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Victor Salva’s Jeepers Creepers 3 Hits Canadian Roadblock

Victor Salva is back in the news, although myself and a large number of horror fans wish he would just vanish. If you don't know who Victor Salva is, he is the creator and director of the Jeepers Creepers franchise. He is also a convicted pedophile.


Victor Salva

Victor Salva

Salva, who also directed the Disney feature Powder, has long planned to do a third installment of the Jeepers Creepers story. The road to JC3 has been rocky, many people feel that that growing knowledge of Salva's past has hampered funding of the project. Many, myself included, thought the film would never see the light of day. Then last year word came that the new film had been green lit. There was casting and plot rumors and even a filming date. But now, Jeepers Creepers 3 has hit a new potential road block, and this time there’s no ambiguity. Salva's past is directly the reason the movie is in trouble.

Victor Salva powder

Victor Salva's Powder is disturbing if you watch it after knowing his past

The production put out a Canadian casting call for an 18 year old actress to play a 13 year old in Jeepers Creepers 3. However, a local acting union issued a statement warning Canadian actors of the director's past, and reminding them they could turn down any job they considered dangerous. Local trade publications pulled the casting notice delivering a blow to Salva's plans for the film.

Now I honestly don't know enough about the business part of the acting business to fully gauge the impact of what happened. Can the film recruit an American actor or find a Canadian actor despite the union's objections? Or does this force a rewrite or even kill the project? I can't see it killing the project on its own, but sure it will shed even more light on Victor Salva's past. And the more people know of his crimes, the harder it will be to get JC3 to film.

Being completely honest, a lot of horror fans want this film to happen. Even among those fans who know of his past, a lot want to see this movie. Likewise a lot of horror fans want the series, or at least Salva, to just go away. I'm not going to insult or judge those fans who want to see Jeepers Creepers 3. Everyone has to make their own decisions, and decide for themselves what is right and wrong. I loved the original Jeepers Creepers, but I can't watch it anymore. I just can't and I won't support this new film. I won't go into my personal reasoning as I have covered it in another article on Salva on my blog, but I believe Salva has no business making movies.

Now in Salva's defense he has been convinced, and served his prison time. He legally has every right to work at gainful employment. However his crimes were committed while working as a movie director. He used his position as director to rape and film an underage child. He should never be allowed to work in a position where he could potentially have that same power over a child. I don't look at banning him from filmmaking as punishment, but as prevention. If he is truly on the straight and narrow, he shouldn't want to be in that position.

Victor Salva has begged the public for forgiveness. He claims he has been in therapy and has apologized to his victim. I hope this is true. I hope that he has been in therapy and that it has helped. I hope that he is no longer a threat, but I can't forgive him and he should not be directing. He is right; legally he has paid his debt to society. He spent 15 months in prison, 15 months of a three year sentence. Is that truly enough for destroying a child's life? People serve more time for smoking marijuana. People serve more time for cheating at gambling in Las Vegas.

I hope this film goes away. I hope Victor Salva goes away. I hope finds a job where he can live his life without the temptation and opportunity that filmmaking gives him. And I hope this is the last time I write about him and his movies.

Posted by Allen Alberson

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