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By JohnRoisland

This week on House of Tortured Souls Live, Robert LaSardo guests on our Black Friday Special!

Hey boys and girls, demons and demonettes and horror fans across the land! Welcome to the House of Tortured Souls Live Thanksgiving Black Friday Special! Allen and I had a very special guest in the HoTS Live studio, Mr. Robert Lasardo! Robert is of course known by everyone as being the actor with the body suit of tattoos, well did you know that Robert also has over 120 acting titles to his credits. Tiles ranging from China Girl to Dee Snyder's Strange Land and from Nip/Tuck to The Human Centipede III and, most recently, Anarchy Parlor.

Robert talks remakes, special f/x, Elvis and Dee Snyder. We also discuss people as sheep in the entertainment industry and how people are labeled.

Robert LaSardo Photo by Justice Howard

I (John) was lucky enough to have met Robert LaSardo at Scares That Care Charity Weekend in 2015. I had a business card for House of Tortured Souls but hadn't even launched the website yet. Robert took my card, told me he was filming out of country but was going to call when he got home... I figured the card was in the trash, and Robert was gone. I got a call at home one night as, sure enough, he made true on his word. Robert is one of the most sincere and passionate people I have ever met. The expression the strong silent type comes very close to being perfect when describing Robert LaSardo, and I absolutely love talking with him.

Robert LaSardo in Bleach

Now sit back and listen for the next hour or so as John Roisland and Allen Alberson bring you their Thanksgiving Black Friday Special! With that being said, we wish and hope everyone has and had a great and safe Turkey Day!

Don't forget - (209) 600-EVIL...call, leave us a message, anything you'd like to talk about. JUST CALL US!

Keep It Evil...

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SPOTLIGHT: Robert LaSardo

SPOTLIGHT: Robert LaSardo

By John Roisland

Robert LaSardo

Robert LaSardo. When you say the name Robert LaSardo, many people respond, “Oh, yeah I know him. He's the actor with all the tattoos.” But that's barely scratching the surface of who he is. I had the privilege of meeting Robert LaSardo last July at the Scares That Care charity weekend convention, and he agreed to call me and arrange an interview when he returned from filming in Europe. Although we had not yet officially launched www.HouseofTorturedSouls.com, he, nevertheless, said he would call.

Robert LaSardo Photo by Justice Howard

Photo by Justice Howard

Not to disparage Mr. LaSardo, but I never really expected my phone to ring because, as I said, we had not officially launched. One evening, however, it did and displayed a Los Angeles phone number. I looked at my phone and then let it go to voicemail since I don't know anybody in LA. About 10 minutes later, the same phone number called again, and again I let it go to voicemail, but this time he left a message. After listening to the voicemail, I was grinning from ear to ear; Robert LaSardo had just called my phone. I called him back, and, by the end of the call, he told me to call him Rob.

Unlike many actors might do, Robert reached out to me as a person. We talked a few times and built a rapport and a friendship. When I told him I wanted to do an article on the real Robert LaSardo, not just the actor, he liked the idea and agreed to an interview in mid-September of 2015... So I’ve been sitting on it staring at it for almost a year now! I wasn’t sure how to do it – and him - justice. With House of Tortured Souls’s one year anniversary upon us, however, I decided to turn the spotlight on Robert LaSardo and give the rest of the world a look at the man behind the tattoos.

Robert LaSardo was born in Brooklyn, New York, on September 20, 1963, and currently resides on the West Coast in California with his loving family. But what about in between?

At a very young age, he became quite the aspiring actor. I asked him about this. Had he dreamed of growing up to be an actor when he was a young boy? “No,” he said. “I used to watch the trains, watching them leave town and wishing I was on one of them.” This is not surprising. Robert had a hard life growing up. He lived on the street sometimes, in cars at other times, and sometimes with friends. However, there was one bright spot: Robert was accepted to a high school for the performing arts where he received critical acclaim for his work. In spite of this, Robert was in and out of gangs and even had a few run ins with the law. He could’ve stayed on the streets at this point, but he was smart enough to realize that was a dead end. So he walked away from it and into the US Navy after high school.

Robert LaSardo in Bleach

Robert LaSardo in Bleach

When he returned, he redoubled his efforts to become an actor and flesh out his talent. At first he received small parts here and there, but he found himself stereotyped by his appearance. This did not deter him, and he continued to seek various types of characters. Eventually, the combination of his talent, determination, and self discipline paid off. Not only did Robert LaSardo gain recognition in the tattoo industry, but he has also become a versatile, well-established actor with a lengthy list of credits ranging from China Beach to General Hospital to Strangeland to The Human Centipede III and encompassing a variety of roles from thugs to tattoo artists to priests.

