WiHM: A Brief Glimpse at Comic Legend Vampirella!

For February and Women in Horror Month, I wanted to start with a character in the horror world who has always been a favorite of mine. First appearing in 1969, Vampirella is one of the most iconic women in the comic book world and most likely the greatest in the horror comics genre. Of course, the difficulty in writing about such a prolific character in the comic world is that where does one start? Dependent upon which era Vampi you start reading about, you could encounter any one of a number of different story arcs and even differing origin stories to an extent. Not to mention her iconic red one-piece leotard that she wears while battling the forces of evil.

Vampirella Cover for Issue 1The traditional Vampirella is a vampire alien from the planet Drakulon (little spin on Dracula for fun) and she possesses all of the abilities of the basic vampire, but she is immune to sunlight, garlic, wood stakes and crucifixes to name a few. Over the years, she has spent her time on earth battling evil, primarily various monsters, from asshole vampires to greaser werewolves to demon run record companies (yes, she has a mini-series titled Kiss/Vampirella where she teams up to kick record company execs who are literal demons). Along with battling all forms of evil, over the years Vampirella has gotten to team up with some legends such as the beloved Ash Williams (in the middle ages against the Army of Darkness), Kiss (as mentioned above), and Red Sonja!Vampirella Dynamite #9
Of course, Vampirella has also had the pleasure of facing off against a number of legends as well! This includes the likes of Dracula, Lilith, Lady Death and even those feisty xenomorphs that so many of us love! With such a prolific career in battling evil, it seemed rather apt that she should be included in February for Women in Horror! While brief, I hope this piece has peaked your curiosity in Vampirella and her many exploits! I’ll certainly be including a few more pieces as the month goes on looking at some of Vampi’s exploits more closely! For now, if you want to get into some of her stories, I would suggest one of the many omnibuses or trades that are available out there, which gather issues from the various years of her career! 

EDIT: Watch for my article on Trina Robbins, artist and creator of Vampirella.

Vampirella Lounging

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