WiHM Blood Drive PSA 20, Just A Prick by Tonjia Atomic & Mi Chelle Nessk

WiHM9 Blood Drive, PSA #21 – Just A Prick

Early morning, Souls! It’s the twenty-second day of Women in Horror Month, and House of Tortured Souls is proud to present the twenty-first entry in this year’s Women in Horror Month Blood Drive.

I’d like apologize personally for the delay on this release to Tonjia Atomic & Mi Chelle Nessk. I am having technical difficulties as well as issues with one of my fangs…
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From the Official Press Release comes this introduction:

I’ve known Tonjia Atomic for many years and I am very happy to announce her and Mi Chelle Nessk’s next instalment for the Women in Horror Month Massive Blood Drive PSAs.
These two are incredibly talented directors, multi-talented artists, and astonishingly hard-working professionals. I don’t want to give away anything about their PSA, so just keep an eye out for cameos and lots of other fun (I guess grown up) stuff. Not 18A, but it gets pretty murdery.

Obligatory disclaimer (not that we need it, right Souls?):

DISCLAIMER: This IS Horror, boys and grrls, so SOME of these do have VERY naughty content. Blood. Gore. EXTREME gore. Disturbing situations. Nudity. Sexual situations. Violence. Language.
If you are SENSITIVE to this kind of content, be a mature human being and just don’t watch. No need to spoil the fun for us fellow weirdos. We’re not hurting anyone. It just REALLY looks like we are 😉

Without further ado, behold the powerful twenty-first Blood Drive PSA of Women in Horror Month:

Just A Prick

By Tonjia Atomic & Mi Chelle Nessk


Westin Halvorson – Christopher James Phillips
Tristan Risk – Hailey Vesper
Michelle Nessk – Zee Monsta
Jackey Raye Neyman Jones – Pamela Knickknacks
James Grixoni – Johnathan the Lonely
Tonija Atomic – Cam Date Blair
Rachel Jackson – Audrey Swinging Electra
Hiromi Cota – Gurgling Man
Benjamin Barton – Bear Double
Ygal Kaufman – Zee Monsta’s Victim


Christina Lynn Hendricks
Benjamin Barton
Ygal Kaufman
Heather Geer
Britt Byrtus
James Mahoney
Evan Christopher


Michelle Nessk
Tonjia Atomic


Gloomy Sunday Productions

Executive Producers

D Kirkness
James Mahoney

Associate Producers

Vicki Woods
Angie Faro
Jimmy Weinholz
Charity Becker
Linda Kay
Gary Washington
Shannon Devine
Chrystal Doucette


Jeff Morales


Conn Buckley

Editor, 2nd AD

James Mahoney

1st AD

Nadine L’Esperance

3rd AD

Angie Faro

1st AC

Britt Byrtus

Audio Editor

Ken Webster


Bryce Kain & Michelle Nessk

Color Correction

Dave Patterson


Christina Pezzo


Ygal Kaufman

Key MUA, Wardrobe, Styling, SFX, Assistant Editor, Casting Producer, Art Director

Michelle Nessk

Wardrobe Assistant, Casting Producer, 2nd Art Director

Tonija Atomic


Nick Shargas


Heather Geer

Art Poster Illustrators

Mark McKenna
Cesar Feliciano

Blood Logo Graphic Designer

Christal VanEtten

Production Assistants

Christopher Barnes
Rachel Jackson
Benjamin Barton
Heather Geer
Evan Christopher


Kevin Van Walk
Chrystal Doucette
Joshua Phenicie
Joe Sherlock
Women in Horror
Twisted Twins Productions
Blue Mouse Theatre
Crypticon Seattle


Digital Soaps
Shannon Devine’s Illustrated Stories
Value Village
Sinful Audio


Tonjia Atomic is an award-winning filmmaker, actress, musician, and writer. Her films include Plain Devil and Walking to Linas. Her writing has been featured in several online and print magazines. She’s in the bands Duet To-It, Huh-Uh, and Filthy Issue. Her most recent film, Manos Returns, is the sequel to the 1965 cult film Manos: The Hands of Fate.


It means a lot to me to be a part of the Women in Horror Month blood drive PSAs. As an anemic I am unable to give blood. Participating in the PSAs is a way for me to be able to contribute something by encouraging others to donate blood. I’m proud to be a part of this group of talented filmmakers. What better way than horror to remind us that we all bleed? After all, it’s in you to give.


Michelle Nessk is an award-winning indie horror filmmaker, dancer, musician, and artist out of the Pacific Northwest. Best known for their well-regarded & controversial first full feature film: O. Unilateralis, as well as the annual showcase series Horrors of the PNW. The showcase has premiered at Crypticon Seattle every year for the last five years, where Michelle plays horror host Zee Monsta. Much of Michelle’s work is laced with social commentary regarding rape culture and is often connected to charities and non-profits that focus on domestic abuse survivor advocacy. Their band ANU performs at various horror and sci-fi festivals in the Pacific Northwest. Michelle is the owner of production company Gloomy Sunday Productions and the horror publication The Blood Shed.


I’m so grateful to have gotten to participate in the 2018 Women in Horror Massive Blood Drive PSA. I don’t give blood, I take it. Because I’m severely anemic, I depend upon the generosity of others to give in order to survive. This project has not only given me the opportunity to work with the incredible Tonjia Atomic (who also happens to be anemic), but to truly show my gratitude to all the heroes who open their veins to save lives. Thank you so much for letting us be part of this.

Remember, Souls, there’ll be a new PSA every day, and please check out the official WiHM website for more on Women in Horror Month.

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