Robert LaSardo left an impact on me like not many others have. He's a man of few words but who always chooses them wisely, so when he speaks, people listen. He often portrays tough guys, perhaps because he demands - and earns – respect from those with whom he works. Indeed, while he isn't the biggest guy in the room, he does give the impression of the one who will kick your ass the hardest. I'm not saying that's not true (or that it is true); what I am saying is that he has a presence and is not the type of person who can be ignored. I'm honored to have gotten to know the real person, the man behind the tattoos. He is grateful for what he has and passionate about what he does and it shows. In addition to being a prolific actor with over 118 credits to his name – and more in production, he is also a published author, having penned. Life Sentence: A True Story About Love, Lunacy, and Fame and Playing With Fire.

Though we did not get to speak often or for long, I always looked forward to our next chat and not because it was Robert LaSardo the actor calling, but because it was Rob the awesome person calling. He was always very honest and direct, and I have the utmost respect for him.

Robert LaSardoAt the end of my interview with Rob, he said to me,

Life can be really hard, but never give up. Never give up on yourself or your dreams. Never forget that there are always people that are going to try to bring you down, and thats when you have to pull together everything you have and make it work, to not only prove them wrong, but to prove it to yourself.

Robert LaSardo is proof that dreams can be realized.

Robert LaSardo, I look forward to seeing and speaking with you again soon.

Take care, my friend, and thank you.

Keep It Evil.

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Is STRANGELAND 2 headed our way??

Is STRANGELAND 2 headed our way??

images (2)

By : John Roisland


Big news today for both horror and metal fans. Legendary front man Dee Snider of hard rock metal group, Twisted Sister announced today that Strangeland 2, is in the works!

Back in 1998 Dee Snider  released  Strangeland , that he wrote and co starred in along with other such stars as Robert Englund, Kevin Gage, Elizabeth Pena, and a young Amy Smart. It was the story of a internet predator, who enjoyed performing different kinds of sadomasochistic torture on his victims. And a detective to find his daughter, who has fallen victim to his trap.

As of this morning  Snider re-tweeted an Instagram photo  from Christopher Petzel, the president and CEO of Strangeland rights owners Emaji Entertainment, which was captioned with the words “We’re going to Strangeland!“. Snider of course , added  his own caption along with the tweet , confirming that “the Strangeland sequel team begins to be built…“.


Obviously, there is no further information given as it was just announced this morning, but bet your ass we here at www.houseoftroturedsouls.com will be following this one very closely! I did a review on the original back in October, the movie, I absolutely love. I think it was a breath of fresh air that at the time, the horror industry needed!

The storyline I think was great, and give mad fist bumps to Mr. Snider who wrote the story. It was however , never given a real big push with the  release of the film. I must say, that I am very excited about this, and hope it gets a better backing by the studios for a bigger release.

Strangeland did go in to become a bit of a cult classic with a big following especially with the metal heads, as it had a great soundtrack, but also with those involved with tattoos and body modification, as the story deals a lot on the subject.

Either way, this is one I will be on the look out for!

Keep It Evil.


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FILM REVIEW: Anarchy Parlor (2015)

FILM REVIEW: Anarchy Parlor (2015)



By: John Roisland

Anarchy Parlor is the story  of a few friends on vacation in Vilnius, Lithuania. While out one night  partying, one of the guys runs into a long blonde haired heavily tattooed young lady by the name of  Uta, played by Sara Fabel (Gang Busters) who is  very aggressive with the guy, and mentions that she is an apprentice at a local tattoo shop. With this being said, immediately he and one of his friends goes with the girl back to the tattoo parlor, so he can try to put the moves on his new found love, and his friend…well she wants to get a tattoo to remember their trip by.


When the three of them alive at the tattoo parlor the guy and Uta go downstairs for a quick little fuck fest while the girl Amy, played by Tiffany DeMarco (Raze, Its Dark Here) stays and waits for the artist, played by Robert LaSardo (Death Race, Human Centipede III, Strangeland , Nip/Tuck). LaSardo and Amy speak for a while getting to know each other, earning a trust amongst them, and decides on a small tattoo to get. Downstairs, Uta has now drugged our young friend and is passed out unconscious. As LaSardo finishes his tattoo on Amy, she passes out from the drug he put into her drink.

