[Video throwback] Full Moon’s videozone was the second best part of the films.

It was. The first part was the movie itself growing up; it was amazing to see the special effects, behind the scenes and puppetry for some of the films. It was like when Walt Disney or William Castle addressed the audience. The fear factor left, and you were, in reality, watching the monsters or dolls be inanimate objects, but one grew to admire the art and craft of the work. This was my favorite part because I was able to examine everything and get an understanding of the business (a little bit)

Too young for cons and expos plus not having any in my city was rough, but Full Moon videozone made me feel part of the community. Charles Band gave me a glimpse of everything I loved in less than 30 minutes. Charles still does the “video zones” if you will but this time it’s updates about projects and promotions going on for the site. Still happy he continues the tradition. Here’s just a few samples of the video zones.

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