RECAP: TWD, S06E11, Knots Untie

Knots Untie

By Machete Von Kill

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The writers at the The Walking Dead never fail to leave us hanging as long as they can. After last week's Richonne coupling and run in by Jesus, this week's episode begins with the ever colorful Abraham and Sasha returning to Alexandria after being outside the gates. Sasha informs Abraham, much to his disappointment, that Eugene will be stepping up and taking over her patrol with Abraham. Does this spell the end for this budding awkward love triangle?

After a quick check-in with Maggie and Glenn on the state of the food situation in Alexandria, we finally get to the scene viewers have been dying for. Carl finds Jesus on the steps and, with his gun to Jesus' head, asks what he's doing in their house. Jesus responds, “Waiting for your mom and dad to get dressed so we can talk.” Enter Rick and Michonne and seconds later the rest of the crew. So yet again, we have to wait for Carl's reaction to Richonne.

Jesus explains to the group why he is in Alexandria. He is responsible for seeking out other settlements that can trade services and goods with his group. He tells the group he thinks his community and Alexandria can help each other out. He invites the group to come back with him and tells them, “Your world is about to get a whole lot bigger.”

Rick and crew pack up the RV to head to Jesus' community, and he and Carl finally have a moment to themselves and are able to talk. Rick tells Carl he was going to tell him about Michonne, but it just happened. Carl tells him, sincerely, “It's cool.” He also tells Rick he will be staying in Alexandria to keep the place safe while the group is gone.

While on the drive, Abraham delivers what could possibly be one of the best lines ever. He watches Glenn with his hand on Maggie's pregnant belly as she sleeps. He then asks Glenn, “When you were pouring the Bisquick, were you trying to make pancakes?”

After coming across a vehicle crash involving members of Jesus' community, Hilltop Settlement, rescuing the survivors and encountering the only Walkers of the episode, our group makes it to the gates of the new community.

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After a tense entry to the community, they meet the leader of the group, an arrogant jerk named Gregory. Rick puts Maggie in charge of negotiations with Gregory. Initially, they don't go well until a member of Hilltop returns with a message from Negan and attacks Gregory. Maggie gives Gregory and Hilltop Settlement an offer they can't refuse: her group with take care of Negan and the Saviors in exchange for half of Hilltop's resources and an ultrasound from the resident OB they saved on the way. Gregory accepts the deal.

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So how does this bode for our survivors of The Walking Dead? Only time will tell. But I'd be a liar if I said I wasn't worried about how this will play out and the potential for heartbreaking carnage as this season comes to a close.

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