The morning after, the rest of the friends come looking for their now lost friends who were last seen going to this tattoo shop. When they get there, they are of course told that they were there, but had left in the wee hours of the night.  The group leaves, very upset and angered…they are sure their friends are in that shop!

Meanwhile, down in the basement better known as a dungeon if you will, we find LaSardo and our apprentice with our new victims tied to a slab strip down to their underwear lying on their stomachs. It is here that we find out the real meaning of Anarchy Parlor. LaSardo and his apprentice perform the art of cutting the skin from the backs of their victims claiming it to be the purest form of canvas. Meanwhile, our other friends have made their way back to the tattoo shop forcing their way in claiming that they know that their friends are here as they searched throughout the building they find a body hung in the basement, with Amy still on the slab.

It is explained by LaSardo’s character that he has been hired to do portraits, of all the members of the oldest and wealthiest family in Lithuania. But the portraits are to be done…on the purest form of canvas there is.  Hence the reason why LaSardo skins his victims.

The movie overall was highly entertaining! It sadly enough will not win any awards although I must say on a high point that Robert Lasardo’s  character I think was written for him. He absolutely nailed this performance. Having had the pleasure of meeting and personally speaking with Robert LaSardo a few times, I can tell you that many personality traits in his character are  very, very similar to Robert’s own mannerisms in real life, (and I say this with the utmost respect) Lasardo is a very well spoken gentleman, who chooses his words wisely…so did his character. He obviously put a lot into his role.  So I definitely must  give huge props to my friend Mr. LaSardo on his performance.

untitled (5)

There are some decent blood and gore scenes in the film,  watching somebody get skinned kinda makes you cringe a little bit. There is a small feel of Hostel during the film, but not one to make you say its a rip-off. I did enjoy the ending…I like where they went with it, that’s all I’m gonna  say about that!

The film was both written and directed by Devon Downs and Kenny Gage and brought to you from A Team Entertainment.

I recommend giving Anarchy Parlor a shot, and next time you’re in a tattoo shop…you might not want to go wandering around.


Keep It Evil.


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HALLOWEEN HORRORS: Strangeland (1998)

HALLOWEEN HORRORS: Strangeland (1998)

By John Roisland


October 2, 1998, was a time when people were still learning about the Internet and body modification was really breaking through. Director John Pieplow brings us Strangeland.

The story is about “Captain Howdy” (played by Dee Snider of rock band Twisted Sister, who also wrote and produced the film), a sadist Internet predator who invites other internet friends over for a party, where they soon meet their end.

Kevin Gage (Heat, Blow, G.I. Jane, Laid to Rest), the town sheriff, is quick on the case after his daughter, played by Linda Cardellini (Grandma’s Boy, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Freaks and Geeks), falls to the hands of Captain Howdy.

The chase continues to find Howdy, and the scenes of the torture with his victims and his own self-mutilation are actually pretty impressive. A few scenes are actual textbook history of how different cultures used different devices to either torture or elevate one to a higher sense of body limitations.

Now I’m not saying its the best film ever made…it’s not. At moments it’s actually kinda slow. But I will give Dee props on his first attempt and writing, producing and starring in….he put forth a very valiant effort. At the box office, this film actually lost money. If not for its huge impact as a cult classic…it would have been a complete bomb!

It offers a pretty impressive cast, aside from Dee Snyder, Kevin Gage, and Linda Cardellini, it also stars Elizabeth Pena (Jacob’s Ladder, Down in the Valley, Things Behind the Sun), Brett Harrelson (The People vs. Larry Flynt, From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money), Robert Englund (A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984), Wishmaster, Urban Legend, 2001 Maniacs, Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon), Amy Smart (The Butterfly Effect, Crank, Just Friends, Starsky and Hutch) and Robert Lasardo (Death Race, The Human Centipede III, Anarchy Parlor, Nip/Tuck). Now with this line up, one would expect a little more…but they only acted in it

For those headbangers out there like myself, the film did have a pretty kick fucking ass soundtrack though: Bile, Pantera, Megadeth, Coal Chamber, Anthrax, Soul Fly, and Hed PE – to name a few.

I can’t say this is honestly on my every year must watch Halloween films…but it is always this time of year when I do think about it the most. Does that count?

I REALLY want to say better things about the film, but sadly it is what it is, a great idea, that just wasn’t executed to its fullest potential.


“So much flesh…so little time”- Captain Howdy

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