The Alienest (2018)

TV Show Review: The Alienist, S01 E01

After watching the first episode of the new and much-anticipated show The Alienist, I can see why there’s so much hype about it. Based off a historical novel, we watch as Dr. Lazlo Kreizler ( Daniel Brühl) works with John Moore (Luke Evans), an old friend from university, to solve a string of child murders in New York City. So as to not spoil the episode, I will not give out too many plot details, but it does warrant noting that Dr. Kreizler is an alienist, what people in the late 19th century called psychologists. Beginning with Kreizler being informed of a boy prostitute murdered, he sends for Moore, who happens to be an illustrator for the Times, and requests that he go and draw the corpse. Quickly, we’re shown the grisly nature of the murder, butchered beyond recognition with his entrails strewn about his feet, one hand severed, and his genitalia cut from his body.
The Alienist (2018)

With this first murder being so, I couldn’t help, but feel as if I were watching an American rendition of Jack the Ripper, with a few adaptations. However, it is distinct enough from the famous Ripper that I found the pilot episode to be rather engrossing and make me curious to know more. Who is the sick fucker that is killing boys? What happened to the killer that has led him to take this path of violence? Dr. Kreizler asks many similar questions and realizes that he will have to dive into some very dark places to learn more about this psychopathic killer. With superb performances from both Brühl and Evans, I am looking forward to the rest of the season and to see how the story unfolds. Not to mention a fantastic performance from Dakota Fanning, who, whilst she did not have a lot of screen time for the pilot episode, certainly showed a command of the screen as historical figure Sara Howard. The first female to work for the NYPD, and the first of many historical figures that are promised to appear throughout the show. I am excited to see Fanning have a continuing role on the show and from what I can see of the teaser for this season, it seems that her role increases in importance as well.
The Alienist (2018)

The Alienist airs on TNT on Monday nights at 7:00 pm Eastern Time.

The Alienist (2018)

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