavanting. Negan also mentions he worked with kids. Maybe a teacher or counselor at an alternative or intercity school. Father Gabriel's kind tone, and looking him in his face and not backing down saved him his life. Negan decides Gabe will be his new 'special project'. Not a big surprise there. Negan kept Eugene, he was going to keep Sasha, he even played cat-and-mouse with Carol. What better weapon against someone than one of their team

members? Negan is nothing more than a puppetmaster. And yet as he has his workers bow down when he comes in, and has multiple wives against their will (even killing people to take them wives) and punishing those who rebel by ironing their faces, Negan still thinks he is right and that all is justified. When Gabe was approaching Negan from the back and Negan raised his bat, did he whisper, "Lucille, give me strength"?

Gabe tells Negan he is forgiven, and Negan punches him in his face. I busted out laughing! Perfect.
It was good they did show us Gregory's meeting with Negan and his head Saviors (Negans of the Long Table).

Jayson Warner Smith as Gavin, Austin Amelio as Dwight, Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan - The Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 5 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

I love seeing Gregory squirm.I hope Miss Celie fixed that glass of water Gregory was sipping on. When Negan started yelling and pounding the table with Lucille, I just know Gregory and Eugene both pissed their pants. LOL. Gregory's still as delusional as ever. Especially thinking HE could pull off any stunt. I do wonder what Maggie's purpose for letting him back into the Hilltop was. It is going to be interesting to see what Gregory tries.
Negan mentions Simon backsliding? What is Simon's history? Did Negan beat him into submission?

Now in Gregory's flashback, where Simon brought him breakfast, Simon mentioned something about having a meeting with Negan and brought up that he found out about the Hilltop's 'betrayal' while he was in Alexandria last time. How was it Simon found that out? Still a mole in Alexandria? Or one of the Saviors crept into Alexandria somehow and overheard their plans?
Chaos starts up in the Sanctuary because no one knows for sure if Negan is dead or not. Then generators shut off causing more problems. Everyone is frightened and do not know what they should or what will happen next, and now they are all hot and sweaty so the workers start demanding answers and come up to the second floor ready to fight. It takes a gunshot to get them to calm back down and as soon as they are all silent and still by the gunfire, here comes Negan's whistle from around the corner. All drop to their knees, including Gabriel. Negan assigns Gabe a cell, and Eugene is his 'welcoming committee', bringing him a pillow and other items and finding Gabe in a poor condition. Was Gabe bit? It looks as if his blood sugar dropped too low. Did he get too hot? Is it a stunt? Eugene wants to get him to a doctor ASAP, but Gabe tells him that is the reason he is there. That Maggie's doctor needs to get back to the Hilltop. Gabe may be dying, but he is still looking to serve a purpose.
Now let's get to Rick and Daryl, who got into a fistfight. I'm shocked that this had not happened before.

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon, Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes - The Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 5 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Until now. Daryl has gone and done his own things numerous times before. This time Rick was right there to argue with him, and this time there was a ton on both of their backs. Daryl has always been more gung-ho than a thinker and planner. In the middle of this rumble and tumble, the truck carrying the guns, ammo, and dynamite explodes. Well, just great! Okay, the explosion breaks up the fight, but I am curious about the guns. Before the fight, we see Daryl pulling out a long crate, inside is both dynamite and some ammo but no guns. Did the other guns slide further down during the flip down the hill? I'm really not sure what Daryl, says but I can tell he goes off a different direction than Rick. Rick is on foot, I imagine, walking back to Alexandria. Suddenly, we hear a helicopter. A DAMN HELICOPTER!! The look on Rick's face says it all.

Remember that he saw a helicopter at the first of all of this when he got into Atlanta. T-dog told him that was impossible, and since Rick was hallucinating while they were in the prison, he is not sure if the helicopter is real or not. I suspect he follows the helicopter too see if he is delusional gain if for no other reason.

Now I'm like, "Forget this turkey! Show us who owns that damn helicopter!"

Posted by Alan Smithee

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